Episode #204 – Steve Sipress On Stepping Out On A Limb. How to Attract Business To You With Authenticity

by John McIntyre

His father left a sales job to start a business of his own.

His mother was a school teacher…

who made him promise if he ever learned anything…

he had to teach it to someone else.

In his last year of law school, he turned a hobby into a multi-million dollar business.

Largest in its industry.

With the taste of entrepreneurship…

he has never looked back.

He started into consulting to help others who asked.

40 years later a lot has changed by the principles are the same.

Coming from the Dan Kennedy school of “straight-talk”…

he lets loose on what it takes to win at business.

I know after listening to Steve, you will no longer make excuses for why you’re not killing it…

with YOUR marketing.

Listen now.

Then take MASSIVE action.

The Steve Sipress way.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Steve’s simple advice for 99.9999% of business owners regarding todays technology to build your business
  • The “30 days of suck” strategy for sharpening your video skills
  • Steve’s “Warts and All Strategy” of putting yourself out there. Drive new business to you like Steve with this authenticity “hack”.
  • Simple “tells” a business is on the verge of disaster. Is your business in danger?
  • Secrets of the celebrity marketing elite. Discover the techniques of Donald Trump and the Kardashians now

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 204


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

David Allan: Hey everybody, we’re back with another edition of the podcast and we have a great guest here again today I’ve been looking forward to interviewing this person for some time yeah he’s done multiple podcasts over time and it’s fascinating to listen to some of them even had a Trump cast for a while which was hilarious and Steve Sipress, welcome to the show.

Steve Sipress: Thanks for having me, pleasure to be here and by the way we still do have the lessons learned from Donald Trump podcast – we’re on episode 131 and still going strong.

David Allan: Wow I wasn’t aware of that so I can’t even anticipate a time when there will not be lessons to be learned. I wouldn’t think so one of the fascinating things I learned about you is like you’ve had multiple podcasts of course in the past pertaining to sort of marketing you had – an interesting origin story – this interesting book that I’ve never eard of actually before and so maybe take us back into like where you were where you came from it was your origin a superhero or origin story.

Steve Sipress: Well it’s pretty simple and maybe pretty familiar to people my mom was a schoolteacher and my dad was a salesperson and later on and life became
left the sales – left the company became a business owner and so I’m basically the
combination of the two. My mom had a saying when we grew up that we had an obligation that if we learned something we got a teacher to somebody
else so I’ve always been a teacher and a leader in that way and since my dad was
extremely successful in sales and business he always taught me a lot of
business lessons and sales lessons and how to deal with people and took me
along on sales calls and and to meet all of his associates and stuff so I was
deeply embroiled in the world of business from young age and helping my
dad out do whatever I could do and also always had an eye towards whatever I
learned I got a teach and lead others and so I guess I went the usual route of
going to school and thinking you know go to college and get a job and do all that nonsense and I was lucky enough or fortunate enough to turn my hobby into a business during my last year of law school and that business very quickly became a multi-million dollar business and became the numberone largest in its industry.

