Episode #175 Trevor Crane On If You Do Nothing Else This Year…Take Action Now On The Advice In This Podcast!

by John McIntyre

Trevor Crane grew up poor and struggled when he left college.

He couldn’t seem to figure it out for himself.

That’s when he put his ego aside…

humbled himself…

and asked for one simple thing…


With the aid of a mentor he was on his way to miking his first million.

Then 2 million.

When he finally took action on the advice he’s sharing in this podcast…

it had been 20 years coming.

His goals grew and spread to his daughter.

At only 7 years old she took the advice Trevor had failed to take himself for so long, and now she’s 10…

staring down a 7-figure future.

SO stop what you’re doing, take the 20 something minutes to listen to this podcast.

Then take ACTION.

But only if you want to add another zero to your income this year.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Add an extra zero to your income in the next year. (Both Trevor and his wife did as soon as they created this one element).
  • How to “business” like a 7 year old. The massive action of Trevor’s daughter should destroy your excuses. Do it now!
  • Free book offer lays it all out. The questions you need to answer and even when to start marketing.
  • Ideas are great but THIS is where it’s at. One strategy separates the successful from everyone else.
  • The #1 secret of getting the most from a mentor. This one quality allowed Trevor to skyrocket his income.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 175


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David Allan: Hey, everybody! We’re back with another edition of the podcast. I’m David Allan your host as usual we’ve got exciting guest on the show here today. His name is Trevor Crane.

He’s got to teach you all about books that you can write. And this is especially important for our freelance copywriters out there. I would say this is a way to position yourself really for any business person is going to write a book.

I was going to grant you all sorts of experts status authority and without selling any books you can to build a build your business. Trevor Welcome to the show.

Trevor Crane: Man I’m excited about it.

David Allan: It’s awesome to have you on the show. I’ve read a little bit about you and some of your stuff listen to your podcasts.

You have two podcasts right?

Trevor Crane: Yeah I’ve got two I’ve been having fun. One what you said you talked a little bit off air that one was inspired by my grandfather passing. And the last letter he ever wrote for me and that one’s all about becoming your best and living a great quality of life and taking your life and business to the next level. And then another one is all about you know a race to 7 figures. So those are pretty cool but let’s not confuse everybody with more of my broadcast.

Because today we’re going to talk about books and what those things can do for you and obviously you’ve written a great number of them. I don’t know how a total But you’ve written a number of books and those really helped build your business.

Well ten books not not two not. Not that I’m counting but I’ve got to time that are all best sellers and as much as I’d love to brag about that. I think it’s more appropriate to share with everyone. It took me over 20 years to publish my first book. So I failed at getting this done for quite some time. And I used to think books were as much as I knew they were bad ass and I wanted to write them what was 20. You know I thought I failed. I thought I could do it. Also you know I’m like I could write I can write a sentence. I mean what’s a book except a series of sentences. I mean I screwed it up and I had it on my new year’s resolutions for list for years and I was just so

frickin sick and tired of jack up and I would jack up the process and deluding myself thinking that I’m building a book and legacy and stuff when just I didn’t get it done so I had to swallow my frickin ego and pride and everything else. And I finally just found a mentor and said Brother can you help me do this. Like how do I write the rifle. I make money with it how do I go my business cause I keep getting confused before I pull the trigger. And so like I didn’t spend time on it in those trying good it was just like a whole bunch of masturbation instead of creating babies.

Well that’s great way put it aside now let’s go back before like you said you took you 20 years to get your first book published.

What were you doing before you got into what you’re doing now writing books as this where did you come from.

