Episode #91 – Kevin Halbert on Boosting Email Response Dramatically By Simply Using… Moving Images

by John McIntyre

Before it was Bond.

And today we have Kevin on the show.

The great and late Gary Halbert’s son,

..is as you might have guessed,

Also a marketing genius.

When most kids came home from school to watch Ninja Turtles or play Zelda,

And others went outside to play,

Kevin and Bond studied endless hours of direct marketing instead.

(just kidding.. it wasn’t that intense)

But Gary did start teaching them at a young age.

And even if he didn’t,

THE Gary Halbert being your father automatically makes you a marketing guru one way or another.

And that goes for Kevin just as much as Bond.

Today on the show Kevin gets into how he uses video in email to generate fantastic results.

And how he first started giving advice to others seeking marketing help.

Kevin’s one of the first to use video the way he does,

And his results are practically mind blowing.

Not only that,

Kevin shares tons of resources,

..both free and paid (& he’s tested them all),

To get these moving images working for you on your campaigns ASAP.

He also reveals a few click converting tricks that many would not even think to try out in email before…

Along with a mindset that especially you,

As an email marketer or person who writes any form of copy..

..must have in order to live a successful legacy


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • the transformative power behind masterminds that will squeeze all that potential out of you (learn exactly how masterminds helps unleash the Gary Greatness in Kevin)
  • that anything and everything in online marketing you are doing right now can be either confirmed or corrected with Gary’s teachings (the late Gary’s teachings all translate to current online direct response marketing)
  • how copywriting’s been such a prized skill ever since the days of ruthless and relentless email spamming (and how the teachings of Gary, Claude and the rest of the direct response greats saved email marketers)
  • why moving images are so vital to have and include in multiple areas of your marketing (emails are a great place)
  • Kevin’s research discovery about HTML5 and how to play video within the email message window on any ESP except Gmail (bonus inside on a fun thing you can do with Gmail instead…)
  • the astonishing 500% open rate Kevin got when using video and animated GIFs for the first time on his whole list
  • multiple ways that you too can learn how to create GIF’s and videos within your email marketing to leverage their converting power
  • a must-know fact about video in emails that you need to know (if you make this simple mistake, your videos won’t work and people will unsubscribe in masses)
  • a special trick Kevin used (and that Bond loved) that got people to click, click, click away inside the email
  • how VSL’s are awesome (they suck you in like Closed Captions in movies… but they’re front and center)
  • why Kevin is not a fan of article generation in emails
  • how storytelling is not only engaging but even more importantly… memorable (and how to utilize similes and metaphors within them)

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO


Raw transcript:

Download PDF transcript here.

John McIntyre: Hey it’s John McIntyre here, the autoresponder guy and it’s time for episode 91 of the McMethod marketing podcast where you’ll discover basically a whole bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to grow your business, get more customers with less time, effort, hassle, anything really that’s just kind of annoying. How to automate that entire sales and marketing process so you get a steady stream of customers 24/7 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Now, episode 91, you know what this is at 91 and in 9 episodes, it’s gonna be episode 100 and I’m gonna do something special. For you to figure it out so you got to stay tuned, it’s gonna be a bit of fun, it’s not gonna be the standard guest thing, I’m gonna do some a little bit different and you’re gonna have some fun with it so stick around for that. Now today, I’ll be talking to Kevin Halbert. Kevin is the son of you see the late Gary Halbert. I have did a podcast with his brother Bond a couple of I think a couple of months back and you know I thought I’d get him on the show, he was also at tons and all his guesting list I met at the time of directors for seminar. He was there and we chatted and talked to him on podcast be a great idea. So today, give it to this cool way of doing video inside an email. So let’s say you’ve popped up in an email in outlook and you can play a video from inside the actual email, you know doesn’t, you don’t have to go to youtube you don’t have to go to another site, you don’t have to click a link, you can just watch the video on the email. That’s a really cool stuff that you can do, so it’s like how to do that and why it’s really you know why it really works. How to get the show notes of this episode of the mcmethod marketing podcast, go to the mcmethod.com/91.