and I was

off and running into the world of

business ownership and pretty much never

looked back

and after a that very quick and meteoric

success I had lots of people asking me

what to do had to do that can you help

me and I was de facto kind of consulting

with people until somebody said you know

you ought to start charging for that

because people will pay for that

consulting so I became a paid consultant

to help other small business people have

massive success and I’ve been doing that

for coming on about four decades now and

enjoying it now more than ever yeah I

think you have like a really fascinating

I was reading some of the testimonials

on your website and I’ve listened to

many many of your sort of daily video

Facebook live things you have some sort

of things for various days of the week

that you talked about what was that

first sort of like you were just doing

it for free it seems like at first like

just helping other people out like you

said following what your parents had

told you to sort of share what you’ve

learned and then what was it like you

know did you get out of that other

business and into consulting sort of

right away or how did that work well

that first multi-million dollar business

I got out of it because they screwed it

up and so that you know wasn’t I didn’t

make a choice I missed the chance had an

offer from an investor to invest and

then possibly take it public but back in

those days I didn’t know what the hell I

was doing I didn’t know anything about

business and so I said no to that offer

thinking you know hey they wanted to

give me 1.75 million for 45% of the

company and I was like well you know

that makes it worth a little more than

three and a half million in just about

three years so in ten years it’ll be

worth 10 million and why would I want to

give away 45% of that so that was my

dumb thinking

and I had a sort of assorted other dumb

mistakes that now the beneficiary that

is my clients or anyone that like you

said listens to my various podcast or

sees me on TV or radio or reads my books

or watches my daily Facebook live videos

they just passed my one and a half year

anniversary of doing a Facebook live

video every single day and everyone else

can benefit from I can see the warning

signs of a business about to go on the

wrong track fail get overwhelmed go

under and I can spot those and they can

help people to avoid them before they

happen like they did with me okay so

let’s let’s delve into a few of those

because now before we even get to that I

mean you’ve had a long history of doing

sort of a you know you were podcasting

daily for a long time now you’re doing

the daily Facebook videos maybe talk a

little bit about that where people out

there who have a business or business

people and maybe they’re not you know

they’re sort of scared to get on video

or they think it’s very problematic to

put together something like a podcast

maybe talk to some of that and sort of

your history with that stuff oh yeah

that happens a lot now it’s extremely

common and people do ask me that all the

time the good news is asking that

question about 10 20 years ago very

simple answer you want to you know

disseminate videos or audios very simple

you have to convince a TV or a radio

station to have you on or pay lots of

money to someone that has all the

equipment to come out and interview you

and edit out the video and and then you

can you know put the video wherever you

want put it onto cassettes or whatever

you had to do back then and mail them

out and all that kind of stuff nowadays

thanks to technology you know like I I

I’m fond of saying we own the technology

now we don’t need to convince a TV

station I got something to say please

have me on the air so I can get a

recording of the video and then send it

out the prospects

I got YouTube it’s free I got Facebook

it’s free now LinkedIn you can do live

videos you can do you know tape videos

and upload them to to all the different

social media sites and web video hosting


and everyone’s got a pretty high-quality

video camera walking around in their

pocket all day long so pretty much since

we already own a cell phone it is free

to record a video and you can get free

editing software usually comes with most

computers you can find it somewhere on

the computer on the internet and then

you can upload it for free and it’s

hosted for free and then you can promote

it for free by sending it out on social

media and stuff so oh my goodness if

that doesn’t overcome all the excuses I

don’t know what does I mean cuz the

alternate is hey just come up with about

few people I know that own film

producing companies and they’ll come out

with all the big equipment and they’ll

help you what to say and they’ll you

know get the right lighting and the

right angle and the right everything to

make it look all slick and professional

and and but who the heck why invest I

mean I know there’s reasons why to

invest in that stuff to really do

first-class filmmaking but for I’d have

to say 99.99999% of business owners just

take out your phone and put it onto


pointed out yourself start talking and

if you can’t I always say if you can’t

talk about your own business for about

four hours you’re in the wrong business

like just stop and do something else

because you’ve got to be able to answer

questions all the time maybe just to get