OK so you know I was born a poor black child just an bartons. But I am I’m a poor white kid. You know I grew up in Arizona and my dad was a horse you were in and I was always my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t amount to anything and that you know we just we were poor. I was the poor kid is it like in my world you know my mom made my clothes because we didn’t have enough money sometimes for things like clothes. Get out of hand me downs and now I’m just more embarrassed that I was such an ungrateful little shit that didn’t like appreciate how my parents hustle their asses off so no I grew up

with with a lot of fears and I wanted to go to school to go to business. I went to Arizona State so I got to learn business because being broke saw there wasn’t snow in Arizona so I had to walk uphill in this in the sun any ways though. I don’t know the story. It was 120 degrees sometimes at night with no AC and I’d beat up when I was in high school. My parents had broken up in all kinds of drama in my childhood but I remember one night I was so frickin I could it was so hot I couldn’t sleep so I would go I went running in the desert until I was so friggin

exhausted that I could go back to the house and just like crash because there was it just sucked man. 120 at night. Food fight. Mike KOHONA is off. So when I went to school I studied business and when I started business I mean I still you know I thought I did my best. I was not the brightest crayon in the box. But I I was able to to work hard you know and do graduate and go out and struggle in business. And I found my secret which was I hired cool people to help me succeed. Like as creative as I thought I was. Like I just there was no reason to reinvent the

box I mean I kept trying to but I basically hired my first mentor when I had a watersports business of all things. I had a parasail operation in Naples Florida I’m in my 20s. And I finally figured it out. I hired a mentor and I finally made my first million dollars and my mentor just hook me up they’re like hey man don’t do that oh my god I’m going to do that.

I was out with the parasailing company.

I made my first million ever that was over a series of years that’s me being very generous saying that I think you’re gross receipts. I finally did well I had another company in a business that was an environmental protection company. And the same thing. Like I said I found a guy to mentor me and lo and behold when he started making a million bucks so did I when he made two million bucks so did I look like it was just like I can follow a frickin recipe but apparently I came out of my own. I know that’s very honest though it’s very honest. Well I had some successes because I was coachable and hungry as hell and that was kind of like my secret sauce. That’s what helped me figure out how to publish

books. And it was really just one day out of a frustration standpoint. My first book mentor was someone who didn’t write his book until he was going through chemo treatments and wasn’t sure he’s ever gonna be there for his wife and his son and was like whew what am I leaving behind. And when he told me his story personally I was interviewing him on one of my podcast greatness quotes. And I was interviewing him and I was like man my excuses seemed pretty paltry compared to like you know I was too busy or I was too stupid. Who would ever want to follow me. I filed a $2 million bankruptcy at one stage that sucked and I’m like who’s ever going to want to listen to me ever again.

And I went back to my old pattern of just asking for help and I found someone I could hire. He helped me and he turned his first book he wrote his first book on his cancer bed. Between the times when he had enough sanity between times he was vomiting into a bucket or his hair was falling out. He pulled out his iPhone and transcribed his first look into his phone. OK that was transcribed. It turned into a best selling book and he made seven figures behind that book. And then he did it again. And then he did it again. And then I think the measure of a mentor is whether or not not if they can do it but can they help others and he helped a lot of other people do it. And I was like dude like why don’t I just help this guy. And again

like I started with I had to swallow my ego in my arms for coolness to ask for help. And lo and behold you know there’s a formula and I follow it. And now I have a publishing company that helps people do that and more and better. I think it started from there so some successes and a lot of challenges and now I’m all bragging again because you got the mike yachters 10 years old now and she has nine bestselling books and all of my clients had this vision that all my clients get a bestselling books and grow big business behind them. So for your audience of people who do some writing you’re wondering like why should I publish a

book now. Right. A challenge everybody. Think of the most money you’ve ever made and write it down like the most money you made in a year. Because my wife and I added a zero to the back of our income when we finally published our first books. I published one and she published one with my mentors help. And then we added a zero. So if you like a zero on the back of your income you know I don’t know this is your most money earned year in the past but put a zero on the back of it. If you have the right formula you can for can do it. And I think you’re making a difference when you’re making money because that gives you more abundance to really help. All that stuff.

Wow that’s a powerful story. It says a lot about mentorship which we’ve preached a lot on the show and off the show and some of my other endeavors in fact I’m writing a book right now. So this is pertinent to what I’m up to at the moment. So let’s get into that stuff maybe because you have sort of two brand new books that cover sort of two aspects of this. The same idea so maybe you know take it where you want it but let’s get it let’s dig into this.

