Episode #90 – Travis Rosser on The Secret To Building Long-Lasting, Profitable Membership Sites (and how you can start one sooner than you think)

by John McIntyre

The Kajabi-Man… Travis, is on the show today.

Chances are you’ve heard of his killer membership software, Kajabi.

Travis and his biz partner Kenny built it up,

And have added other related products to their line,

..with more coming on the way.

I personally invited Travis onto the show as Kajabi is such a dominant membership site builder,

And I knew he’d be an insightful interview.

So listen in and check out what Travis has to share.

Learn how he created and used a simple child’s toy made out of PVC,

Then used his online distribution ideas for it..

..to eventually connect with Frank Kern and other internet ballers,

Leveraging these connections to one, build solid relationships,

Two, build and then have test out his online product,

..and three, have an explosive launch when releasing to the public for the first time.

There really was no looking back after that for Travis, Kenny and Kajabi.

Travis lays down TONS of facts that will motivate you to start your own online,

passion-backed, successful membership product.

The opportunities are literally endless,

And if you see this through the same eyes as Travis does,

You’ll be jumping out of your chair to get started ASAP,

..the second you finish listening to this interview.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to freinds started with an idea, and now have made their customers over 100 million bucks (thanks to taking smart action)
  • that the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is false (it’s both. It’s what AND who you know)
  • the secret to creating a successful online membership site, or any business (hint.. it’s what makes an idea a concrete thing)
  • how multiple streams of income is great and all, but to actually make stuff happen you need this laser type of focus.
  • the right time to start a membership site (do you have a info product that sells? Learn when to take the next step)
  • how tracking your metrics and the right stats is key to gradual improvement (don’t let the little stuff hold you back from getting started)
  • the best tactics and times for you to charge one-time payments vs recurring for your membership site
  • how passion behind content creates literally thousands of opportunities for you to start making money online… yesterday
  • the reason you must know how long customers stay on board… and exactly why they get off (start lowering your churn rate)
  • should you have a forum attached to your membership site? Learn what the Kajabi Man thinks about this topic (and his ideas to build these communities)
  • the difference between Kajabi and all the other various membership platforms and plugins out today on the market (there are sooo many options, learn how Kajabi differs, and why you may like it much more than all the others…)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


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Raw transcript:

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John Mclntyre: Hey, it’s John McIntyre here, the autoresponder guy, it’s time for the episode 90 of the Mc-Method marketing podcast. Well you’ll discover how to get more customers in less  time and less effort with less hassle and make more money from every  single person who comes through your doors and the metaphoric doors of  your website. Today I’m working on a Thailand, today I’ll be talking to Travis Rosser. Now, Travis is a one of the founders or creators of Kajabi,  a membership platform. Now what’s interesting that Travis and his partner Kenny is where they get started this, they’re both programmers and they basically hit up a whole bunch of experts on ah you know grovers, along with the guys in the industry on twitter, and a you know now they twit them and found out that they wanted a you know, a membership platform so they created one and that’s how they built the business. In making relationships with the right people. So today, we’ll gonna talk about their whole you know all that membership sites and you know what sort of you know I guess the secret ingredient of membership site is which is not that secret, it’s not really it’s magic thing. This is something I talk about a lot and you know the difference here, we’re carrying them one time, which one is better and what metrics to pay attention to. All these kind of stuff that matters when you have a membership site so I have to make it work coz membership sites specially the current ones, they are amazing in terms of what you can do with them.