started how about this you write down

the ten most frequently asked questions

that people ask you and for thirty

seconds or one minute each you’re gonna

give the answer well there’s your first

ten videos now you take those and you

put them on YouTube you put them on your

website put them on Twitter Facebook

Linkedin wherever you want to put them

you got ten videos ask to the people

that say oh gee I’m not comfortable

doing video well no kidding like yeah

whoo-hoo you know I I’ve been doing like

you said I’ve been doing a daily podcast

for about five six years a daily or the

daily podcast about three years the

daily blog is about five or six years

old I’ve got a publish a monthly

magazine that’s about six years old

I’ve been doing a Facebook live video

almost 600 of those every single day and

that’s one way to do it if you go back

and you could find it on any of those

sites I just talked about my blog my

podcast LinkedIn Twitter Facebook

whatever but maybe YouTube’s the easiest

you just scroll back and go to the first

ones of my daily Facebook live videos

they absolutely suck sure they’re the

most embarrassing ridiculous terrible

things but here’s the news it takes and

you know this David it takes 10 20 30

how many it takes to start becoming good

I don’t know any one that became good on

the first one so people that are sitting

there with you know letting themselves

fall prey to their own nonsense excusive

I don’t feel country of course you don’t

but you’ve got to get through the first

feeling comfortable and start getting

good so how soon you want to do that if

you want to be good 30 days from the

hell start doing it now and just suck

for 30 days here’s the really good news

if you can do a facebook live video on

video record the whole thing and then go

on and delete it so you can do first 30

days of sucking and no one will ever

even see him other than the people who

were on live you can even just record

him with your own video camera for 30

days or record 30 in one day or whatever

you want to do till you get good and

then start publishing him to other

people but here’s the thing

I get a lot of connection from people

that say man I was nervous just like you

I saw some you’re nervous things or I

heard about how you messed up that

multi-million dollar business I did too

or heard about you made these mistakes I

did too or you know I did had a paper

route when I was a kid or I messed up my

first gum you know be people connect

through shared experiences so I’m not

afraid to share all my experience is

good bad ugly and different share them

all because that’s how people feel

comfortable connecting so yeah and

here’s an example let’s say you’re

watching a you know one of these

late-night TV shows where the actors

come on and it’s a it’s a it’s an actor

who makes 5 10 million dollars a movie

is a big movie star he’s promoting the

biggest new movie and the host will

sometimes mess them up by going you know

what we went in the archives

we found this really obscure commercial

you did when you were 16 and invariably

if you seen that what what does the

guests do they’re like oh no don’t show

that that sucks

that’s embarrassing I was terrible or

they find their first ever appearance on

TV or or their if they’re a comedian

here’s your first thing on HBO’s young

comedian sir here’s the first film role

you were in and they’re like oh my

goodness I look terrible I sound

terrible I was terrible that’s

embarrassing but here’s the news they

did what the listener asked that

question doesn’t feel like doing is they

did it and then you get over it so

action cures fear just take the action

and get overnight and I don’t go with

the saying of like act as if you’re not

afraid no you’re afraid you have fear do

it anyway

feel the fear but do it anyway don’t

feel like oh I’m gonna act like I’m

confident like you don’t act anyway just

do it and you’ll be like that that movie

star you’ll be like the band I mean

whatever your favorite musical band is

go back and listen to the first album

it’s act or go if you can get some kind

of bootleg recording or when they were

just playing at their high school prom

and they were doing all cover songs cuz

they couldn’t write a song they couldn’t

play a song they couldn’t sing a song

they were terrible like no kidding but

they got out there and they did it and

now they’re millionaires and having fun

and doing it so that’s how I did it I

don’t have any advice on how to do it

perfectly the first time I guess my

advice is just get out there stumble

bumble fumble and do it and eventually

you’ll need a quick or you’ll get good

there you go yeah I think that’s a very

important point you made there to where

you said earlier about connecting with

people how you share all your foils and

your successes and everything that’s

something I think we both have shared

perhaps because we were both sort of

fans as is probably everybody in

marketing of Dan Kennedy and that’s the

first place I heard him somebody talk

about that was his magnetic marketing

speech where he talked about there was

all these instances he had interwoven

into that speech so that people had a

place to connect and relate to him as a

human being

and therefore he no longer seems special

and that they too can do it

well you mentioned Dan Kennedy and and

