Episode #35: John Carlton on 6 Key Elements Of Powerful, Profitable Email Marketing

by John McIntyre

In copywriting, there is nothing more powerful than your words.

John Carlton was living in his car…

…until a REMARKABLE epiphany changed his entire outlook on life.

He became a digital marketing pioneer and wrote some of the very first marketing emails.

Hear firsthand how John was able to transform himself into one of the greatest copywriters on the planet.

John’s secrets are simple, easy-to-implement and UNBELIEVABLY EFFECTIVE.

And… in this episode of the McMethod Email Marketing Podcast, John shows you how to apply his strategies to email marketing.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • the right way to gain the trust of your customers and potential customers.
  • how to communicate with your subscribers and let them feel like you are speaking directly to them.
  • the proper choice of words that will STARTLE and INTRIGUE people.
  • how a subject line can transform the way that your customers perceive you.
  • how to ensure that your customers actually look forward to your updates.
  • the power of knowing your potential customers and how you can transform them into loyal subscribers.
  • the most trusted secrets of sales and copy writing, and how they can be harnessed for modern email marketing.   
  • the PERFECT way to trigger the responses you want from your subscribers, and close your deals.
  • the secret to getting the right contact information, and staying out of the junk folder.

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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