Now, one more thing the McMaster’s insight of the week. This one’s a really simple one. I’d have a one time offer on the page of the some of the stanza anyway I’d a one time offer on the thank you page when someone joins your list. So what do I mean by that, well someone goes to your website, they visit your landing page that come from page traffic google whatever and they signup and on the next page you just say hey! thanks for signing up, great to have you on here. We’re gonna send you a, we’re gonna send you you know this and this, we’re gonna send you you know these 3 tips on this, there’s an amazing ebook here, it’s gonna show you how to do this but you know what’s really you know, you know what you really need so the problem is with the you know with x ys and is that in the problem of email marketing is that you really need a map, you really need to a you know, know how to do it so today I wanna give you 3 special tips on how to do you know, I really wanna give you a map right now right here coz I say hey, if you really wanna learn how, you’re gonna fill in the details and you know you’re gonna have to implement this map on your business and you wanna check out this product that we’re selling, McMaster’s or you know whatever product you know insert you r product here and then you’ll get that map, you’ll get that blue print and it’ll show you how to implement it in your business. Have you idea, it doesn’t really matter what you say, it’s that someone’s already taken an action to join your list, there’s a great time for you to capitalize on a burning heat right there, they’re ready to take another action if you give them the opportunity to do so make that offer to them, give them the video he can’t, you can do audio, you could use to copy. Do something, yeah, there’s making off and you’ll be surprised on how many people take you up on it like. You’re good at some substantial revenues in bottom line and it’s such an easy tweak coz before you get that product, before you get the email list. Happy days, okay. That’s this week’s McMaster’s insight of the week. We’ve got to get more insights like this which more more you know sometimes are about marketing or emails, sometimes it’s just about business and life. It’s something like we’re talking about. You’re gonna get more like this, you should join McMasters. Alright, McMasters is a private training community that I’ve got, it plays like a mastermind, it’s like being mentored by me or coached by me and leads them regards to marketing and email stuff. It’s a private form, you get coaching with me, there’s other people in there that can respond to you and help you out  and give you advice on some of the marketing stuff you’re doing in the business. There’s also a bunch of training products that will teach you yeah how to setup a sales, how to run an autoresponder, how to do a speedtest and there’s amazing webinars I’ve done which are with great page traffic you know panels running on facebook really this year. All the details are in there, I just share everything in some of those webinars so that’s McMasters for you, that’s why you should join. Okay. If you wanna learn more about McMasters, go to the mcmethod.com/mcmasters and I’ll see you inside.

Well, that’s it for now, let’s get into this interview on video inside the email with Mr. Kevin Halbert. It’s John McIntyre here, the autoresponder guy and I’m here with Kevin Halbert, the son of the late Gary Halbert, he’s the brother of Bond Halbert who did an interview with a couple of months back on some of the emailing stuff and what Bond was doing with email and wow I was chatting with Bond and he’s saying worked really good to my brother Kevin, it’s Kevin who’s doing this amazing stuff you know it’s a little bit technical but he’s also doing some something incredible stuff online and even with email and we’re just chatting about some of that so I send him an email and here we are doing a podcast on a on we’re at Kevin’s office. Today we’re gonna talk about, it’s very relaxed conversation today about that video inside the email, what’s coming up, what’s next for email marketing because I think Kevin’s one of the guys, he’s on the front of this stuff, he’s really on the edge and he’s gonna have a lot of stuff to share about a what’s changing and what’s you know really what’s coming up, so we’ll get into that in a minute. Kevin, how are you doing man.

Kevin Halbert: I’m doing great. Thanks for having me on.

John McIntyre: Good to have you on man. So, before we get into I guess the content or dive into some of the topics we’ll talk about, can you give a list or a bit of a background on you know who you are and what you’re up to.

Kevin Halbert: Ahm, people really know my last name and that’s the real, this is really about some importance is who my father was Gary Halbert, for many it’s clearly that he was the greatest copywriter who ever lived but whatever it is, atleast we know these are people who think someone else is you know his his ability to write, outstanding copywriter, copywriting in so many markets is that’s probably what me and Bond understand is that when it came to him, he was great in so many different(diverse) niches. I mean, you name it he went into it, he sold it and having never even touched that you know marketing category before you knew how to you know I remember talking with Gary Benz being on the phone and he was like, you know Kevin your dad really swap up for defenses and he would go out of leam you know back in the day 1 it cost you $20,000 to run a newspaper or ad. He would go with that untested thing and just you know we’re talking with forty-nine stuff and that’s father stuff he did, you know he always able to knock it out apart and yeah and then you know obviously he became you know this guru got this really bad name this days but you know when he went 1986 and started teaching people you know he was the guy that has plenty of people that appointed who he was you know, Kenedy you know he talks about how he gave him his first job and how you know Ben swores he got on his feet and you know there’s plenty of people I mean theres a parade of people that talk about how his teachings on marketing got everyone started and so.

John McIntyre: Ok and then how did that end up or I mean what have you done to screw that what is that lead to for you?

