Episode #22 – Daniel Deyette on How To Beat Gmail’s Promotions Tab (and other email deliverability “hacks”)

by John McIntyre

Would you like to bump your open rates, beat the new “Promotions” tab feature in Gmail and protect your downside when it comes to email?

Meet Dan Deyette.

Dan Deyette is an email deliverability expert.

He has a very unique skill that can be summed up very easily: Dan knows how to make the emails you send actually REACH your subscriber’s inbox.

Because hey – if you haven’t optimized this stuff, you’re leaving cash on the table and under-utilizing your list.

Hack your way into your prospect’s inbox with Dan’s tips in episode 22 of the Email Marketing Podcast.

In a former life, Dan taught IM to college students.

These days, he builds custom email servers for clients with enough traction to need it.


In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how to unravel the “voodoo science” of email deliverability (and how to play the game like a winner)
  • how does email REALLY work?
  • what the hell is email deliverability? (and why should you care?)
  • how to beat Google’s new tab feature in Gmail
  • is email dead or more alive than ever?
  • why using common email autoresponder providers like AWeber, Infusionsoft or Mailchimp could be killing your open rates and damaging your business
  • how to develop an “email escape plan” (what will you do if your email autoresponder provider shuts your account and refuses to give you access to your leads?)
  • the SCARY side of email autoresponders (and how to protect your downside)
  • common email deliverability problems (and how to overcome them)
  • why no one buys
    products” in 2013, what they “buy” instead and how to play the cards in your favor
  • how Dan gets SKY-HIGH email deliverability rates (inc. strategies and tactics you can apply the second you finish listening)
  • how to set up your own private email server for $40 a month (plus, pay just $0.10 per 1,000 emails)
  • how many subscribers do you need before you upgrade to a private email server?

Email Marketing Podcast Episode 1


Intro and outro backing music: Forever More by CREO

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