Why Email Is Such A Potent Marketing Channel

by John McIntyre


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • 00:37 – a HUGE segment of paying customers you may be losing
  • 00:55 – the enviable position email marketing gives a business owner
  • 00:59 – how to profit WITHOUT coming off as sleazy
  • 01:11 – the best way to stay on your customer’s radar
  • 01:19 – why MOST of your potential market won’t buy from you…yet
  • 01:42 – how your competitors might be STEALING your prospects (here’s how to beat them to it)
  • 01:53 – how to become the preeminent AUTHORITY in your niche
  • 02:10 – one stat that proves social media is OVERRATED




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OK, John McIntyre here again, the Autoresponder Guy, coming to you from themcmethod.com with another email marketing update. Today I want to answer a question, or I want to talk about a question that I’ve gotten a lot sometimes, especially on podcasts and interviews of that type. And it is: “Why does email marketing work?” OK?

Now you’re out there wondering this, if you’re- maybe you’re in the starting stages of doing your own marketing; maybe you’re a business owner who’s wondering if he should set up an email marketing campaign for their company, or hire someone like me to set it up for you, OK? Number one, I think about email marketing, the reason I think it works so well, is because life, especially business, is about relationships, OK?

Now someone comes to your website; they take a look at your pages, your about page reports, whatever. It’s a very, you know, one-off kind of relationship, and if you don’t make that sale on the first go, they’re out of there. You’re never going to hear from them again. What email allows you to do is keep in touch with them, and build that relationship. Show them that you’re now just that sleazy business that’s just trying to make some money, that you actually care about them, you want to help them solve their problems, OK?

So email marketing allows you to, you know, chime in in their inbox once a day, a couple times a week, once every week, however you want to do it. That allows you to just stay in touch and stay on their radar. Right, cause most people aren’t ready to buy today. Some people who come to your website, of course, they’re ready to buy, and they’re going pick up the phone to call you and order, or however it works, but most people are simply not ready to buy today.

Alright, they might need a months- you know, for whatever reason maybe it’s just not the right time, maybe they don’t have the right money, maybe it’s not payday, maybe they’re just browsing. Maybe they’re looking for a house, but they’re thinking about buying a house in the next year or so. So if you don’t stay in touch with them over the next year, they’re going to some other broker, some other real estate agent who did take the time to stay in touch, OK?

This is what email marketing allows you to do, and this is why it’s so effective. Because it allows you to stay top of mind, so that when people are finally ready to buy, you are the natural obvious choice. You become the pre-eminent authority, the leader in your niche. Ok…it…I was going to swear there. It craps all over social media, OK? The last study I read was saying that email marketing produces on average 3 times more per dollar spent than social media. So email marketing is way better than social media at making money and doing business.

OK, that’s a whole new video. What I really wanted to get across today is that email marketing works. It’s extremely powerful, way more powerful than social media, and if you’re not doing it, then you should. You should go and check out my videos. Go to themcmethod.com, go through the archives, go through the podcasts, sign up for McMasters, and you will learn how to use email marketing to build your business, OK?

I’m John McIntyre, the Autoresponder Guy, coming to you from themcmethod.com with another email marketing update.


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