So to get the show notes of this episode of the Mc-method marketing podcast, go to themcmethod.com/90. Now this week’s McMaster’s insight of the week is this, here’s a question for you. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, you’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes to get healthy, to you know build your business and run the business you want and to having the relationship you want, it could be anything. The reason I mentioned this is you know I spoke to a I guess a mentor of mine and he made a really good point that the people who are successful in life with anything, not just business, at anything. What you really get, they get to that point was like look I’m gonna be successful, I’ll do what it takes. You know I’m gonna wake up at 6AM, 5AM, 4AM, 3AM, I don’t want guys doing that. I wanna go do that! you know and this attitude is not that you have to wake up at 3AM to be successful, I don’t think that. It’s that you have to have this attitude where you’re willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to be successful as long as it’s ethical or more on all that but but you know you aren’t gonna ditch out basically, you’re not gonna make excuses. So, alright   I’m gonna, I mean that’s really the insight this week. Ask yourself, are you willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and you know or do you wanna take things easy? If you don’t, this is not a right answer for this, this is not a perfect you know, you’re not to do one thing or the other but definitely something to think about because if you can realize that you ah, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. It’s gonna get a whole lot easier because you’re working hard on the things that really start to happen. That’s when the magic happens. That’s this week’s McMaster’s insight of the week. If you have more insights like this; business building, life, growth or lots of stuff insights like this, you should join McMaster’s, it’s a private training community, okay. There is a form and that will get revised from me. There’s training products on how to run an autoresponder, how to build a sales funnel. That’s all really built to run until you had have built the business that you want and automate that sales and marketing process. Okay, so all through it’s 24/7. Pretty cool stuff, if you wanna learn more about it go to themcmethod.com/mcmasters and i’ll see your insight.

Anyway that’s it, from now let’s get to the interview with Mr. Travis Rosser. It’s John Mclntyre here, the autoresponder guy. I’m here with Travis from Kajabi. Now, Kajabi is one of the easiest way to sell content and digital courses. It’s a great online membership platform and they also, they just also launched to pull it, launched for a called megaphone which is a bit of an opt-in leadpages sort of app and we’ll get another part we’re coming for Kajabi next which makes it really easy to create digital courses from what I know. So, today the reason I got Travis on with someone in one of the listeners in the Mc-method marketing podcast listeners, someone emailed me and said you got to get Travis, you got to get someone from Kajabi on the podcast and talk to them about software, about membership platforms, just you know to find out what they think and that’s what now they say, I’m the one who sent them an email so here we are so we’re gonna get in to some of that cool stuff that these guys are up to. Travis how are you doing there?

Travis Rosser: Hey, I’m doing great. This is awesome. Thanks for inviting me on your show, I’m excited to talk about some cool stuff today.

John Mclntyre: Cool man. Cool, I’m pumped to have you on. Before we get into some of the I guess the content, can you give the listener of a bit of a background on you know who is Travis and I know you have a business partner Kenny, so what do you guys do? I mean what’s your thing?

Travis Rosser: Yah, so Kenny and I have been friends for over 15 years. We both come from the software industry. We worked for tons of big companies around Southern California and there’s all kinds of companies down here and you know we used to always meet with for lunch we’re like hey man, one day we’re gonna gonna build a business, we’re gonna do something online and then in 2009, this is kinda how Kajabi was born, it’s kinda weird. Kenny had invented this kids carwash that he made out a PVC pipe, like he went to home depot and he bought all these PVC pipes, he put them together, he drawed holes and then it was like the school carwash for like kid’s bikes and stuff like that. Yeah, coz both Kenny and I, both Kenny and I have in junk kids and we’re like this is a cool toy, let’s try selling this online and then I’m like man I’m too lazy, I don’t wanna ship all these stuff. So then we’re like why don’t we make some videos on how to build and we’ll just make a little a little simple course on how to build this, this kid’s carwash and you know both of us were software guys, we’re super technical and as we start to figure out which wordpress plugin and how do we connect to click back all the stuff, I was like, dang this is hard and then I thought what if this is hard, this is hard for everybody who wants to sell something online and this was July of 2009 and we’re like here I think we could build a platform that does this for people. And you know back then we didn’t know anybody, I didn’t know anybody like Frank Kern and John Riz and Jeff Walker . We don’t know any of those guys back then but using twitter we started to you know connecting with these guys and you know doing like programming work for them and just kind of build in that trust and then we let them use Kajabi first so actually we built it and then those guys launched in a the beginning of 2010, they started launching courses using Kajabi next. And October we launched it to the public and over night we had like thousands of customers and it was just chaos ever since. And 4 years later, I think over 5 million students have taken a course on Kajabi and been part of a membership you know site and our customers have made over a hundred million dollars. So which is crazy how these two friends have this idea and now it’s like the platform that helps all these people. It’s awesome.

