Episode #186 – Bond Halbert On Legendary Marketing Lessons The Halbert Way (Part 2)

by John McIntyre

We’re back with Part 2 of my interview with Bond Halbert.

If you enjoyed Part 1 we’re going to step it up a notch for Part 2.

Bond continues by extending his ideas on email.

Open rates…

the spam folder…

and what “training your list” means in Halbert-speak.

He jumps into sales copy…

giving away some of the ideas he and his father used to crank out winners.

Then he jumps into more of the secrets used in the marketing his book.

Answering some of the questions readers of his excellent editing tome may have had (like me).

So Happy New Year to you…

the listeners who love and support the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Which email had the highest open rate of any sent from The Gary Halbert Letter ( and what it means to your emails!).
  • The contrast between Gary and Bond’s approach to writing and editing sales copy.
  • How much time should you spend on each step of your promotion? Bond spells out what separates the A-Listers.
  • The “Surf Nazi” secret Bond used to compel readers of his book.
  • The Halbert twist on a classic copy idea that will supercharge your sales writing.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 186


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Bond Halbert: …so I did it again I went back to our list and I said what are the classic
marketing books I want to tie this to and I chose scientific advertising and the Robert Collier letter book right
because those are the books my dad recommended all the time first and so I wrote this email and it was pretty
successful because it was called you know it got the highest open rate of any of any email ever sent from the Gary
Halbert letter – in fact it was at 52 but the last time I checked it was a 54 percent open rate and that’s huge that’s open right yeah absolutely has been unscrubbed right it’s a big list that’s unscrubbed and then built over
decades yeah you know it’s easy to get a email and then you what you do is then send another email to only the people who opened your last email you know you can you can play tricks and those