Decimeter OK so you know so my two new books and I’m going to give one of them away as a gift to your audience today. Awesome. The first book and this is a cool one because it’s about making money with your book title is called Big Money with Your book without selling a single copy because I think the confusion for a lot of authors is that there are a lot of soon to be authors is that like how do you make money with the book and we think we need to be J.K. Rowling and like in books and that’s a pain in the ass quite frankly. You can do it and I have clients like figure out how to sell thousands and thousands of books which is awesome but the average book sells less than 2000 copies. So like why bother.

So you need the right plan. So this is for phenomenal book. You guys can pick it up if you go to epoche author dot com forward slash MC is in the McMath’s. I’ll create a custom link for that so everybody can get the book and I’ll send you that as a physical version for free. You get the ebook on it as well so yes of shipping and I want to help everybody as well. If you get that book and you got to get it soon I’m going to get two tickets to an event I have coming up called epic Oscar summit and the purpose is the book I’ll get you all fired up which is awesome and it gives away everything I don’t hold anything back from how do you make money with your book. But I know that ideas are one thing but implementation is

everything. So the intention. It’s basically a thousand dollar bonus on the back end of the book if you just cover the freakin event and then I’ll help you and my publishing team will help you figure out how to do this and implement it. So that’s kind of cool. I didn’t even tell you that brother. Yeah that’s cool. Super cool man. But as far as like big money with your book without a single copy the focus of that is to is what does make money like what is it. Is it the book. And I’ll give you an example of my daughter because one of the reasons why I helped my daughter read a book was that I was pre-chewed for a while. Everybody should write a book. And I’m like OK well everybody that includes my daughter says she was seven and I said honey what do you want to

write a book about. And I’m a pretty positive guy. You know I’ve got a great quest podcast. In that we do positive stuff and I’m like what’s doing this to a positive empowering book. You know she wanted to write a book about the three Ninjak kids I saw a book on your site. Year three and educate them like I’ve never even heard of this before and I can tell you standing at the refrigerator I just remember it like it was yesterday. And I knew she was making up this on the spot. And like I try to be a good dad. You know I was like oh right honey what. Tell me a little bit about the story and so as she told me about it pulled out my phone and I handed it to her and she started to tell me

the story of the three kids that transcript of that audio recording turned into her first book. And then as a business I had to figure out how on God’s green earth am I going to turn my seven year old daughter’s a book about Ningi Katey’s which was I knew a story she’d made up on the spot. How am I going to turn that into a business. So what we decided to do was to sell a book a kids book for us on the back end. So we have a free membership site on the back of her books saying join super kids books. You know if you go to super kids books Dot com is for kids books dot.com people could your site get a free book. There’s a free book there they could get a free book.

They join the Free Book Club. So there’s a value add. But go get the next book. But everything we did around the book was around this new idea of helping people of helping kids publish books because I figured my daughter can do it in other kids. So the Course behind it I asked my daughter this question because she was kind of confused and she doesn’t care about business. By the way it was play and that’s about it. I asked her why she did want a new laptop though and she filled out the laptop she wanted cost a thousand bucks and I said all right honey. How many books do you need to sell to make to make a thousand bucks and let’s say she makes $10 a book which is generous you probably make more like a buck a

book. But Rose bucks right so she did the math and you got to sell a hundred books 100 times 10 equals a thousand. I’m like right. If we sold your kids book writing course that we did together at the time it was an idea we sold we sold for 100 bucks. How many would you have to sell. It’s like wow 10. And so I was at Honeywill which would you rather do we’d rather sell 10. Did they give you books or would you write or write a book and get their parents to pay 100 bucks so you can go get your new laptop or do you want to find 100 kids to do it. And she’s like me she’s my daughter so she’s like. I want both. And I’m like You’re my daughter that doesn’t play with the secret of big money with your book

is understanding how to write the right book. You know so that you give it to people who want more from you see the book is the beginning. And most writers especially creative types and I’m extremely guilty of this. We get all excited about our message and the story we want to tell. And it’s still a story about your ninja kiddies or chocolate or Meck or Earth and Mars. Anything you’re in right is it doesn’t matter or success you know and we think that people are going to care about that book. And we hope they do. But most people buy books and they don’t read them. I mean you know so we get all caught up on I don’t know what the