John Mclntyre: I think what’s cool of that is the story tells that you guys just jumped on twitter and meet some, just some great old school houseline like it wasn’t like some crazy code codings you know not like that, you just wanna stop and make some connections.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, we just took what we were getting out which is building websites and doing stuff like that and connected coz I hate when people say you know it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, it’s both man. You need to get good at something then get to know a lot of people and when you do that like awesome things happen. So,

John Mclntyre: That’s why I got my stats too like you know I’m a copywriter and I’m living here in Thailand and when people hear that something like wow you know he was young guy and he’s got this kind of job and he’s living in Thailand and it started with you know the whole reason it kind of happen because I learned how to write copy and I kind of knew the right people and I was able to build a relationship out of or build a business out of that. And yeah, it can’t be one of the other, you really do need both.

Travis Rosser: Yeah and there’s something about hustling and the opportunity on the internet that could really really change your life and change other people’s life so.

John Mclntyre: Absolutely, you know one thing I’ve realized lately Travis is that you know a couple of years back, I’m also getting on this internet things and then like I can go on you know live in Thailand and have this 4 hour quick tingling things first lifestyle or I think at the benefit of the destination kind of thing. What I realized recently though is the reason I’d like to do it because it’s man it’s so much fun like waking up and hustling and like being like I’m gonna go make something happen like just that. Is that some of the fun fact that you know drives me a lot to get into business and do well.

Travis Rosser: Sure, now I’ve been ever since I was a little kid you know I grew up in a little small farm here in California and you know I’ve always have this vision of something bigger and like creating stuff and being an entrepreneur I remember I used to take fruit from my parents farm and you couldn’t really sell fruit locally cause nobody cared cause they could just pick it for free you know. So as soon as I could drive, I would drive like 3 hours away and I was like selling fruits and then I found this, this air freshener and it was made out of citrus so it was made from real oranges and I would sell these oranges and then I would spray this like citrus spray in the air and people would walk by and hhhmm oh man your oranges smell amazing. And I just love the concept of marketing, selling, just the opportunity, I love that.

John Mclntyre: Cool. Let’s get into some of this, some of this stuff on the content that you mentioned.

Travis Rosser: Sure.

John Mclntyre: Now something from about ahm, I mean when we talked to you guys, you were yelling two directions for those all renewing both, will you do software aspects or the membership aspect. One thing that I’m interested about is that the membership side of things, so what’s the stuff you’re using when you know you have these tips for customers and you’re using it to build sites and communities. What’s, this now is someone listening is popping and wondering what would be the first question, this is the question I have coz I have a community as well. How do you actually build, not only build a good community but keep people around coz a lot of them says people pay about a hundred bucks a month, 250 bucks a month, 60 bucks so what’s the, is there a secret tool or is there you know what are people doing.

Travis Rosser: Well, I think it’s the same thing we talked about before. You’re gonna have that same passion, that same heart so you’re gonna bring into your membership site or your online content. I think a lot of times people think they can just set it and forget it and those types of membership sites tend to have a huge refund rate but like our customers we have huge passion and really genuine on their course and putting good content. You know, their customers are super stoke and with our system you know right away, we built in a social act aspects, you can go in there and you could interact with customers, you can talk to them, they can give you feedback so I think really connecting with them and being genuine and just always hustling keeps people around so that’s part of my, that’s my first advice I give them.

John Mclntyre: I like it man. I think the cool part of that like one thing’s a fact, this is fully episode at 1989 in podcast and you know the talk of so many different people about marketing, copywriting, and all that stuff, all I know is this is something any secrets man like isn’t it isn’t that yours. I was like grow a good business and have shifted what people actually want.

