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How To Name A Product (Don’t Rely On Hype!)

Did you guys buy the Super Cash Explosion Dynamite 4000 Program? What about the Rags to Millionaire Playboy Fat Wallet Club Program? Okay, okay. As far as I know those programs don’t exist. But they don’t sound too far fetched, do they? It seems like every time I open my email I’m being pitched another […]

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6 Surprising Success Habits of the Most Admired Copywriters

This is a guest post by Haris Halkic. In his newsletter he helps you build a business based on highly effective email copywriting by using the single most important marketing secret already at your disposal. You’ve probably heard of the concept of imitating successful people in a certain field of interest and becoming successful by […]

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Features vs Benefits: This ONE Phrase Will Transform Your Copy

I want to share with you ONE PHRASE that changed my copy and sales process forever. One phrase that suddenly made everything more powerful, that tapped into the emotions of buyers, and that increased my conversion rates. That one phrase is: “What that means to you…” Now, in order for you to understand how this […]

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How to Scam People With Your Marketing

“Stop sending me these SPAM messages!  You are nothing but a scammer!!!” If you do any email marketing YOU have had this message sitting in your inbox.  Probably more times than you can count. For some reason, there is a certain segment of the population that thinks if you are selling anything…and I mean anything…that […]

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How To Write A Marketing Email

“Gross! I can’t believe you use email to try to sell your stuff!” The average man would take this as an insult. But I am NOT the average man. (According to a litany of tests I’m FAR below average.) This was the response I once received while speaking with other dog training business owners in […]

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The Inside Hustle: 50 Cent’s Marketing Secret To Stacking Dough

This is a guest post by Austin Lee. Austin is a freelance copywriter who helps 6 and 7-figure businesses grow sales with engaging email autoresponders.  (Today, we’re going to talk about drug fiends and marketing. If drawing connections between addicts and customers offends you, probably skip this one and read this instead) At the age […]

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