numbers this was this was an

honest-to-god fifty-four percent open

rate on a list that was that’s that it

had no filtering no enhancements and

just absolutely the opposite of what you

would do to boost your in your openness

anyway so I sent it and I promoted them

I promoted it with those other books and

all three of those books made it into

the top four of Amazon again right and

now when you go and you look at these

other books that are classically being

sold you get told you know to go buy

them now there’s a lot of stuff that I

left out about how I did this or how I

did that you know and things like you

know that to make that all happen but

the lesson in that story was to

experiment and see if it works and then

try and replicate your results and if

you can replicate your results then you

have something that you can do and take

to other people you can take it to other

people and the you know I you know this

next book that I’m going to be doing

that I put out I haven’t really started

marketing it yet I just made one quick

announcement on Facebook because I saw

some people I kind of talked a little

bit about other people who they slightly

I think you were the first one really

because I think you said talks about

that it is new book so what happened was

I was like oh crap well this is just

gonna go off like the borin letters did

so I was like okay I’m gonna announce

this and I only announced the eBook

version because the print version is

coming out a little bit next week I

think I’m just you know I was collecting

blurbs for the back cover nice anyway so

this one’s gonna hang out this one has a

whole new set of I’m gonna use all the

things that I did when the first one to

to do all the marketing tricks that they

did to make it not only a success but a

continued success but I have a whole

list of other things that I’m

experimenting with in this launch which

is different from the pre you know which

is different from the previous launch

and have never been done before and it

may work or it may not but one of the

you know some of the early results of

some of the stuff is already working and

some of the stuff has not been tested

yet at all but the thing that my dad

taught me was find out you know there’s

another thing lesson that he taught me

and I’ll explain it when I explain this

the book that it you know as you know

that I put out is about editing and I

what I love about that is nobody’s ever

really covered editing in depth and if

you look through my checklist and the

things that I teach in the book that

even some of the standards same old

stuff that you’ve heard about for 10 20

years which there’s not a lot of because

people don’t really cover editing for

sales they you know they’re people some

covered editing for writing but this is

editing specifically for making more

money with your sales messages so what I

did was you know but there are some

things in and people will talk about and

it’s different from the way that

everybody else taught and including my

father like when you talk about power

words and insert you know punching up

your language and inserting power words

I teach you how to do it with your own

power words and not just take a list

that was given to you by Gary Halbert or

you know John Carlton or other people

because you see being kind you’re you’re

kind of in there forced and you end up

trying to it sounds for us because

you’re trying to imitate somebody that

you’re not

that’s so I teach you tricks and stuff

even with standard stuff but there’s a

lot of stuff in

that was you know I’ve never seen taught

by anywhere else in any case so what I

did was I said you know I’m gonna do is

I’m going to one of the things I hated

about the Amazon the way they work is

you can never really get the names of

your buyers

you know they don’t get they don’t share

it with you so I had this idea they said

you know what I want to give them my

checklist but what would make them what

the checklist so I grabbed I called

these places that make those long

notepads that are for realtors you know

the realtors will give him your shopping

list and you know drop it off at your

home and you’ll put it in the kitchen

and use it for your shopping list it’s a

long thin notepad and I called and I

said you know how much would it be to

you know dude one of these notepads with

the checklist printed on every page and

it wasn’t too expensive so what I’m

doing is I’m offering everybody who buys

a copy of the book and sends signs up at

my website and sends me a copy they

received her proof that they bought the

book I send them one of these notepads

for free okay so that means if he’s

sending you the notepad yeah I can Chi

can afford it because it’s coming out of

you know I know it’s it doesn’t take the

whole profit of the book away right so

but what you do and this is Gary Halbert

thinking is you know you sign up I’ve

got your email address and I’m going to

send you back you’re now on my blog

which you’re gonna want to be on anyway

because I do not send you no sentence I

don’t send you offer every single day

and well you know I don’t send you an

offer every single day and what I do

it’s it’s rare and it’s usually

something that’s really worth sharing

and I try to be more unique than

everybody else and they usually you know

it’s if I send you an affiliate offer

it’s something that’s really been vetted

to make sure that you know it’s not

hurting the Halbert name and that’s so

that’s even extremely rare but I’ll let

you know about things like that and so

in this case I’m hashing out the funnel

but the thing is I got your email

address and so I can send you something

but you also got to give me a snail mail

address right right you know see how way

for me to send it and when you get the

checklist that actually comes with

another letter you know and this is

classic Gary Halbert thinking this is

there you know it’s experimenting and

solving the problem that other people