subtitle be. And it’s important. Your title is subtitle and cover and description and page 77 needs to be bad. Esther nobody is going to want to consume your stuff. But but I own all of Tony Robbins books rather. And I’ve never read one of them. I mean you skim them to get them. I mean I’m proud of them I can look at it on my bookshelf and be like oh look at that money again. But I bought them all and I don’t know what is Tony get on a book a book you know because that’s about what you get. So he made a dollar. So my own five of his books or something. So in that box what I have given him two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on the back end to go to all of his events and programs in fact he was just in New

Jersey and he had the biggest event ever in like these in the North America. He had 15000 people at an event and I bought like five tickets for a thousand bucks because I went with my wife and myself. Some of our clients are friends and like that. So I get. Which would you rather have drive offs. You know because you sold me all five of your books or would you rather have five grand. And that’s a tip of the iceberg because that event he says Do you want to buy more of my shit and I will and I when I was broke out of brokenness and I went to my first Tony Robbins event about 15 years ago by the way he was in Jersey. I took a one I took a flight from Florida to Jersey to go to

see Tony Robbins and I had planned on going to his events and and cheating him. I was like I’m going to go to half of it and then I’m going to get a refund. As I’ve already listened to tapes I mean you know I don’t need do it. You know what I did I was broke. I only had like a thousand bucks on my card and I put all that on there for the ticket. I plan on getting my money back. And at that instead of the event the event was the beginning and in any overdelivered and he made me want more I got hungry for more.

Even though I was broke so broke I couldn’t buy a sandwich on my credit card. You say you want to buy my bigger ticket and it was 10 grand. Get it Tony Robbins University.

And dude that must be opportunity calling right.

Yeah I think so. I don’t know. That’s got to be totally wrong. Well just like you were trying to steal from the Masters.

Tony Robbins Boffa but follow up with Tony if you’re listening I had nothing to do with it.

Well I didn’t. I spent I found from ferkin somewhere. And that’s a cool story but not necessarily just talk about today but I found I found the money I mean I was able to I filled out a form I handed it in. I’m like dude I don’t know how I’m going to pay 10 grand to go to your next event. I didn’t talk to Tony directly by the way but there’s somebody there and I figured it out in the next couple of weeks I hustled my ass off and such and magic happened and I figured it out and everything changed. What the book or the event or whatever it is is this thing we get all caught up on and we think that’s the end all be all and it’s not the real money is what’s beyond your book that’s really about all those are

only the front end with you so marketing as you getting them into your world.

And then you know follow up with something else that has a Tony did has a much higher ticket value.

Well let me ask you David what what what’s your new book about in like what’s the back end on that or have you thought about that.

Yeah. Really the kind of the same idea. My book is about I sort of have a systemized way to ferret out where people are leaving money on the table in their business. Mm hmm. And so that’s what it’s going to be about the different places. But he hides in your business and then the back end is basically consulting and eventually it will be courses.

All right. Well then I got called Bad ass for you right. OK. Excellent. Right. Now everybody can use this today so I hope people now I work with mostly speakers coaches consultants and a lot of business owners and I. My mission is to help a thousand new authors publish their book make them bestsellers and build a big business behind it so. So let’s everybody today can begin and you can begin any advice I’m about to give you is something that people pay good money to be like hey can you help me. And this is what I say is your marketing and book writing and making money these things are not mutually exclusive. You don’t have to

be Ernest Hemingway and go write your words and take a sabbatical to get this shit done. It starts with today and gave a date you you mention on the podcast that you’ve got a new book coming out. Like that’s the beginning the beginning is to admit you’re doing it you know make the declaration to the world. Draw a line in the sand in a scary shit. People come to me and they’re like man I don’t want to tell them until I have a cover I don’t want to tell them until I got it written I don’t want to tell them at the table Konitz I want to tell them. And we’re beat. We don’t live in that world anymore. We live in a world where marketing begins when you menue state declaration. My daughter and I started marketing her course before it was available. You guys should