Kevin Halbert: That lead to us first thought we have I you know very shy and very you know what I should say I was Bond was not really shy we we’re you know not ready to take over the mantle so to speak so quickly so I was very trepidations and nor cautious and I and then later on I just started coming out of my shell little bit much I said the biggest time that I isolate with the stuff we do  is going to master minds that’s the thing that’s I used to be really shy and then one day I just said screw it I’m gonna go for it and you know was one of this people that barely speak to them and then I just started speaking out and then I just notice when I walk out of the room people will come out to me and surround me and asked a bunch of question you know what I actually this are not all crazy suggestions you know asking for help asking asking higher as consultants we have a bunch of clients we could consult for and that’s kind of my favorite thing cause I but its nice when you walked in and you have the big idea for people and then you don’t have to do all the work and you can you know do that for twenty people and I hope that answers your question.

John McIntyre: Yeah now absolutely man it’s just always interesting to hear sort of you know where you know I always asked people this question just because it’s fun finding out where they at or what there are sort of just a journey and sometimes it’s the stuff we expect and then sometimes you come out and you hear about stuff you never heard of so when.

Kevin Halbert: I like to say about our Dad’s legacy alive and keep it moving forward and let them know that this stuff all translated exactly and the new age but ok sorry to interrupt.

John McIntyre: Your good your good I definitely empathize with you and the whole like being on the shy thing and a lot of people think I’m this you know this crazy extraverted guy who talks and talks and talks and I got on good at it I think maybe in doing the pod cast and doing some sales job but I’m in a sense some little bit similar like that like when I’m in a big group of people and everyone talks like I don’t really wanna talk I wanna sit back and watch so it’s hard.

Kevin Halbert: Yeah it was for the longest time and yeah I mean you literally when I have an idea for somebody I could go find them and have a whole meeting and give them all my ideas instead of presenting it to the entire room and know it’s like you know me and my brother spend our time like how much time we can give in to each person when I’m out.

John Mclntyre: Yeah yeah yeah cool man lets dive in to some of this stuff that we’re chatting about and send of the video stuff for yeah let’s start to what coming up and what’s next and how do you think that you know marketing in a sense that doesn’t really never changes like the principles of psychology  on how to persuade and how to motivate people that never changes but on the same time technology is moving so rapidly that what’s change at the same time so how do you think about how do you deal and how do you understand all this change going on.

Kevin Halbert: Um I bet your right none of the psychology what happens is different ways that we can take advantage of it that we just didn’t have before and so we have this you know this same old things you heard you can test quickly you can move quickly you can roll out quickly all that stuff is moving forward and I don’t know how to explain the taking advantage of I just try see if we can like what I was saying we can get closer to the person sooner and get them from the second of engagement to the whatever we’re trying to do and take out the as many clicks and stuff like that I mean we’re talking about how we’re taking and if we’re talking about the video and emails and stuff like that is that stuff you are referring to.

John Mclntyre: We can go in whole a bunch of  different directions one thing I think some what your pointing at there  is that you know like 20 years ago when the internet wasn’t really around you know you really needed a top copywriter to be at make a direct response worked like you said you gonna to spend $20,000 on a news paper ad where is now you know anyone you don’t even need I you know I think you need to be opposite decent copies gonna help you but because tech you can buy traffic on facebook and ad words pretty cheap you can split test seven and the software for testing cost you know 50 bucks a month and so can test your way to having a real high converter anything for very little money so its completely change the ball game.