are doing

and you know the the thing is if you

know when you’re promoting and you’re

doing stuff with books like Amazon and

stuff like that you see a lot of people

going you know here’s my ten dollar book

you know my book is a dollar actually

they’ll say my book is a dollar and it

comes with ten thousand dollars worth of

bonus material you know which is a bunch

of PDFs and everything else that you

know Under the Sun that they’ve gotten a

lot of marketers who are trying to get

make nature themselves so I’ll throw it

in there and that’s not very how we’re

thinking the reason it’s not hearing

helper thinking is because now your

brain is going on I’ve got all this

material to go through and because it’s

all this material to go through you

rarely nobody ever cracks it open you

know these these bonus loaded stuff I

mean the you know then you’d have

serious yeah you’d have to have a

serious obsessive compulsive disorder to

actually you know start cracking and

getting into all the bonuses that are

bought so and you know the other thing

is that’s kind of in in a slight way if

you know if I bombard you with emails

everything that would be annoying so I

won’t do it in fact most of the stuff I

do is very kind of time-sensitive in the

VN I do that on purpose and I filed by

the way I follow through with that

because one of the other things I

learned from my dad is your behavior and

how you operate and do everything even

if you’re you know not on the ball with

everything like I am I’m much more

creative and logistical so I I’m like my

father I’d be a lousy manager just

because one day I’m gonna want to get up

and go to the beach instead of handling

my mail well one of the things I realize

is that you you know one of the things

you know you can break trust and lose

trust and quite away and it’s not

because oh you know this took a little

while to get to you that that can happen

but it’s more or less because you know

they just know it’s it’s not true with

you so you know sometimes you call it

training the list and what you’re doing

is it’s really shouldn’t be called that

it should be called proving that you

mean what you say so if we tell you hey

this does not you know this is on sale

for a little while then it’s no longer

on sitio and you’ve got to take it off

of sale how many times has a webinar

been you know the only time we’re gonna

have this webinar and there will

probably be no replay hey and then the

replays out 30 minutes later

or they sell you a product that’s $500

and then six months later they’re giving

it to everybody for free yeah right what

you’re doing is you’re training your

list to understand that six months later

your product is gonna be free just wait

you know you’re training them hey you

know unless you know unless you think

you’re really busy on this or you know

you need the shiny object right now so

the thing is you know what I do is I

want people I figured out a long time

ago one of the first things that I put

out and I didn’t even really put it out

I taught somebody else and they recorded

me teaching them and they put it out is

you know some things on how to get

really good open rates and really write

really salacious and irresistible

subject lines to get emails open and it

worked works so well that people were

tripling their email open rates and

people were and I was getting you know

people I didn’t even know we’re giving

me these great testimonials and talking

about how you know awesome this was and

doing YouTube videos and things like

that on it and I went even further and

there because people you know I called

up Aweber and I have get response as

well and they both said man your open

rates are just like through the roof and

I you know and I got to admit I did ask

him like how did mine compare to others

I thought they were okay but I just

didn’t know and you know for sure and

they’re like no no you got really good

open rates and so the reason that was is

because I thought like my father I was

like you know I did I basically applied

his a pile B file speech principles to

getting your mail open to getting your

email open and one of the keys to doing

that is getting people to give you a

real email address I mean a non-spam

email address because what happens is

you you know you have a problem stage

fright so you go looking for online and

some slick marketer says I have to care

for that I’ll give send you my PDF give

me your email address and you say okay

mr. slick marketer give me I’ll give you

here’s my spam email address because I’m

not falling into that trap then you go

to your spam email address and you look

in there there’s 50 to 500 messages

since the last time you’ve been there

right and you looking at the top and you

find the PDF and he’s either done one of

two things

he’s either delivery

and you’re off practicing what he’s

taught you or he is not delivered and

you’re all back at the Internet

thank you God that you can give me

really not to notice and you are back at

your you’re back on the net looking for

your solution either way you ignore

those five hundred to a thousand emails

right yeah but what happens if you know

then you go to close out your email

account but you better check your mail

and your primary email address but you

see in the spam filter there’s ten

messages do you just delete them no you

check them see the crab I didn’t slip

through the cracks

you know you scan them real quick okay

yeah and so the moral of that story is

it would be better for your emails to

land into the spam box of a primary

email address than into the primary box

of a spam email drive address right yeah

and so what I was saying so I started

developing all these techniques to make

sure that you got a primary email

address right yeah and and I developed

these plans and these techniques and you

know and I was thinking who do you

really want in your primary email box

and they’re people who deliver you value

they’re people who don’t you know whose

