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Episode #25 – Chris Hexton from VERO on Behavioural Email (and how we’re standing at the beginning of an email marketing revolution)

This week, I’m excited to introduce another AUSSIE in the email marketing game (from Sydney, just like yours truly):

Chris Hexton.

Chris is one of the 2 cofounders of Vero.

Vero allows you to send emails to prospects and customers based on what behaviours they have taken on your site and with your product.

Here’s an example:

You have a membership site and there are 10 videos for people to watch.

Suppose someone signs up and starts watching the videos.

Unfortunately, their mom calls in the middle of video 5 and they close the browser to answer the phone.

After talking with their mum for an hour, they’ve completely forgotten about your course.

And maybe, in a few days, they decide to request a refund because well gosh, they never watched all the videos.

With an application like Vero, you can send your customer an email a few hours after they leave to remind them to watch the rest of the videos.

Think about the implications…

Is there a feature of your SaaS product that someone hasn’t used on their free trial?

Automatically send them an email about it and increase the chances that they continue after the free trial finishes.

Is there a page on your site (such as your testimonials) that you think people should see?

Automatically send them an email if they haven’t visited it yet.

I hope you see where I’m going with this…

Behavioural email is INSANE.

And it is still the early days…

We’re standing at the beginning of an email marketing revolution.

Sure, the big companies do it already.

But do you think small to medium enterprises do this?


They probably don’t even know about it.

And if they do, they probably haven’t set it up because they’re confused.

Now is your chance to get a huge advantage over your competition.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to turn real-time actions users take on your website into highly-targeted email marketing campaigns
  • behavioural or event-based email VS the classic direct response autoresponder campaign (maybe I need to change my title? Meet “the Behavioural Email Guy”…)
  • What are transactional emails? (and why do they get more opens than transactional email than traditional email newsletters?)
  • the power of relevance in 2013 (and why your current autoresponder could be WAYYY more relevant)
  • subtle “hard to detect” marketing strategies that fit perfectly with behavioural email
  • what makes people click links in your email (and how can you get more people to click your links)
  • why behavioural email gives you the marketing-equivalent of a laser-focused rocket launcher (giving you the power to send emails to your customers that hit the nail on the head, EVERY time)
  • how to target people with relevant offers (and then send them more relevant offers based on what offers they’ve purchased in the past… and then CONTINUE forever)
  • simple email automation strategies used by service companies that are cleaning up in the marketplace (NO ONE is doing this)
  • on the evolution of the classic autoresponders (how a small group of companies is changing the way email is used to drive leads and sales)
  • how software is opening the door to INSANE levels of targeting and relevance
  • how Amazon.com uses advanced email targeting strategies to get you to buy more cameras, surfboards and books
  • how to send emails based on the features of your product that they have used
  • how to avoid the “creepy factor” when using advanced targeting strategies
  • will this make the average non-marketing person uncomfortable?
  • how to avoid overload when choosing leverage points to implement these strategies (where should you focus first?)
  • does this only work for Saas and ecommerce businesses? or does it work for every type of business?
  • how to use behavioural email for membership sites (and send customer satisfaction SKY HIGH, since people actually use your product)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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  • Forrest Schwartz says:

    Thanks for answering the book question. I’m sure lots of people had that on their mind. Even better though is the copying copy tip. You say about an hour a day?

  • Mike Kawula says:

    Great Podcast today and never really thought of this outside of my ecommerce store.

    Great user question and look forward to picking up Scientific Advertising

    You Rock

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