Kevin Halbert: A little bit a little bit, it’s a couple things you’ve got a good point and that triggers something in my mind, ok. Back in the day when the internet come out, I remember talking to my Dad and there were two thing going on: 1 is this was back when AOL was about as big as the internet and there was a time when AOL is contemplating a charge call of penny to get an email delivered, for promotion email and everybody was open arms, they were freaking out because internet was free and how dare you do all the discoveries like bring it on. He wanted it more than anybody wanted it and the reason was is because everybody in their cousin was you know spamming everybody and there were spamming most of the time and they were just putting everybody in a bad mood and turning a month and he had a client that was making a fortunal, a .00001% response because he had 25 million email list name and you know, he could, with that many leads you could get for free to sell a refined or mortgages and stuff. He could still make a fortune and you know that, the thing was there was this whole free for all. The thing was when those anti-spam last came in, part of you saying came into a fact and what happened was, is a lot of people got washed out with the new policies that came in. And what happened was, is that the people that had to be better at the copywriting to make it work and you know with fewer names you know coz a hundred thousand names marketers some you know, you had to do with a ton less and you start to get better and what happened was it was kind of this, Darwinian thing, the people that would survive how to get it right and now the only way people were gonna get it right were using basic principles, basic direct response copywriting marketing principles and when those guys survive, they’d come back and say how are you doing and these basic principles and they’d go back to Halbert, go back to Claude coz you know go back to all these other great guys and so it was the, it was you know Gary Halbert had like all the other marketers, had to be rediscovered because anyone else who didn’t was just not gonna be in the race. So, that was kind of an interesting you know moment we went from, really had have really great copy, having a terrible copy and then having to bring that great copywriting back. And now we have to be better in some sense because the attention has been, has just plummeted and I mean, you know this is the thing is that I talk a little bit and you could cut me off coz I can go down a long road. But the thing is that when we released Gary Halbert all star audio series, we had a very strategic plan and paid off in some senses that we’ll gonna release it on itunes and the reason we’re gonna release it on itunes was a couple of things is everybody in our cousin will download or buy these products with these copywrite recordings and sell or these other stuff and they get just dumped in their folder and save for viewing later you know. You know, it’s, they got it, you know they can get to whenever they want and stuff like that. It’s piled in, with all their emails, all the skype calls you know everything else and what we wanted was we wanted people’s drive time, we wanted to be alone with them in their car and we wanted to be with them on their flight, we wanted to be in it when they’re exercised off and that was the very strategic plan to get our way from all these noise and you know, and to get these stuff we are not the type of people that wanted to make a sale, we want the people you know which calls and talks about how he send out you know, their client sent out blank DVDs, thousands and thousands of them, they didn’t know they send out blanks coz nobody was consuming them. You know, they got their sale, you know what I’m saying? But it didn’t you know, so we wanted to you know getting those, getting people’s attention somewhere else or direct mail where you know that fliers sent on their desk and you know doesn’t need batteries.

John McIntyre: That’s a really good point.

Kevin Halter: Yeah, it’s really is. It’s getting alone with the girl you know, the guy’s are all hittin on her and pissin her off.

John McIntyre: But this is one thing, I guess that was mentioned you know describing, you know 12 minutes ago was this idea that, yeah you’re absolutely right, you do need to have this, you do need to get someone’s attention but provided you get their attention though it’s kind of like look I will design your technology where you can in Perry Martials you don’t listen like you know like 20 sales of marketing book which I handed out at tons and just, yeah it was just all testing I do which is nothing new at all but when you can take something that’s kind of you know it’s working days at least you test something and you know bump the response by 10 or 20% and then next month you bump it again by 10 or 20%, you keep tweaking those different steps and it’s so cheap and so easily you know, so easy to do these tests.

Kevin Halbert: Yeah, absolutely you know. You’ve proven every step for sure, I agree. You know, I don’t know how to say it any differently but yeah, you just, one thing improves the other one, more people and they get into the final the more people then converted that step. Yeah, it makes a good point, it’s just a multiplication or a orders that matter.

John McIntyre: Tell me about this video you know you’re talking about before you’ve record. Tell me more about this video inside the email, so that what’s working with it and if it’s worth you know checkin out.

Kevin Halbert: The video, we’ve started out is we talked before we’re gonna repeat it. What we were talking about was that it started out when I want a video on email, I was told I couldn’t have it basically by the Gods of browsers design and email embraces and stuff and I finally saw some dancing preconos like why is this moving? I see a moving object, I want video in my emails, what’s going on and I didn’t want that picture that has the play button that just link it and takes you to external page and then starts playing the video and I realized, it just took me a second and it was obvious to me that was an animated gif, which is basically a flip book, just series of images showing on top of each other in a time sequence whatever it’s time sequence is. And that was the big price list because things that people don’t know or they don’t think about is even you know, videos got us attention getting but moving stuff you know that’s why the banner ads are always got stuff and that’s you know motion is a very important element I mean, you have, if you got all these stuff and you can see something moving, that makes a huge as end you know when you set halves you get a certain open writer could be rate and you send a picture you can send open click through it and when you send an animated gif you definitely get a better click to rate and the thing is you have a chance right there, a special chance right there. You grabbed their attention and really drive their curiosity. You know, people are spending their time on facebook trying you know, seems like you know you’re selling car insurance using you know a sexy girl in a ppc and you know the first thing I saw was I’m gonna get on a ppc ad, I’m sure they don’t allow it but gmail does and the thing is here whatever you have, whatever thing you have going in with facebook where you’re going to have a still image, you had so much text in all other stuff, you have incredible chance to drive curiosity to click if you’ve got moving images and then obviously I wanted to move to the next step which was to actual sound in a that would actually play and so I did a bunch of research and it turns out that html5, because of new security and everything else will play video right inside your email. Now, won’t do it for gmail users whether or not you know just about anything else, it will play and that’s a big deal and so, so the gmail but the nice thing was is that you have alternative email, just like you have an alternative text and if it doesn’t, if the, so in that case gmail loves animated gif and so if you can get the video play, you still have a shot of getting the thing and if people would go ahh, I don’t want to play it and you know the video would play on some things and it’s like you do your best shot for this and you do your best shot for that kind of like response of web design you know, you do whatever it is and so you know for me the idea that this video would play and then one thing was we were doing a webinar and we’re promoting an email, when the email you know that cleans services and stuff and I was doing a test and I send it out to send up just a little test, we have a small amount of people on the thing, we had a great response to it and when we send an email we were talking about how we were starting to use video and started to use animated gifs and we’re gonna teach people how to do this stuff but when we sent the email out, we decided just to show them by sending them an email announcing the webinar by using the video in the animated gifs and we have a 500% open rate coz everybody’s I think going son of a bitch, it’s working! You know and they’ll send it over to other device to see if it works over there and stuff like that.