messages don’t come exactly every Monday

on Monday you know every Monday at 10:00

a.m. and now there are some exceptions

to rules again I don’t believe in

absolutes but they are all kinds of

things to do with timing to do with the

promotions is to to changing their view

and their outlook of why they are

signing up and all of these other things

that would get you a primary email

address now that’s not as important as

it was when I did that because now you

have 50% of the people are checking

emails on their phones right right yeah

and most people are not some people can

again I don’t believe in absolutes but

some people but most people do not

operate to email addresses on their

phones you know for the majority of them

they have a primary so they’re more

hesitant to give out that email address

you need to do more to make them want to

give you that email address but one of

the tricks I would teach him is to

create stuff that they would want to

consume on their phone I say so I would

say things like do the Gary Halbert

on-the-go program will we format at the

newsletters so that they’re easy to read

on your phones so when you’re on the go

and you’re

you know in a train or in line or you

know the bank of waiting you can it you

can make that a productive time by

consuming some classic Gary Halbert

material that’ll help you know make you

become a better marketer and that you

know so when you do that you go yeah I

want that on my phone so that when you

make the decision of which email adjusts

to give you give a primary email address

and it’s set you know some of the stuff

I’m explaining sounds like manipulation

but it’s not it really it’s about

providing what people actually want so

like when you come to my email address

okay and you want to give you know you

you want to get something from it let’s

say the notepads or whatever thing is

all most of the you know I’ve gotta

polish this cuz I’m like my father I’m

like I’ll test this it works and then

you know I’ll leave I am NOT yeah what I

need is one of those managers that you

know that finishes off no I I’m good at

hosing off the car and figuring out a

quick way to get the dirt off but what I

need is somebody who’s gonna take the

time with the toothbrush and get in the

vents and you know and you know do the

detail so do you so never expect detail

out of me I’ll tell you that up front

and honestly I just not yeah but but

I’ll experiment with things and then I

will you know and I will do stuff but

what I want to also do is I want to be

the the thing that I promise so if I

tell you which is true I make very

time-sensitive announcements there was a

one things I did with the boron letters

to celebrate my dad’s birthday is I

created a smaller travel sized edition

okay and I said you know I don’t want

this to compete with the larger one

which is better for because it’s got

margins for taking notes people love to

take notes in them yeah but I’ve always

wanted one to you know to for travel

size because I hear I have bags and it’s

easier to fit into some of the smaller

bags if it was a little thicker but a

smaller size so I resized it and created

what I called the Road Dogg Edition

because my dad had what he called Road

Dogg buddies and I’m one of them where

he would cruise around and hit talk shop

with go around and experience it with

and he called them his road dogs and so

I created the Gary and since you can

carry this around with you I call the

Gary Halbert Road dog edition it’s

his birthday I only printed 100 copies

of it and I numbered them all and I

signed them off and then I had found the

the corporate seal that for the Gary

Halbert letter and you know you squeeze

it and it makes an impression on a piece

of paper okay it’s not stamping it’s it

will you are I guess technically

stamping it but it’s not an ink stamp

it’s an impression stamp and so I sealed

each one with the with the with that so

you know I announced on my blog that

these you know the for the first shot

getting means and they you know so many

of them were gobbled up so quick I

didn’t make another announcement right

right there and there are people to this

day and asking me hey can I get one you

know and the thing is what people are

really finding out is when I said tell

you I said when I tell you I said the

time-sensitive offer what after a while

this offer is gone or the price it’s for

you know a lot of people saying this is

you know that’s another thing people

will say you know this is this price is

is going to double it’s the same thing

it’s the same math instead of a hundred

dollar product that’s all 50% off for 50

for $50 I’m saying it’s knitted you know

get into it now because the price is

going to double

oh wait a minute that’s that’s a little

stronger urge right now so when I tell

people to go and sign up on my email

addresses or whatever you know and I

tell them that there’s time-sensitive

there will be people who are like you

know hey man I missed that offer and I

know the reason they missed that offer

is they signed up with a spammy and it

is too late I don’t turn around and find

you know an excuse to come back and give

it to you yet you know I say you know

you know and if something is super super

highly in demand maybe I’ll find a way

to bring something similar out again or

do something but I’ll always be

considering the first buyers and what

what’s gonna continue to make them

special so for example I’m not going to

do this and I don’t have any plans to I

really am NOT but if I were to do

another Road Dogg Edition I would make

it like version 2 or something cuz the

people who because those people holding

version 1 we go I still got the original

you know I’m I’m not going to you know I

don’t want to make the people who spent

five hundred dollars on my core

go man I spent $500 on it in two months

later you gave it away for free

now after a certain amount of time now

Gary Halbert process was you know charge