Travis Rosser: Well I think the biggest thing is execution. You know a lot of people are gonna be listening to this and they have all kinds of great ideas but are they gonna do anything about it? You know I think, you know everybody has great ideas but ideas are worthless you know, they’re just gonna keep on coming. The people who succeeds are the people who get up and actually do something about it.

John Mclntyre: Such a good classic thing man and I want to, you know I have a struggle with that too like I’m getting older figure to this stages, we’re like you know talking about stuff you’re not really doing much and eventually you realized that you know, you just got to get up, just focus on one thing and grind up.

Travis Rosser: That, that actually because you know I used to follow a whole through multiple streams of income which I think is awesome at certain point but to get more mean you got to stay laser focus on one thing because it will be multiple streams of distraction from whatever that one thing is you know. I call it single tasking you know, focus on that one thing until you get that done and then move on to the next thing but you know when we first built kajabi and it happened to us too, we had this idea for the kids carwash. We got distracted by the technology but by building a platform like kajabi and kajabinext, ahm, you don’t have to think about that anymore, you can take those creative ideas and you can execute on them and in moment, I mean the new system that will be coming out at this fall ahm, kajabinext is so easy to build an online course, an online membership site that I’m excited to see what people are gonna build because there’s no more barriers of technology at all anymore.

John Mclntyre: Alright, alright. Now one thing I wanna know is that, this idea of like, I think a lot of people in that position where they’ve got a you know they’ve been working, they’ve been a part through an ebook or some sort of info I think that they’re selling. But they’re not really sure at the membership, like this sounds kind of daunting and not just because of the technical side but also because of the well you know it just sounds like such a big deal and I don’t know if I can get them to do that and you know they’re just not sort of right for their business right now, so how do you know?

Travis Rosser: Yeah, well I think, I think the biggest thing is to find people with passion and if you have that same passion, it helps. I can’t imagine doing a membership side about something that I didn’t have passion about but when I think about the things that I love, I’m all over that stuff like I love playing hockey, I love doing stuff with my kids, I mean my son won that what’s called the pine with derby and boy scouts last were building those wooden cars and they put them down the ramps and then they tied on themselves and na now over the years, we’ve been trying to win that forever and I’m always going online and signing up for stuff and you know watching videos and paying all those money when you dive into that passion and you have that same passion I mean that’s the winning formula.

John Mclntyre: And you think someone who get like so like let’s someone who has desire right, you know they get a part of the sign and making regular sales and they get some traffic coming in. At what point is it the right time to start a membership or should they just you know take that passion and be willing to hassle and willing to put something together then they can start whenever.

Travis Rosser: Well yeah, it might be daunting to start with that. I might actually get some list of some of my content test about kind of getting interest out there and then I think from there you’re really gonna see the opportunity to build that membership site. So, you know I started with, it’s like people way back on the day I thought they have to do a launch first when they would have been better those folks on list building and getting the word out there about their content.

John Mclntyre: Absolutely, I mean that’s what I found with mine and when I did my was that, I think that’s way back in March this year, it wasn’t really launched I already had an email and so I kind of say it oh, there’s a content in there and sent out a few email, I guess that’s a mini launch, it’s nothing fancy and there was 20 30 people in there. I miss that 30 people in there, that wasn’t a massive, it wasn’t as big as I expect but it was a start yeah and what I’ve done from that is I’ve noticed that it’s just by showing up everyday, I’ve got a little bit more content, twit in this, twit in that and traditionally gets better and if you track the right stats, the metrics just point out and you talk around a bit, you can actually you know look, you know when you need to improve and how you need to improve on it, such a quite fun.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, there’s something about that when you start seeing those sales coming in and that also motivates you at a whole another level so.

John Mclntyre: Yeah, that’s recurring. Well that’s another question like how do you, what do you think right like recurring versus one time payments.