John McIntyre: Wow, how did your response change? You get the 500% open rate, what was the response to the email like in terms of clicks, on sales of getting for with the webinar?

Kevin Halbert: Well, we got. I don’t, you know that’s a good question because we have a certain amount expanded done it where he’d, he was giving the you know, the curiosity, the sub decline  and you know that stuff so by the time they got to me, they’re on webinar number 5. That’s a good question, I’m about half, they don’t know the numbers to your answer, I do know that we had signed and we had a you know affiliate deal with, with we were working with getting response and we were, we had an affiliate deal with them and we signed up a ton of people and for small amount of attendees, I got to say that. So, I can say it was very successful, it was very very successful. What we also used that to launch, I don’t know if you saw there are VSLs for the audio series but you know, we also use that to send out to get everybody over to and that was a terrible for that, talk about driving you nuts, we had a learning experience, we screwed up left and right and one of the things, well one of the things we did was we accidentally send out this bonus confirmation email with the use this password being blank because they haven’t signed up, we’ve accidentally send out this one and they was like I can’t get in, I can’t get in I was like and we’ve spent our time telling them ignore that email, ignore that. You know but that was, that was just like you know after 2 weeks and I was safe, I was losing my pride but one of the things that we didn’t well we, we had to figure out how to work with itunes and we’re trying to figure out who we could stream it with coz some of the people would stream it and stop but when we went with itunes and we used tune cart which you know I liked now to fill it, I recommend you guys use it. And that was another thing, we are uncrowded space with itunes including the set up in there but the thing was they don’t give you any stats for a month. To there was like the meet direct response marketer and you’re into go buy something and you’ve got a set for four weeks just to figure out what’s going on and then then we, then the huge mistake we also made was that we didn’t know even though I have exams on galaxy note 3, I didn’t know that it would gonna be available on android and it was you know, no one’s allowed to have itunes on their android phone and so we had this grant for a week, putting it so everyone could download it over and ah on our own site with the direct download. Yeah, that was the..

John McIntyre: Interesting. So the basic idea was the video in email can dramatically boost the response and so if someone want to get started with that, they’re really just gonna look at html5 and video in email, right?

Kevin Halbert: Well, there are a couple of things. I don’t know, I don’t wanna, we have a thing where you sign up for autoresponder, we have a thing that will send you a bunch of stuff on how to do it. It’s kind of a thank you and a link to go in there and get stuff but if you wanna skip that there’s a couple key points you wanna know. The guys that helped us do it was a company called, I kind of like say another company.

John McIntyre: Careful, yeah.

Kevin Halbert: It’s another company called email and asset, and they have a template. I did modified the template, I wanted something more so I, that’s what you get if you sign up for the Gary Halbert letter, you can, our responder will send you a thing showing you where it came, go get this template and stuff and those guys crack the code on how to get it to show you know a still image when worse comes to worse shawn up or something to get an animated gif to be the next best thing and to get video playing, ok. And so those guys did a great job on doing that, I did a couple things different, I’ll tell you guys some things you wanna know, when we send out the email, one of the things I was losing my mind coz I just released an audio series telling people how to do this stuff and I thought that you know, I was, that the people started abusing and there’s something on the background and they stopped working on my ipad, I was freaking out coz I’m like, what’s going on? this was working, I tested everything, we’re sending out this big thing and I’m you know giving this tutorial are my thing and it turns out that if that little indication switch is switched off, even though you can play your dance moves and everything else, it will not play the html5 sound so one of the things I did was I photographed an iphone and ipad and I put a little instruction on the video showing them to turn that off or on, you know turn that on if they don’t hear any sound so they’re gonna miss the message. All the things that’s very important to know is that you should never set this thing to autoplay, if you set this to autoplay, you’re gonna sky racket, you are unsubscribed. So if you set it to autoplay, the thing is like it will keep playing if you didn’t change which email you’re looking at and stuff and specially you got to set it on, on a loop then you got a person that is trying their best to find this thing and get to it and turn it off but if you set it to autoplay with mute then you won’t have a problem then you can do, you can just have it set not to autoplay and just play with the regular sound and that will, that’s fine, that would be great, ok.