you know I know if you were people know

but then it’s my number one mentor and

direct response marketing once I figured

out it had a name directs months mark

and I had been using it for decades

before I guess that was even a heads up

a lot kind of a leg up I we didn’t the

first thing ever read from him I was

like yep that works yep that works yep

he’s right yeah that works but I also at

the same time was going oh crap I never

did that oh crap that’s a good idea

oh crap look how much money I left on

the table because I knew that if since

most of what he was talking about it I

already experienced and and used it to

build my companies and knew it worked I

was like holy crap look how much money I

left on the table by my not doing the

rest of this stuff where was this guy of

course it’s not about where was he it’s

where was I

the same as you have a listener today

going wow where was this Steve Cyprus

Kevin well I’ve been around I’ve been

around for decades but you finally

opened up to saying I’m looking for help

and I’m looking for the right guy and

maybe that’s me so maybe you found me so

I found Dan Kennedy and I actually

became one of Dan Kennedy’s independents

Dan Kennedy certified whatever he call

the business of Brian the largest I

built the largest Dan Kennedy

independent advisor chapter whatever

they called it back in those days and

that was my claim to fame for a while I

any time I went and spoke at events or

even attended or wherever I went it was

like oh you’re that Dan Kennedy guy so

you know other than you know 99% of his

personality I was a Dan Kennedy guy even

though I haven’t been the you know

stuttering alcoholic gone bankrupt a

couple of times and all that kind of

stuff I got my own foibles and screw-ups

and messes to share and you’re right

then is forthright about that and

happens all the people all the time

after I speak or even on a video or a

podcast or whatever and then I get the

private messages or people coming up to

me going yeah you know I had that too or

me too so just another thing to get you

started like we’re all human I don’t

know a single human his life has gone up

business has gone up on a straight line

from left to right all the way up from

broke to riches like we all know it’s a

rollercoaster we go up and down life

throws us curveballs there’s all kinds

of twists and turns and social media

especially is somewhere where there’s a

lot of fakeness going on there’s a lot

of people hiding behind they only post

great things that happen and Here I am

an exciting place and I’ve even read

about or seen heard about something like

this there’s cases of depression of

people spending too much time on social

media because they keep scrolling

through all their friends stuff which

everyone’s happy and they’re not and I’m

like well you know what comes scroll

through mine because I’m gonna tell you

that I make an and and since I do these

live videos every day and I’m I’ll drop

the camera I’ll like you know I’m not in

the focus in the thing and then I’m

forget you’re gonna I do have that

happen to you must be talking about one

over two weeks ago

your are the two things I’m known for

one and then I get all off track and I

say hello to everybody in this and that

and whatever and I’m sure I have more

excuses and I’m sticking to all of them

and then I stopped the recording I hit

end and then I’m like holy crap you know

what I didn’t even say the second one so

I was like hey Bravo light bulb I got

the subject of tomorrow’s video perfect

and so I stepped on tomorrow’s video I

turn on the camera hey say hey hello

it’s Steve and my screw-up of the day

yesterday was I said two things that I

got to secret so I’m gonna share only

shared one so I’m a total screwup and

the good news is today I’m gonna share

the other one it’s perfect I mean pretty


this is the idea sort of – and you’re I

think you’re very good at this

everyone the better people I’ve ever

seen do this because you do you just

plow forward you’re taking that

imperfect action you’re not afraid to

you know it’s like you said to drop the

camera or maybe what people would call

look bad yeah because then people would

say oh you should you should hit that

you should stop it and and delete it and

start over and whatever and I’m like

don’t be ridiculous

yeah it’s unnecessary because you’re

gonna do another one tomorrow no you

know I know for a long time I’ve been

known as straight talk Steve and I’ve

been known as a no BS guy and speaking

of Dan Kennedy that’s his brand the no

BS friend

so I remember telling some people I was

thinking of becoming one of these Dan

Kennedy no BS advisers and people like

that’s perfect for you you’re no BS

that’s right Steve that’s right up your


it’s so straight talk no BS means when I

make a screw up you see it I make a

screw up there’s no hit the edit button

and start over and oh I’ll tell you when

I have to start over I don’t start over

but when I start again cuz once in a

while I’m out and I’m recording it while

I’m driving or walking or somewhere or

whatever and it’s got a bad connection

and it just cuts off in the middle that

just I just lose the internet and I’m

like holy crap I’m in the middle of this

thing and so I don’t want to start over

so I just go on again and I go part two

here’s part two I’m back again is anyone

still with me I guess not I screw the