Travis Rosser: Well you know, most of our kajabi customers are doing a one time course payment but you know there is, there is a percentage of them that are doing that monthly, monthly fee like Chris Farrel, if you’ve ever heard of him online, he’s really an expert on that space and he does it by providing that value every single month, he’s just constantly adding more content so if you have you know a niche or your focus on that kind of passion or you can always keep adding more content then you’re set for membership, you’re perfect for that. But if you’re really just gonna teach them that one thing like you know how to build a kids carwash or how to bake a cake or whatever it is, that’s gonna be a little bit more difficult to support a membership but you know, in time you’re gonna know because your customers are gonna start telling you that, like they’re gonna like hey I love this type of concept, this stuff is amazing.

John Mclntyre: Yeah, so I mean if you’re doing like a kids carwash, what you really need, are you willing to do on to the ongoing thing, you really need a few like a community that’s about kids and how are you doing those stuff for kids coz they are depending on their parent to pay for.

Travis Rosser: Exactly, like yeah, you could do a whole do it yourself site for parents to build cool toys at home. You know, I mean there’s so many opportunities, it’s crazy like I, we have a guy who does a sagara the month club, okay. So he’s actually, physically mailing the sagara to all of his customers so they are paying him on a recurring basis and then he has a kajabi site that has information about each one of those sagaras like where was a you know, what kind of a metafire or whatever that took here but I kind of set up where big and you know many usual things that keeps the sagaras you know fresh. It’s like content around that passion and you know, your set was something like that.

John Mclntyre: Yeah, and were you doing just one, one work?

Travis Rosser: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, why a little work, anything that has to do with kids , anything that has to do with pets, technology, like one of our guys here does a like a whole video course on coding and he’s gonna set that up as a membership site just because you can keep adding content, you can keep improving and your customers are gonna keep demanding that so.

John Mclntyre: Yeah, yeah absolutely. What are that a, you know metrics, what do you think when it comes to like if you’re going to measure the success of a, a maybe a one time product, that’s one thing you know you look at it like you know you’d refund right that kind of thing and your conversion right but once you get since your recurring, this is you know this is a bit of challenge this measuring stuff well like you know what metrics should you be measuring and how you know what’s best when you measure them.

Travis Rosser: Well I think, the first thing is you need to figure out how long does a customer stay you know what is your customer value? Will they stay for 3 months? Will they stay for 6 months or would they just love you and they never quit? You need to get to know those numbers right away because then you’ll know how much, you know, how much you have to spend on that new customer. You know every single customer’s worth 500 bucks to you. So then you’ll know I can spend up to that and I’m doing great. The other thing you need to figure out is you know when did I fall off and why? Now that’s something  the software owner were constant like okay customers stay on the average this long and you know why are they falling off and you wanna keep improving to figure out why why they’re doing that and the awesome thing that’s with kajabinext is its new platform that we’re coming up with. You’ll actually be able to see each video like how much of this video do they watch, you know when do they fall off and you might actually find out crap half my contact isn’t even interesting to my audience, I need a work on that you know. So there’s a lot of different metrics you can look at.

John Mclntyre: Interesting, yeah I mean one thing I’ve struggled with mine is just something like that, I mean the measuring of at, I find the measure if you’ll look at like how long does someone stay, that’s I think that can be quite difficult to measure in the sense that you know I use a spreadsheet right and I’m gonna look at how many members joined, how many left but it’s like I how many people who joined in March that are still here today. Or I’m gonna have to track that and stay cohorn, well it’s a technical term, how can i track that cohorn and figure out how long all of them stay because what I’m looking at the entire thing from March 2 until now, this gonna be fill the sign up for the last 2 months we haven’t been at the life cycle, we haven’t lived that at customer life cycle yeah so the data is gonna be skewed so I was you know for me I was like you know it’s been a bit of a challenge, it’s taking me out how to measure the lifetime value in an accurate way, in a way that doesn’t you know take too much time.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, I think just finding those like what we call here is we can’t turn you know really like how long does the customer stay before they turn out of that monthly recurring revenue, yes I’m not an expert of that by any means coz like what you said that those, it can be quite daunting in a way you know maybe you don’t focus on that too much, you just keep creating good content and people keep, people keep signing up then you must be on for something right, so.