John McIntyre: Was this sound, you know I’m just looking for a if you got a google access on video inside email or just video email, that’s where you can find that there’s a template from email on assets those guys you mentioned so this is exactly what you did then they got a whole list of you know which clans play the video which don’t so let’s check that out.

Kevin Halbert: Yeah, and so you got what a 60% like success when it’s being played and then you have a like a 30 or something % success that the gif, the animated gif will do it instead. I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna pitch a lot of things, I’m gonna try to look in my software here so you guys can go get this some of the pieces of the software for free. There’s some great pieces of software that after we do a lot of testing figured out which one, which ones do this cool stuff and they’re free. There’s one called free video to gif converter.

John McIntyre: Ahh, okay. It’s like converting video.

Kevin Halbert: And it did something weird to my computer. So it kind of irritated me so I just, I reset something and it didn’t came back so I think it was a virus or anything, I think it was some kind of weird thing but one of the nice thing about this software is what happens is when you take a clip of video and you put it in, you just you know go browse for it and you select it and it pulls it up and then, then you can come in and it will splice it out to all the frames and you get to choose the frame rate, you get to choose the image size and stuff like that and another important part about that is do not have it in a host this images, you know have something like amazon s3 with something like that, yeah something fast. You can pull it off if you put it in a wordpress thing and serve it out but yeah so this stuff will go in, now if you really wanna go crazy, there’s another piece of software that really crunches it down and makes it efficient but you have to buy it, let me see if I can find it real quick over here. Alcomy mind works, gif construction professional 4 and that’s another piece of software that will get you up to speed on doing it, if you want it, if you really wanna make go crazy and make the pallets really efficient and make the colors worthy, you can really dial it in like you know, kind of like dial it in your jpeg files to the right compression, you know right middle pan stuff like that.

John McIntyre: I was just thinking you know one thing you could do is like you know when you do people’s at the youtube videos you know with some could use it like the video with like a play button on it and that’s sort of what they’re doing right now, just an image and you click the image and that goes to the page where you watch the video. Alright, can you let me know ah you know in the middle would be like if you have a video or gif which is like, it could be like 3 seconds so with a small gif but the gif is moving, that’s gonna get their attention then you have that play button on top so they’ll know that if I click that button, the if they click the moving image, they’re gonna be out to watch the video and images about, you’d probably be that’s like they’re having a medium in between.

Kevin Halbert: Absolutely and what Bond loves is that the one stunt I pulled with it which was you know click here and it will turn on the sound you know. Yeah, and what they’re really doing is getting take them somewhere else when you know like active gif going.

John McIntyre: We’ve seen this on, I mean facebook has been doing this like when you scroll down through the news feed, sometimes there’s videos that are already playing like there’s no sound but they just you know, and only know when you click on them, it’s a really like every time I see them, I have to watch the video because it’s already moving, I wanna see what the hell is going on.

Kevin Halbert: And so what you’re able to do is a clever trick, if you really want them to get crazy with which kind of pull this thing. It’s not a crime but you could put in those levels, I don’t know if you’re using the dancing level meters but when you scroll up, when you scroll through, you’re on your smart phone and you scroll through and you see videos on your wall or someone else’s wall or feed or whatever. The videos starts playing but there’s a little dancing like you know, sound levels like you know 3 level bars will go up and down indicating that there’s sound to be heard. You know what I’m talking about?

John McIntyre: Yeah, you could do the same thing.

Kevin Halbert: And so, you could do the exact same thing on your emails and people would already have that habbit of hey I can turn this sound on, you know I recognize as familiar and so yeah definitely see but there’s no doubt that with the thing, you know, ok this is one of the things that you know has taken a while if you think about how long it’s been, It’s taking a while to catch on considering how long we were capable of doing it so far back you know when the band was up that stuff. People get that mind set of you know back in the day it was, no one did video commercials because it cost you fortune to make a commercial and everyone handed just left themselves stuck in text and you know a phrase frame image and stuff and you can do all of that you know now and the thing is there’s a reason that they use that and it cost more is because videos are more powerful so the idea that if you have something interesting to say and you’re not seducing people into paying more attention or you know take it’s just a mediocre idea, I think could be you know, I just say it will be crazy so you know we send, you know when you wanna get something that fast and in email that something it’s fine but if you got something important you know, I don’t see how, you know I think moving images can only move you  in one direction not to mention if you include images in emails, your spam grading goes down, do you know that? Coz the spammers don’t tend to put images on emails

John McIntyre: Why is that?