start your book before it is before it exists. I mean the iPhone eight thousand hasn’t come out yet but they’re certainly going to be the newest baddest thing so take a lesson from billionaires. You know Elon Musk said hey guys you can buy a Tesla. It’s gonna be awesome. It’ll come out sometime in the next couple of years. And AG sorda have a prototype. Not really maybe kind of sort of basically a cost stage. Guys want to buy one. You can preorder it today so you begin with the declaration phase. Everybody today can start the marketing and the most powerful part of your book whole process to build authority. You said David when we started

this call you know how do you do that. You start off by not being scared. You start off by being proud and say I’m writing a book. And even if you don’t know what it’s going to be about that’s OK you’re like hey I just got off a podcast with this publisher and he said Hey my message matters this dumb ass was it you know because there was a warning bell apparently and he failed for 20 years to do it. I’m talented I’m creative and he said that I can do it in this day and it makes for good money in hopes other people daughter did then make a declaration today and say I’d read the book.

Yeah I think that’s one of the biggest things so far on this podcast is your daughter on the I mean your daughter is how old now.

She’s 10 and she has nine bestselling books in her mission is to help 100 kids become authors. And I actually have a for profit part of my company where everything on the front end you end up if you buy something from me you donate money to charity for kids in need. My daughter loves to donate toys. And then sometimes we’ll travel and feed families and things like that. And we’ve done that a few different times but we have a front end that if anything you buy for me and goes to kids in need. And we have a little foundation we’re probably going to start so we can start collaborating those efforts. But everything is mission focused and making a difference and changing the world one kid and one book at a

time. In any of my new clients they basically sponsor kids to go that they don’t know it necessarily always will be on the free books to kids that’s the sign up. And then we enroll them you’re basically get a scholar kids get a scholarship to come to our book writing course but they can attend an. Yeah it’s bad ass.

So you or your daughter 10 year old daughter she has nine best selling books and none of us should have any excuses this time. All right. Excellent excellent. Wow. This is just flown by. This has been a great interview.

You know a lot of value I’m sure will have people scrambling to write their books and learn how by getting the free book that Trevor offers.

And if you go to you go to EPIK author dot com forward slash and see that’s where we’ve got our free book promotion and I’ll send you a physical version of the book you’ll get an e-book. You have to pay for shipping on the back and you get a thousand dollar bonus because I know you implement this stuff and I’m probably never going to do this again. These are tickets to my event that is going to change everything for you. And if you’ve got a book you need to be there and if you’ve yet to write your first book you’ve got to be there because you can build the right team of mentors together and the team to help you promote your book and make a lot of money with it. I believe that your money and your mission are are in alignment. You know your money your bank account is the adult report card. If you don’t like what’s in your you know

then you need to find ways to shift the work. Money comes from other people man you got to find more ways to help more people get a lot of money in your bank. That means that you’re you’re you’re helping the world. I’ve yet to meet a lotta evil shady people. I mean people who are trying to do the best they can and they do like other people and they’re trying to be cool to others. You know I know there are jackasses out there. If you’re a jack ass and screw you you and being allowed to come to our picnic. Most people are bad ass and they want to make a difference and help others. And I bet you that every fricken person listen in right now. And you know just do it.

Thanks a lot man. That’s been great. Your address. Go back get your free book. Learn how to do this properly. Find out exactly the people that you’re targeting exactly. You know what the book should contain and everything a cover. Rhonda thank you for coming on the show today. It’s been epic.

You’re great you’re entertaining your funny and your knowledge was a real help for me personally because I’m in the midst of this myself so I’ve got a few new ideas as well.

Awesome brother. I’m glad to. Glad to help and I can’t wait to see you face to face. And every other bad ass to listening at my event. Join me at epoche author summit. Pick up the book for free. And if you think it sucks you can leave me a great one star review. Drop us a new A-hole that’s fine. If you think it’s bad ask which I’m sure you will then it will change everything for you.

Awesome. And for everybody else listening that’s another additional podcast hopefully will be back again with another guest. As exciting as funny and as energetic as Trevor until the.

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