whole thing up and Here I am and then

when I I take that video and then I put

it on to YouTube Twitter or LinkedIn my

podcast my blog my facebook page my dis

that and remember all the places I put

it and I’m like all pain in the butt I

need to first go online to the free

editing to videos together paid software

thing download and I get to put these

two together and what a waste the time

when much rather and put the whole thing

up warts and all

right because I news flash I’m a human

being so there’s warts and all and a

second of all if anybody has any fear

about recording in the video you know go

to Steve Cypress on Facebook and take a

look at me guys not afraid the short

bald guy with the glasses and you know I

hate shaving and I wear a stupid ugly

red Hawaiian shirt every day like you

get what you get

you don’t get me looking good and and

whatever and this and that none of that

crap so now I I will one caveat because

when sometimes when women are gonna say

you know gee I don’t like the way I look

on video I am a more sympathetic to

women because they will say I got to do

my makeup my hair every I don’t feel

like about that I unders

damn guys were more like you know

whatever goes Oh like me I can roll out

of bed and you know Here I am I look the

same as if I just came out of the beauty

parlor if is if I ever went in a

beautiful nine years of door-to-door

sales I went into beauty parlors but

otherwise or or hanging out waiting for

my wife and my mom when I was a kid in

the beauty parlor but otherwise this is

what you get but I do make that

exception sometimes women feel well I

got to do a little bit to do my hair my

makeup or whatever okay very good but I

will tell you and if you see and even

this goes for movie stars movie stars or

the car – and you know it’s one reason I

know people don’t like to hear it but

the Kardashians are brilliant marketers

and perhaps everything we just talked

about is the biggest reason why you see


and people got to have no talent they

have no skill that’s true

but they do have something other people

don’t have they have the willingness to

invite the entire world into their

entire life works warts and all and let

me ask every single person who says oh I

have no respect the Kardashians will you

do that would you invite an

international camera crew to come in and

film you 24 hours a day good bed and

different everything that’s going on and

put that out for the whole world to see

the answer is no you won’t and therefore

you don’t get 50 million dollars a year

or whatever the heck they all make so

they’re willing to bare their soul and

so all of us on a much smaller scale

least to begin with if we bear our soul

well no pun intended because that’s how

Kim Kardashian get started right she

bared a little more than her soul but

you’re inviting people into the most

intimate embarrassing parts your life

she willingly did it and she doesn’t

have to have any skilled talent or

anything else she laughs all the way to

the bank does whatever she wants marries

a super-duper recording superstar and

has a great life and or as whatever life

she wants makes a lot of money everyone

at home it says you know we also you

know another one again like them hate

them ever there’s not much in between

but like we have a president now here in

the US and the White House

who is pretty much the same way that’s

why nothing can stop I’m in every real

politician or in a normal human being

would of course drop out of the race on

any number of a dozen ridiculous

embarrassing stupid things he said or

done or been uncovered and he just keeps

plowing along as he goes I don’t care I

mean just look at the way he combs his

hair I mean he clearly does not give a

crap what anyone thinks about him and

you can reveal this and that and I just

love what me

criticizes other people for doing this

stuff he does like Harvey Weinstein

slept with some women you know that’s

outrageous I’m like really now you just

said that or you know me by American

made in America I’m like really none

your stuff this mean it’s just amazing

like in nothing to all drama Kings not a

war hero I’m like yeah but you were

you’re a draft dodger I mean it’s just

it’s amazing so the guy bares his soul

becomes a billionaire gets to be

President Kardashian’s Trump a whole

bunch of others me I’m not putting

myself in the same scent but in that

vein you know well I’m gonna hate him or

whatever all we do is go out there and

say Here I am

that’s the important part which is

putting yourself out there and like you

said warts and all and if you’re looking

at the various people you just talked

about including yourself

guess what works well in my line my line

I used for years never works but it

doesn’t work anymore because thanks to

Trump thanks a lot Trump because people

used to say man you should run for

office and I always had an easy answer

that the truth is of course I have no

interest in running for office like I

like give me a break but but but I used

to say man I got so many scaled into the

closet I could never run for office that

Trump has to come along me wrong I’m

like holy crap I don’t think I’ve had

many skeletons of closet but even if I

do clearly it doesn’t matter anymore so

I’m off of that one and now I just got

to say I don’t want to do it so let’s

shift gears a bit now than Steve let’s

