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Optimize Press Does NOT Make You A Copywriter

Optimize Press Does NOT Make You A CopywriterYou know some that’s really frustrating?

All the people out there using Optimize Press, thinking that it’s going to be the magic thing that makes their product sell.

Sorry dude. Not true.

Let’s talk about something even stranger – the “magic bullet” phenomenon. This is seriously hilarious… especially in the health and weight loss niche. You wanna know how to get healthy, live longer, lose weight and get into shape? Here it is… the magic formula that no one seems to know about…

Eat good food, don’t eat bad food and get regular exercise.

You know why no one thinks this will work?

It’s so simple that it’s impossible… right? Isn’t losing weight complicated? Don’t you need to know about counting calories and strategic carb overload days? Don’t you need a personal trainer and olympic self-discipline?

No, No, No And No.

But here’s the problem – it’s not exciting. You can’t sell that. I just gave you the secret to “everlasting health and wellbeing”. It was one sentence and it probably slipped past you… completely off your radar. It’s just not very exciting.

Yet it works.

You know what works if you wanna sell a product and make some DOLLARZ?

Write famous sales letters out by hand for an hour each day.

There. I did it again. I’m a genius. Thanks for the compliment. You ain’t so bad yourself.

See what I did there?

I just gave you the secret to becoming a million-dollar copywriter. Let me put it this way. I just gave you the secret to selling bucketloads of product and causing customers to beat a path to your door. Wouldn’t you like that?

Let’s talk about software and magic bullets.

Using software to do your selling for you is DUMB. Using Optimize Press or any of the hundreds of other “software solutions” to do your selling for you is like buying…

Diet Advice That You Know Is Bullshit

There are no magic bullets.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t use Optimize Press?


I’m saying that most people use it as a “magic bullet”.

Unless you’ve got some serious copywriting chops, I betcha I could beat your BEST Optimize Press sales page with a dead-simple static-HTML page with nothing but black and white text (Want me to show you what to do with your sales page? Get a landing page review.)

If you’re using Optimize Press to save time, that’s different. If you know what you’re doing.

But if you’re using Optimize Press (and other “software solutions”) to do your selling for you… you’re dumb.

The most important thing is your offer. Not your software.

Ok. That was a rant. I think I’m done.

But I’m all about next steps.

So what’s the next step?

To learn to write bang-diddly-awesome copy. I’ve got a solution for you. It’s not quick, fast or easy but it works… It’s only for people who are real hustlers. If you don’t like the idea of “no pain, no gain”, it’s probably not for you.

But if you’re a real hustler, you can learn more here.

Your friendly neighborhood cop,

Johnny McIntyre

P.S. Just for the record – those links to Copy Hour aren’t affiliate links. I’m a member and friends with Derek, the dude running the show. The process it uses is recommended by all top copywriters including the late Gary Halbert. So yeah. No affiliate links. But a really, really cool idea. Not to mention super effective too.

P.P.S. I’m not really a cop. I just thought it sounded cool.