Kevin Halbert: I don’t know, probably coz the hosting will get messed up.

John McIntyre: Well then you know they’ve been emailing like a hundred million people or something and you get a hundred million people even if you know a 1% open rate. You can never pick hosting hunting a one million people download an image all in the same day, I mean that’s a peak, that’s big into the hosting bill.

Kevin Halbert: Exactly, exactly and then you know where it’s coming from.

John McIntyre: Yup.

Kevin Halbert: So yeah, so putting images lowers your spam grading, it’s gonna, you’re gonna sell the click a whole lot better and you can get a whole, and you can communicate a message, I wish it’s sending to your list or something, our VSL coz it was perfect, the VSLs run in perfect quick test because the thing is, is that the text on screen is what we’re doing anyways when you’re seducing these people. I’m telling you, I’ve tried to tell everybody this, some that have powerpoint with a next button with a paragraph on the screen is just awful, this puts me to sleep. It’s a, but have 5 words on the screen the second you see them like it’s just like close captioning but instead of it being like low, it’s a front and center right on the screen, you know it’s not the lower third, that stuff you know sucks you in and so the thing is we’re gonna do that new VSL anyways, that’s the nice part. You created a VSL, you’ve got one of these words on screen you know or use many words as you can say in one paragraph, nice thing is sound is or it’s ready to go in your email you just you know re-run it and down to a small size and you know that’s start your selling for you just the way it is. I don’t know how to explain how, how seductive those words on the screen are, I don’t know if that it, can it proven that more attractive, these are rumors, I’m not confirming but they’re more seductive than even doodle videos and I think it also depends on what you’re illustrating, it depends on what you’re illustrating but they haven’t proven that in general, they are more seductive than the doodles.

John McIntyre: Interesting, well just just the five words on the screen and then you’ll on next button.

Kevin Halbert: Yeah, like if you had it, if you’re reading one sentence and it had 10 words in it, the second your mouth opened, can I just tell people where they can watch?

John McIntyre: Sure, sure. I mean we’re running out of time.

Kevin Halbert: Look okay, thegaryhalbertletter.com with the word the t-h-e-g-a-r-y-h-a-l-b-e-r-t-letter.com, they go there, they’ll gonna end up in simple single page and at the bottom they’ll gonna see view newsletter list and when you go to that newsletter list, it’s gonna take you to all those Gary Halbert letters and that’s one thing I’d like to talk about real quick if you wanted to talk about thing some out but the thing is when you get there, there’s gonna be a video there and we’re cleaning up that page by the way, we’re doing or doing a whole or rebump everything but you’ll see a video there, selling the Gary Halbert letter with an all star audios, it has Gary Bencivenga, Michael Gerber, Dan Kennedy, and Paris on parplis and Clatemakepiece on that he’s coming up but 14 of the biggest copywriters in the world, and you’ll see how it, you can tell the thing is when everyone’s going there checkin out I want you to imagine that your sound is coz you’ll find out that the VSL’s still works and you’ll see how it build bullets on the screen and they stuck up and those times unpacking maybe have it, maybe you’re watching it now but the way that works is it’s, it’s you’ll see how seductive it is. I have a better one.

John McIntyre: I could see, there’s a video on that page. It’s got a moving gif then you’ve got to click it to watch this video with sound.