a lot of money then discount it then

maybe give it away for free and then uh

you know upsell something else but

there’s a way to do that to get the best

of both worlds you know and I always

find that to make sure that you know the

pieces that you’re getting you know what

you had to do was you you’ve had to wait

so long you know like I could teach you

about getting emails opened a lot you

know more now like what I just taught

you that the the trick about doing the

phone thing right the people the getting

the the people who had learned from me

how to get primary you know or not just

primary but to get really high open

rates and write great subject lines and

stuff like that had it for a long time

and had an advantage for a long time you

know and so then and then it’s a little

different so I’m just saying you know

again when it comes to marketing know

your know your prospects make them happy

make them want to come back for more and

not and and the best way to do that is

to understand what they want and strive

to give them what they want you know and

what they need to it’s not just what

they want sometimes you got to give them

what they need and they don’t know what

they need and stuff like that so but

anyway that’s so yeah they you know one

of those things that I learned from my

father are you know learning how to

think and the great the great part about

that and is we you know my dad and I

will can be in a in a roomful of

marketers and they’ll be talking about

discussing a problem and we we and let’s

suppose you in a room with a hundred

marketers and they’re veteran marketers

we will know there’s always gonna be 20

people who know the real answer that the

tried and true tested answer to a

marketing problem or to a marketing

question and my dad will always be and

so will I will always be know the exact

answer that that those 20 shark cats are

going to actually give you but my dad

and I were also the only people in the

room that will go okay here’s a unique

way to do this and it’s a different that

nobody in thought of it’s like to

notepad yeah yeah it’s it’s like the

notepad thing we’re gonna like okay no

here’s a unique

a to make sure that you’re getting this

so well you know everybody is you know

you know while everybody is thinking

about well I’m gonna offer 1400 bonuses

in the description page of my book you

know we’re gonna do you know I got

people who are trying to prove that they

bought the book to get the notepad

before they say you know I actually when

I do something like that stimulus II my

dad was like you know my dad would go

out of way there you know and my dad

would do what he possibly did which is

remember everything you do really well

and write get credit for and everything

you screw up I had nothing to do with I

say we I mean that’s the hints and the

tips and stuff you’ve just dropped here

over the last well look about an hour

and that’s just flown by are some of the

some of the best marketing little tweaks

I’ve heard in a long long time and and

you’re editing book and so forth is

something every person listening to the

show if you’re in the copier you write

copy and we have a lot of copywriters

they should be purchasing that book now

that book is book number it’s label as

book number three if I remember

correctly I don’t process so that means

there I mean as the boron letters

considered part of that series or is it

gonna be two more books in that series

or how is that gonna work well okay

here’s the way it works the born letters

has nothing to do with that in fact the

description of the book warns you that

this is not a complete copywriting

course and that this is not an extension

in the moment and what it is is mark in

good combating and marketing can be

broken up to into what you would call

three or four phases okay the first one

is the power and all your copy comes in

knowing your prospects the power and

everything every tip I gave you power in

the Domino’s 30 minutes pizza campaign

is knowing that the customers absolutely

are sick and tired of not knowing when

their pizzas gonna arrive yeah okay the

power and knowing the power in that the

tips I gave you about mobile is an

understanding your customer

you know reading you know that they’re

operating to email addresses on their

phone yeah why do I know that because I

have a phone you know app when you hear

that good that’s just common sense right

but the truth is it’s really it’s really

big I actually developed that before I

got my first smartphone by the way but

the well because I knew Bisons the thing

is I knew myself so well that as soon as

I got my first smartphone my head would

be everybody be looking at the top of my

head during dinner right yes I’m doing

with God you know tell there with my

finger scrolling this guy but anyway

it’s about calm it’s about knowing your

customers so well but at any point you

can trigger their impulse to by knowing

what to what to provide for them that

really are gonna want to buy and they’re

gonna eat up and they’re gonna love and

how to present it and stuff like that

but it’s but it’s it’s research it’s and

all your power is in research and

knowing your customers okay and I’m

gonna give you some tips here in a

second about this stuff the second phase

after doing all of this the second phase

is really about it’s about taking all of

these ideas that you have and what to

offer and the knowledge you got from the

research you need create come up with

your big idea and your big idea can be a

unique hook it can be a unique offer or

a unique solution so unique hook who’s

let’s say you know Hertz is number two

which makes us try more right that’s not

really an office special offer or a

special solution it’s a unique cook a

unique solution is we’ve got a unique

solution to your problem and that can be

in the in the in the in the whatever the

product of a service that you’re that

you’re providing or it can be actually

