Case Study: How A Self-Described “Non-Marketer” Brought In Over $88k In Less Than 6 Months With The McMethod

by John McIntyre

McMethod Case StudyHe brought in over $88k…


No prior copywriting experience.

No gimmicks like JVs, affiliates, or a *huge* list.

In fact…

He started with a list of just a few hundred emails.

That’s it.

Don’t believe it?

Read on… and have your mind blown.

Learn the lucrative *keys* to email marketing success…

That unleashed a tsunami of sales…

To the tune of over 15k/month in revenue.

Check out the case-study:

“I’m not a copywriter, I’m not marketer, I’m not an advertiser, I’m a former coder.”

Meet Terry Dunlap.

He runs Reaver Systems, a rather-specialized business, which sells hardware that tests the security of wireless networks.

Targeted at “hackers,” penetration testers, and the like.

Today we’re going to examine the exact steps he took to create a non-stop selling machine with email marketing.

Let’s start at the very beginning:

Terry would go to hacker conferences (a hotspot for their target audience) to engage with prospects on a personal level, and would collect & exchange businesses cards.

Slowly, after doing this for a few months, he had collected a few hundred email addresses.

But business wasn’t *booming* just yet.

At the time, Terry was constantly hearing: “the money is in the list.”

And he wanted to figure out how to engage & sell more to his list.

Enter the McMethod….

Terry started implementing the techniques, strategies, and processes behind the MM.

Suffice to say, things turned out *very* well.

He put together an autoresponder series that:

  • Heavily engaged these people
  • Communicated with them through storytelling
  • Got people excited about the offer

During this time, Reaver Systems was going through a period of change…

They were figuring out the best medium to deliver their product.. (started as software, turned into a custom kit for different laptop types, and finally was streamlined into a single piece of hardware.)


Before they brought this new product to market…

They utilized the McMethod in a very smart way:

  1. Engaged the email list
  2. Identified the pain points
  3. Threw in a little empathy

And what happened?

People started looking forward to the emails!

Because he was engaging them with empathetic story-based emails.

Why does this work so well?

Hint: It’s because emails are just a form of communication.

Do it the *right* way, and mutual benefit is created between you and your list.

You ask questions… they answer…

You are given access to their deepest pain points… and then you effectively solve them.


Another turning point:

Terry got people to take action on every email – He sent resources and links, just to get people to start clicking on them (this helps engagement, but it also helps to legitimize emails… aka no spam-filter.)

Pro-Tip: If you can get someone to respond to your emails two times — you get to bypass the promotions tab. (Click To Tweet)

A similar thing happens with links, every time someone clicks, you get a higher engagement score that makes your emails more deliverable.

 The Turning Point

When Terry started the autoresponder series and launched the new product…

In the site’s first few months of existence… It pulled in over 88k which comes out to a cool 15k/month. (That’s when Terry came on the podcast.)

Afterwards… between Oct. 1st and June 12th, the unstoppable autoresponder brought in $110,338… in 8 months, still averaging above 13k/month.

(Driven entirely by email marketing + word of mouth. Nothing special.)

Get this:

Sales would’ve been *even* higher… but they actually sold out of their inventory near the middle end of may.

Not a bad problem to have, eh?

So What’s Terry Up To Now?

Now, he’s taking the winning formula that he’s developed alongside the McMethod…

And is applying it to new markets…

Guess what?

  • He still is challenged when writing the emails…
  • He still doesn’t use any fancy marketing terms…
  • He still doesn’t try to sound like a big corporation…
  • He still doesn’t have a big list…

It’s all about that casual copy.

In fact…

He doesn’t write the emails… he “speaks” them:

Using his mac book with a speech dictation program, Terry talks out his emails, then goes back and edits them.

He tries to keep the emails as natural-sounding as possible, like he is casually talking to a friend…

It’s not selling… it’s just clear-cut communication.

Learn the McMethod, apply it, and *reap* the rewards like Terry.

What do you have to lose?

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