Kevin Halbert: Now that’s a different one but that’s, that is just something I put on the page that we’re going to use in the promotion for selling you know, one of my dad’s expenses seminars. That was, we’re like sending out email and that what you’re saying there was what we sent in the email and what the, but later on I was like alright, we’re don with that promotion, let’s throw it up, let’s throw it up on the page and it says there and you could see you know depending, it all depends on what if you put something curiosity laid there but images are you know very powerful way to seduce people obviously, they spoke using left and right with no sound to begin with. So, we can go and check that out, now other thing you’re talking about autoresponders and engagement stuff like that, right? I mean that’s your audience, right? This is the one thing I find crazy is that people talk about these article generation, I don’t know if you like that stuff but I’m not a fan of it. All this stuff that create these articles pointing to all the stuff to get SEO and all and you know and people want a site, they want to get traffic in all these stuff but they don’t wanna do any of the work. Okay, and the thing is that there’s couple of things Gary Halbert, a lot of the stuff he taught wasn’t always new, it wasn’t always first coming from him. They came from my master, of someone else, they came first before him but the difference is is that one of the things that Gary Halbert did that was very very different is when people write to us. This is like a broken record, people write to us and they go I didn’t have a chance to meet your father before he died but from reading his news letter I felt like I knew him, okay, this is a very common thing that people would say, people are avid fan, I just went to a master mind, these guys are like big marketers and they’re talking about how they’ll sleep with my dad’s the born leaders book next to their night stand and they just eat it up and reading it every night. And what you’ll gonna notice about this stuff is, is that his stuff is popular for 2 things; that he drives home a message that is unforgettable, if you’ll look at it like one of the ones like the one advantage, people will get that and they’ll go okay, this is awesome and I get this lesson and the point is he drives it home, he did it once in a famous exercise he does all the time, there we have, it’s called a dear mom letter but no one should go and read that to your mom letter, she’ll watch it in a video presentation and it’ll screw up but this is my point, story telling is everything, they’re moving it, there are brain studies that everything that story telling is engaging and story telling is also what triggers things being memorable and there’s other thing of engaging with semiles and metaphors that helps people understand more deeply and so there’s a lot of people that can teach copy writing, they got courses out, they got all these other stuff but none of them is really talking with the person, not in the room with the reader and you will find that he often writes, more like my dad but a lot of these people don’t and the thing is it bonds you with the reader and so have you known John Carlton were at the, at an event together and he was talking about hey, you need to let your freak fall that right and that was you know, the whole thing was is that you have to be out there, you have to be somebody, you can’t be a robot you know, you know who is this guy, what’s its you know cockiness I mean you know, people would rather see a train rack than just a boring thing so content, storytelling, be in engaging, all that stuff and the thing is if one of the things I could say about it is, is that when you do it right, I mean when Gary Halbert passed away and I was 7 some of these stuff you know dates back the mid 1980s and the thing is he write one great article, it’s there to impress people for the rest of your life and if you’re right to just doubled it, having that relevance and that’s just important, it’s really important and it’s it’ll get you a whole lot more out of your relationship with the customers.

John McIntyre: Absolutely, absolutely. Well, cool man. We’re right on time but things are. Before we go I mean you mention thegaryhalbertletter.com which that was actually that was how, that was how I get started you know to, two years and a half, I was in the Philippines at that time, I live in Thailand now but you know I was trying to sell an ebook and I heard that you get to learn how to writecopy but writing your stuff down in the writing old school sales that is down by hand and someone shared me the newsletter, Gary’s newsletter hands on experience and so I read that and he’s like we write down the sales and read this book so I went into that, it’s a and that was I mean I’ve been going through all of the newsletters but I’ve been through a lot of them so I highly recommend it if you wanna get better at marketing. Is there anything else I mean, where is someone’s you know after this if they wanna learn more about you and more about the video stuff, where is the best you know, where do you recommend them to go?

Kevin Halbert: The videos, to learn more about us, if you want to just start reading the Gary Halbert letter, it’s the best thing, it’s free, you’re right. And you are one of those few people that actually does the exercise, everyone is successful. My  dad’s teaching actually doesn’t take the shortcut, they do what you did and they’d go and rewrite the letters out by hand and I’ll tell you when we came out with the audio series, I had to write out the script for the that VSL that we were talking about and I was having to write in the little entrust for every copywriters that they started to say it at the beginning and I started to write out Gary Bencivenga’s and it was son of a bitch, this shit is genius. Sorry! sorry Gary! But his stuff was brilliant but  the thing was is it some of it washed over me when I just you know been listening and working with all its content for days and days but when I started writing it out, there’s something about having to go that slow that makes it stay with you, stays with you long and you just think about where, what sense are you writing before and what sense are you going to next? Don’t do this where you just you know, you know you how can write something out and you’re not even thinking about what you’re copying you know but you have to make sure in the copy. But yeah, so so yeah, the gary, go to thegaryhalbertletter.com, I mean sorry for saying that too much but ahm, that’s a great way to go and we really you know, people complained, they were like, I don’t know if you heard the audio series but everyone has been saying no one has given us even a mediocre some are good some are bad some of the tracks, it’s 14 tracks, like songs on itunes and we’ve had people saying nothing but like not a model, amazing and the only thing we’ve ever heard the people would say is why did you sell it so cheap and so you’re paying basically $2 a track to listen to the best marketers on the planet, give you their advice and so it’s a fantastic place to go if you wanna get it by gary halbert products or kevin and bond halbert products and stuff like that, you can go to halbertising.com spelled with an s and you can pick up stuff there but when you start reading the gary halbert letters you’ll go ah! I’m in the right place and you know you won’t worry about you know what I’m saying, you did it right?

John McIntyre: Yup, yup. Cool! Well, I’ll have links to what all that stuff you know, all the links you’ve mentioned as well in the show notes at the mcmethod.com. Kevin, thanks for coming on the show man.

Kevin Halbert: Thanks for having me.

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