in the form of a marketing solution like

you have a solution for getting to p2 to

getting to your customers cheaper than

your competition does so that you can

send them more sales messages or get

your you know or in a way that they

don’t it can be a marketing solution as

well as just a solution for the customer

and a unique offer a unique opera’s you

know 30 minutes or it’s free obviously

but you come up from the research you

usually are gonna come up with that

unique hook

for a solution the Big Ideas my dad

would call it and from there now what

you have to do is you know at the end

and I put these lump these together

because they come around the same time

now you’re like okay that’s it I can’t

wait to tell everybody and you know you

start to vomit up on the page the words

on the page you start to put down that

first draft okay the actual sitting

there copywriting the first draft is the

shortest part of this entire process if

my dad spent 30 days writing you an ad

he only spent about hour and a half

writing the actual copy and that was by

hand right right okay then the third

phase is to is an editing is taking that

message and polishing it now my dad did

a little differently than I did he once

he had that big idea he then spent

several days polishing that imaginary

conversation explaining the unique offer

and or you know hook off our solution to

the prospect in his head he was

perfecting that and that’s because he

comes from back in the day when you they

had typewriters and once she wrote

something out to make any changes we’re

time consuming and expensive now what he

would then do is that his so his first

drafts look closer to to the end product

of any good copywriters first drafts

dude that I see today because what most

like me most people when they put that

first draft on paper and then when I go

walk around and think about it I have

another good idea to add to and they

come back and I put that into the copy

and then I come up with another solution

or another thing and then I start

polishing it and the way that I polish

it is going over it more or less making

changes in moving copy around now my dad

still did you know a bunch of edits but

what he did was he made very small

changes and he would read people the

copy that he has written and he would

read them over and over and then catch

make small changes and he would try and

monitor your excitement or desire for

the product and/or service and he would

do that over and over again now what you

want to do is you want to spend a third

of your time if you don’t have a

deadline right you need to create one if

you’re like me and you get to write your

own let’s suppose you’re gonna figure

even if you have three hours to put out

an email

now we’re doing the research out of that

you’ll get an hour to do the first draft

and then do an hour worth of editing if

you have three if you have 30 day it’s

do 10 days of research 10 days of dogs

and hook offers solution giving yourself

that time it may just come immediately

it may take a while where you’ve got all

that any research but cruising in the

back of your head but you need to take a

walk or start doing laundry or doing

something that keeps the front of your

brain slightly busy long enough for the

back year brain to actually work on the

problem and spit out that answer that’s

what the these people you know they’re

shower aha moments come in yeah right

and then they spend that is the last 10

days editing the formula so I’m not

saying you edit you know forever and

ever and ever but you should spend about

a third of the time because what you’re

doing then is you’re just polishing that

message and in the things that I did

differently in this book that being

there’s stuff in there nobody’s ever

heard before I you know I hear people

say you know oh I’ve heard there were

several people who are serious seasoned

professional copywriters and they’re

like man some of this stuff is new and

I’m using I’m using this in my copy now

I just improved my sales page and stuff

like that I will see people who just

skip to like the checklist and they’ll

say oh well you know it’s basically it’s

a good reminder of some fundamentals

it’s not it goes way beyond it and even

the stuff that you think is fundamental

I give you a new twist on it a new way

of doing now not in every case there are

some things that are basically

fundamental like you know reading for

your type of but but here’s the thing if

you get one new thing out of the book

let’s suppose I teach you one trick that

you did not know and I guarantee if you

actually read the book you learn more

than but if I teach you one new trick

it keeps 1 percent of people reading one

percent of your customers who watch your

your your video your BS cells or read

your sales copy and it keeps 1 percent

more people actually finish your

listening to your sales message is it

worth the addition you know is it worth

the $10 that you’re adding to your

bottle you know that you spent adding to

your bottom line especially over your

career so the you know the the

minun is insanely low and ridiculous and

the thing is there are there’s a guy he

learned some things from me

through the through the book and he is

one of the best copywriters I have ever

seen he was actually trained by my

father name is Caleb he’s he’s that he’s

the one of the best copywriters I have

ever seen I edit professional

copywriters stuff all the time and give

them oh you I would change this move

this answer it’s and change this

suggestion or make suggested changes and

everything he one time to throw out this

piece of copy and I was like man that’s

really great there’s only two small

changes that I would make and that was

the smallest number of changes I’ve ever

seen in anybody’s copy that I’ve read

right and he did make those two small

changes he was like wow that’s really

good that is that you know he was

looking for you know they go to that

level of perfection the great