John Mclntyre: Right, right, right. What’s kind of genre, I’m curious. I don’t know if you, if you have this data from some of the customers but I’m curious what sort of genres do you see with of course it’s different from stats you know and some would get locked in to a stats thing and ahh you know they might need that for the next 3 years was with the membership platform. It’s a little bit different when they kind of come in, they do their course, it can be a great course but then after that it’s gonna like wow they stick around so what sort of genre, what’s a good and acceptable genre it for like in a membership have to website.

Travis Rosser: Yeah I mean for us, I can’t even remember what the figures were. There was a time when we’re very dialed and to that when you exactly you need to keep it under you know 20% are dropping out. I don’t even remember what that was so I probably don’t have the best answer for that. That’s, I don’t remember those kinds of numbers so.

John Mclntyre: Okay, okay coz I’m just very curious on one thing I did you know I’ve joined a conference in Bangkok and more like speakers, he talks a lot of he’s got a couple of software companies and he mentioned that one way you do your you know you can actually regenerate but you can even take your monthly cost, he says it’s a hundred bucks a month and you generate let’s say a 30%, you divide it taking the cost and divide that by 30% to get your lifetime value which in that case would be 333 bucks. That’s was a pretty cool, that was a pretty simple way to figure out. The great thing though about recurring while I can suggest a friend on listing list is that you know that let’s say you know let’s say you know you had the generate a 30% in a hundred bucks for it, you got a 333 dollar lifetime value. What’s cool about that is it’s a moving target, every time you improve the product, that generate goes down and It’s gonna go down a little bit but it’s still going down and you need to get from 333 to 340 dollars and then to 350 and to mention to 400 dollars. So it’s, and like there’s always gonna be a couple of people or a handful of people whose never leave, they just like you and they think you’re awesome and they just wanna buy everything. So the sort of that lifetime value, I like the idea and this something happens to regain recurring. Sounds like it’s always growing and that’s a reason of a magical thing.

Travis Rosser: Yeah! Exactly. I mean it’s especially the software company, we have the same experience for as long as we keep improving and we keep making it better surely people are gonna drop up but you’re gonna keep making progress every single month and that can be really exciting which you are looking at those kinds of numbers especially you know when you’re just doing something you love every single day.

John Mclntyre: Alright, now one thing I’m wondering about. I don’t know if you guys do this with kajabi and that is the issue or the order of having a form inside a paid membership site, do you recommend it?

Travis Rosser: Yeah, you know the biggest thing is in kajabi does have that all built in, we have like a whole area we can discuss topics and know all kinds of cool stuff. You know you got to make sure you’re on top of that coz if you open something like that and you’re just gonna let it go, I mean it’s gonna take on a life of its own. You wanna make sure that if you have a membership site and let’s say it’s about cigars or whatever it is, you better make sure you’re in there interacting with your audience you know otherwise you have no idea where it’s gonna go so you’ve got to be committed once you’re doing that but at the same time that can really is gonna create new content for you, it’s gonna create even more interest and even more reasons why someone would stay with that because we’ve heard examples of people joining in kajabi sites or kajabi courses and then interacting with each other in the comments and in the form and actually becoming friends and you know staying committed to that course so the social part can be pretty powerful.

John Mclntyre: Yeah, it’s fun as uses words. It’s a bit like, I mean if and then that make some more challenging and that’s one thing to set up like a couple of videos inside the membership area but it’s another thing to kind of set up or let’s have a community, let’s get this form going because when you get people logging in and interacting you know that’s kind of stuff. So one thing I’ve had, one thing’s sure I’ve had a lot to face is challenge because it’s such a great position to be when you do have that kind of business with the recurring revenue coming but it can make a lot how to get that form going and to trigger that. So do you have any ideas for engagement or what sort of works to keep like to build that sort of community?