you mentioned earlier in the show that

you have a you know you had this long

history of helping small business owners

you could sort of foresee I’m sure it’s

much like you know as a copywriter I see

the same problem same mistakes being

made over and over again I’m sure just

like with you you see the same mistakes

being made over by business owners and

running their business into the ground

or whatever what are some of these big

obstacles business owners don’t see

coming and and sort of what do you do

about these things well here’s the

biggest one people well there’s a few

big one here’s one big one is business

owners get way too carried away with the

what of all about themselves and what

they do and their product or their

service and always tweaking and

improving it and making it better and in

my experience you know you get to a

point and there’s diminishing returns I

mean your product the service let’s take


well you mentioned copy rose take a

copywriter copywriters are pretty darn

good copywriter he can write stuff that

sells and so he can go out and you know

apprentice under the Great’s and study

ten more courses and and hand write 30

more long-form sales letters by hand ten

times each over and over every weekend

for a year and he’s gonna get a little

bit better but come on now you’re pretty

much and the same goes for a dentist or

a doctor or a lawyer whatever you know

you reach the boy you have an excellent

product service and now really that’s

what I call the ante to get in the game

but now start playing the game and the

game is sales and marketing that’s where

all the money comes from so you know we

just mentioned some people we do you

know Donald Trump is he the the greatest

real estate person of all time or the

smartest businessperson of course not

is he the smartest a greatest politician

of all of course not like is Kim

Kardashian the smartest the greatest I

don’t know they owned a clothing store

or a– or or having sex yeah put on a

sex tape was she the greatest sexual

performer of all time or was she the

biggest celebrity that ever have a sex

tape probably neither I never seen it

but I’m guessing neither so it’s not

about being you know going overboard to

being the best in it and outrageously

working on what you do start working on

the marketing I’ll bet that she marketed

that sex tape more than anybody ever

marketed a sex tape in fact she marketed

herself didn’t she get her start by just

being like Paris Hilton’s friend or so

yeah she marketed the heck out of that I

have a feeling that Paris Hilton had

other friends and not to not to make

this all about the Kardashians but I

read something about

a couple of months ago that one of the

Kardashian sisters who give me a like

you couldn’t pay me enough to know their

names but one and I know they all start

with the same letter for crying out loud

so one of these sisters with the letter

starting K I’m sure is now set to be or

already as the youngest self-made

billionaire in the history of the world

and they have all these naysayers who

already nay say everything like I just

said it about the Kardashians who are

they’re not you know they can’t do

anything they were like she’s not

self-made she’s a Kardashian I’m like

get a hold of yourself aren’t there

other Kardashians are every one of them

a billionaire before they’re 20 the

answer is no so there is something she

did she had a good jumping-off point I

guess is that what you’re saying she

which makes sense she was probably on

that TV show from when she was 10 or 12

or 15 or 8 or I don’t know what but I

think she has other sisters who were the

same age or two years old or younger or

whatever so not all of them are

billionaires so yes there’s something

she did herself self-made and became a

billionaire so instead of all the

naysaying and going I feel I’m high and

mighty because I have such an excellent

product to service and these other

people and Steve snipers are all talking

about these people that are not great at

what they do or they’re not great people

or Trump is you know not ethical

whatever you know whatever but the guy

gets out there he takes massive that’s

you know nobody can deny the guy takes

massive action I mean he’s tweeting 24

other guys you know yeah right will you

like anyone he takes a break and they

criticize all ways playing golf all the

time like well you know I counsel my

clients to play golf I don’t know if you

don’t want to quiet a certain point

there’s a point where the doing of the

business of putting out the marketing is

not going to attract the top connections

and relationships you want to make and

those are done by attending high-end

mastermind events or playing golf with

movers and shakers of the world getting

out on the yacht where the top movers

and shakers are and so Trump alright

last I heard I’m not sure if you could

ever say Trump played a round the golf

alone he certainly not since he’s been

present so he strategically

way over the head or I don’t even know

things I think there’s a lot of people

understand that but they’re disingenuous

and they just still put forth their

anti-trump or whatever always playing


yeah but he’s playing golf with the

president here and the president of

there and I’m sure they even got a got

to have a translator along right cuz

he’s playing with the Korean guy in the