copywriters do and he did that adhere

air and it did six times add cost it was

it just blew everything way and I didn’t

result I didn’t know the results I said

you know there were no results before

when I first read it I was just saying

you know man that is superbly great copy

one of the things in his funnel I had

actually given him one of those

marketing solutions ok you know because

it you know at the beginning what I was

known else and you get known for

something a beginning I got known for

open rates right now I’m gonna be known

as the editing guy for a little while

and then I’m gonna be you know but the

real truth is I’m more of an idea guy

I’m one of the few people who will give

you a unique idea that’s that other

people you know that you know people

haven’t thought of I’m back to answering

your question so I’m working on products

that they actually fulfill you know

showing you how to do the research and

showing you shortcuts to get over your

writer’s block and inspire you to come

up with good uniques hot offers and

solution but the editing process was

done first okay and it was the easiest

to done first and I could have just made

it a book on editing but I made it part

three on purpose and I saw one person

actually say they say you know what I

got to say I got part three and I was

reading the B in the introduction and

everything and I don’t know if this was

done on purpose or not but it really

made me want to get part 2 yeah so it

absolutely does and it was done on

purpose yeah I remember one time my dad

knew this guy who had produced this

low-budget movie I think it was surf

Nazis terrible terrible movie when they

think he released it his surf Nazis part

everybody made the assumption that it

had to be relatively decent because

there must have been a first one you

know made this worth seeing the sequel

and everything and of course they were

in that there was no surf Nazis part one

I am working on part two I am working on

part one because again I’m not out to

fool people into doing it it’s just that

this portion of the formula was written

first and it was the easy it was the

easiest one to complete you know to

compile all the information and show it

and the other thing I liked about it

that I’m particularly proud of is

nobody’s ever covered the subject in

depth my dad’s portion of the editing

formula is five steps okay that’s all it

was and his editing advice and my dad

gave everybody more copies than anybody

on earth is you know and what I wanted

to do was I would take patterns and

things that he you know that I would see

in his great copy and I and I learned to

do this when I was helping other

professional copywriters with their copy

and I would end up creating formulas

that would teach them and show them how

to do it and to improve their copier and

make it better and I’ll give you I’ll

give you one tip out of the book that’s

a perfect example of a very traditional

thing taught in a better way there is a

classic you – I – you formula that

everybody talks about and they spend

that you know for every time you use the

word I you want to use the word you like

it should be to 20% to 80% so if you use

the word I twice you should be using the

word you 80% you were you’re okay

because it’s about making it about your

prospect that’s right

that’s not in reality the way that I saw

and all the great copy I read so when

you see the magic IDU formula everybody

think oh you know I know about that

right what I teach you that’s different

is this my dad’s copy all the I took on

the negative

and the you got the benefit so I was

sleeping in my car and down and down on

my luck and struggling to make sales

you’re still telling their story but

they’re in their mind they’re going hey

that’s my problem too right you know I

still you know every time I got on the

plane I was I had so much fear that I

felt crippled in my chest woods you know

I I found it hard to breathe and it felt

like I was being compressed and you know

I said claustrophobia started to feel

felt like claustrophobic and you’re

describing their story but that’s when

doctor gave me something which which

will make all of that go away for you

and you’ll never have to you know never

feel fear feeling the fear of flying

ever again and you’ll be able to be a

world traveler and feel you know and

feel the sweet release and get rid of

half the anxiety of booking plane

airplane tickets so all the benefit was

on you right he took all the pain on the

eye so it was now you know I never see

you know and I noticed that and I’m like

it’s a better way to say instead of

saying oh I found two eyes I need to

write eight you and yours right so

instead what it is is ice I play your

song but I put it on me because I’m not

saying you know you know are you know

you have a problem and you are you

always finding typos in your work is

your type is your editing process is

your is your coffee so wonky people

won’t continue reading it you know

that’s first of all it’s more of like

putting you on the spot and you’re want

to defend yourself right that’s right

hey and you say of course well yeah it’s

wonky but I gotta put it out I’d rather

make moves and motion over meditation

and I’d rather you know you start

defending yourself if I tell you my

copies always want and then I say you

know with the this editing formula your

copy will start sounding you have the

smooth professionalism that you’ll see

and copy written by masters like Gary

Benz again Gary Halbert right right and

so then you’re like okay yeah that’s

what I want you know it’s the whole the

dynamic changes there and so it’s better

than just counting eyes and using yours

okay so that’s that’s a classic example

that’s in the book that explains to you

this is what you think is a classic

example of sort of an

editing technique but it’s actually

taught to you a little bit better than

I’ve seen other people teach it.

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