Travis Rosser: Well I think one of the things in the video of what we have with kajabi is you actually can kind of set up the form however you want so if you build it like you can setup different categories and different topics and we go with the approach with a very simple and clean user experience. You know if you have a lot of top topics in there and you’re interacting with your audience you know and say hey go to the form and make sure you let us know about this or you’re asking questions about that. You could really get the snow ball you know rolling down the hill and then it can really is going to start interacting right away. One of our customer’s trace slips does like an iphone, an iphone membership site on how to build iphone games and he seriously turned on his form and it was like right away people are interacting so that mean as long as it’s relevant to your course, you’re gonna see some engagement with it so.

John Mclntyre: How do you get in front of these things well like you’ve gotta I mean you need a great content, you got to be relevant, you’ve got to be having stuff that people actually care about and as long as that’s the foundation well a form can enhance that but if you know if you don’t have that go walk on that before you start looking into a form.

Travis Ressor: Yeah, exactly.

John Mclntyre: Okay, so what about you know can’t, ahm tell us about some more stuff, what about the mistakes? What sort of mistakes some people will make when they try to build a membership platform?

Travis Ressor: I think sometimes when you’re going to big when maybe just start a little bit smaller is the way to go. I think ev..

John Mclntyre: What would be an example?

Travis Ressor: An example would be you know we see people with this big grandeous ideas like I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that but if they would start with something nice and simple and get some customers in there, they’re gonna have a much better chances success and you have tried to blow the whole ocean in that first, first membership site getting off the ground so that would be my advices. Keep it simple and execute on that idea, just make any progress and you’re gonna find success eventually.

John Mclntyre: It’s very much like to still ahm you know it’s it’s yah you’re really building what do you do the on-going, what you do the one time, it’s very much as building a crane park and selling it and the delivery mechanism on this case is gonna be kajabi, your you know a membership platform.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, there’s all kinds of things out there that could be delivered but just getting it done and getting out there is step one you know.

John Mclntyre: Interesting, interesting. What are some of the, do you have any interesting stories from people who have customers of people you know in the industry who’re building membership sites, just stuff that could be crazy or does you know amazing success stories of few. Do you have any cool stories?

Travis Rosser: Well I mean, we have all kinds of there’s a couple of really weird topics that come up everyone so and we see our kajabi customers like one of the weirdest ones at the beginning is some lady had created this website called strip and grow rich and it was like how to be a successful stripper and it was from a the business side of it like you know how to treat your customers, how to get the most tips and I was like wow, this is so creative I never thought that someone would make you know..

John Mclntyre: Did you watch the videos? Did you check it out?

Travis Rosser: Yeah, we checked it out, it was very professional, very like it really was like a business course but about being a good stripper. It was hilarious. It was all serious, too shed testimonials, the whole thing it wasn’t meant as a joke so.

John Mclntyre: Wow, hey I just found this, so it’s still out there huh.

Travis Rosser: Yeah like I think so and then all that creative like topics you know like there’s a lady that has a kajabi site on horse ballet and it’s about teaching you know your horse how to dance. It’s crazy, what that tells me is there is no end to the possibilities of content out there. So when we first spoke kajabi, we’re still were saying you know everybody’s either good at something or they know someone who’s good at something so I mean everybody listening to this has access to content or you know an opportunity to create some kind of online course, online membership.

John Mclntyre: Alright, alright. At some point, I’ve been yeah if you’re gonna have a site I mean stripping and growing rich well that’s not a lot that would take some practice to figure that out and this ah horse dancing..

Travis Rosser: Yeah, it’s horse ballet, yeah and she actually is doing well. She does multiple 6 figures on her, on her courses when she comes out from her so. So I mean it’s just about getting out there, getting some content out there and there’s success around the corner you know.