Japanese the Chinese and the distant

that or whatever so things are getting

done he’s connecting with Phoebe’s

getting what are you doing are you

working on your gizmo or you practice

you know getting your you know that you

can pull a teeth bet to pull a tooth

better or if you teach more martial arts

you can break a board better or if

that’s not it the money’s in the

marketing the money’s in the connections

get it out there and make more and

better connections and do more and

better marketing get more and better

people doing your marketing doing your

sales putting the systems together

getting you in the right rooms to

connect with the right people I mean how

about this one here I am speaking to

David Allen’s audience connecting with

David Allen how did this connection

happen was it because you I think you

told me you you watch yeah or you heard

a podcast you watch one of my videos or

something you say like I couldn’t be

speaking to this audience right now and

hopefully helping somebody out if I

wasn’t out there and put myself in the

higher circles and I’ll be in attending

an event next week and whenever I speak

in attend events I tell people when I

first was attending and speaking of

conferences and seminars and events I

was taking notes and sitting there up in

the front row and paying attention and

then over time I realized you know

pretty much number one they’re all kind

of the basics of the basics number two

the top speakers are the celebrities

they got all their talks in their speak

there’s the tux they’re all on YouTube

where they’re on a TED talk somewhere

else and so when I go to events now I

almost never even go into the room we

hang out with the top sponsors the

speakers and certainly the host of the

meeting and I’m gonna be making those

connections indeed damn right I’m gonna

be playing golf and out on yachts and

doing all these things that maybe you

know naysayers are gonna go oh he’s not

working well Kardashian’s never look

like they’re working Donald Trump never

looks like he’s working

I probably never look like I’m working

but I know what I’m doing I’m making

strategic connections so that I connect

those people with my clients so they can

make those strategic connections and

things are getting done systems are

getting into place things are happening

and I’m bringing people along two levels

of success they never dreamed of well

you have delivered and you know every

every instance of that word you have

delivered Steve now if people want to

get in touch with you they want to hear

more of your ramblings and your daily

Facebook live and stuff where can people

get a hold of you where should they well

Facebook lies you go to Facebook but I

am serious with people’s time when it’s

serious so you can go to help from Steve

calm and you can get help for me now

warning though especially when I do

these and I speak and whatever there’s I

do have a waiting list there’s a there’s

a pileup of people so I don’t you know I

have I have a life I have a wife I have

clients I have things to do and so I

don’t get to as many in a day as I

should so there is a waiting list if you

put on there something like you know her

John David Allen or uh I liked your dumb

joke about that give me some reason or

you know some exciting goal you have or

some reason to kind of move you up on

the list when I look through them

because I I gotta say you know I’m just

again I’m no BS I’m just gonna tell you

I look through room all and I’m like

boring boring boring boring give me

something new fun interesting a big goal

give me some reason to really talk to

this guy and I’ll move you up on the

list because just like the the way I

disjointedly haphazardly did this

interview it’s the same way I go through

my waiting list I don’t it’s not first

in last out I mean can I’m in charge

here I look at the list and I go that

one looks interesting let’s get on the

phone with him or her so help from Steve

calm you I think I ask you a couple of

questions and then you can get a link

right to my personal calendar pick a

time we get on the phone and my

guarantee is I guarantee to find you at

least $25,000 in your business in one 25

minute phone call so there won’t be a

lot of rambling and messing around there

I’ll be asking key questions getting

right to the point and giving you way or

ways to make a lot of money in a short

amount of time because when it comes

right down to it I’ve had a lot of fun

here but actually when it’s serious

that’s what I do

right awesome awesome way to deliver you

heard it you need help from Steve you go

to help from Steve comp and you’ll find

him and you can definitely I recommend

checking out his Facebook live videos

there they’re funny they’re super

informative and you get to see what cool

Hawaiian shirt he’s gonna do

Steve Cypress everybody he has just

knocked it out of the park

he came in swinging he never let up he’s

tireless and Steve I really want to

thank you for coming on the show I can’t

thank you no for having me this is a lot

of fun I can’t think of anything I’d

rather do for the last hour since I

don’t know what channel the Kardashian

shows for everybody else we’ll be back

hopefully with somebody next week who’s

even 1/2 or 1/4 of the energy and

knowledge of Steve Cypress until then

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