John Mclntyre: Nice man! It’s so interesting. Anything else? Any other, what’s the what’s the cra, is the stripping on the weirdest one?

Travis Rosser: No she, there’s always weird ones that we come across I mean like this all kinds of weird like how to massage your date, how to there’s all kind of this like how to fly a helicopter, how to pass a navy seal training and then you guys navy seals I mean there’s all kinds of crazy stuff out there so.

John Mclntyre: I just I just noticed with the stripping and grow rich program. I’m on the website now. It’s strippersschool.org, you can actually go in this mentoring, you get a stripper mentor to mentor you on how to be a stripper. Yeah man, pretty the hassle, hassle huddle.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, there you go. So there’s no end to the possibilities of creating a membership site you know.

John Mclntyre: Absolutely man, it’s impressive and it’s cool seeing like how they change and how, there really is no excuse, if someone’s trying to get into this and trying to make money and wants to make more money, there’s so much opportunity out there when you’re gonna play a small game or or if you want to play a big game.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, there’s really. It’s endless to the different niches and different interest online so.

John Mclntyre: Cool man. We’re kind of like running out of time. Before we go tell me a bit more about kajabi, how it works and why some are using this might want to sign up today and get started.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, I mean the kajabi platform just had a huge success and we’re so grateful and almost humbled by now what we’ve been able to do for customers and for people out there. And what we’re doing here in the future with kajabinext is gonna be on a massive scale because we’ve taken the best things in kajabi and we’ve simplified it, made it even more powerful with this new system. So I am just so excited to see that kind of the new businesses and the new courses that are gonna be out there. And ahm, just stop if anybody wants to find out about just go to kajabinext.com and ahm you can kind of see a little video on that and it’s really exciting, it’s just around the corner.

John Mclntyre: Cool man and I guess that might bring out some more stories, some more weird niches. I’m sure telling them to get weirder then.

Travis Rosser: Yeah, exactly.

John Mclntyre: What is that, tell me quickly about this megaphone now, what’s the deal with that?

Travis Rosser: Yeah so you know when we first built kajabi, kajabi was good at two things. It was great at creating a membership portal and it was great creating launches and squeeze pages and you know all those marketing pages and customers kept saying man if you could just have like a like a sales page, marketing page platform, you know that’ll be awesome so about 3 years ago we started to building this megaphone system and it’s been, people love it, it’s super easy to use. There’s tons of templates in there you know within 30 seconds you can make an opt in page you know connect it to your email provider like iContact, InfusionSoft, all those great systems out there and just another tool that we’ve created and we’re trying to make them super simple and we want our customers to look really really good on their site. So it’s a beautiful simple application.

John Mclntyre: I’ve got an interesting question for you. You might know how to answer it I don’t know. What’s the difference between say kajabi and other membership platforms out there like AMember and wishlist and that kind of thing. And then I’m curious as well about how those megaphone compared to say leadpages and Unbounce and some of those. What’s the, how do you differentiate yourselves?

Travis Rosser: Well with kajabi, I mean kajabi is its own platform so it’s self hosted not something like a stuff like wishlist, wishlist is a plugin which you gonna have to install and it’s gonna be on wordpress, it’s gonna be on a host so we really, can really compare those two but do you know there is other options out there which is our system is super easy to use and there’s really no technology, you don’t have to know anything about technology to use them and then megaphone and the others all kinds of options out there, there’s leadpages and like you said Unbounce. We just, we like to focus on really really easy to use software and on the customer side like you know what your page looks like when you’re done is we want it to be beautiful and it converge really well and I think we’ve always been able to prove that our pages really do that really well and megaphone is still delivering on the same promise.

John McIntyre: Nice man, cool. I’ll have links to all of that to kajabinext.com, megaphoneapp.com and then kajabi.com as well and the show note is at the mcmethod.com Travis, thanks for coming on the show man.

Travis Rosser: Awesome! Thanks for having me man, it was fun.

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