Optimize For People, Not Vanity Metrics: How “Conversion Optimization” Kills Profits

by John McIntyre

Personal Conversion Optimization Little tweaks, optimizations meant to boost conversions…

Are they in vain?

Are they killing your profits?

They just might be.

Don’t fall into the same trap that has captured SO many business owners:

Optimizing a landing page, over and over again.. until conversions are sky-high…


Profits drop, stagnate, or disappear altogether.

Would you believe: Learning about conversion optimization may seriously hurt your business.

At the very least, it may be holding your business back from growth.


Because there is a glaring hole left by most “CRO” content:

Don’t Lose Your Profits To This “Glaring Hole”

On paper, increasing the conversion rate of a page is great.

More clicks, opt-ins, subscribers…

That means more money, right?


This is the major problem with most conversion optimization advice.

Think about it:

What goal do you want to optimize for?

Clicks, subscribers, and traffic VS. Profit, LTV, and other key performance indicators. (Click To Tweet)

Most CRO articles would have you believe they are one and the same.

Hint: They’re not.

When you focus on clicks, subscribers, or traffic…

That’s optimizing for “vanity metrics.”

Great, now your google analytics graph looks sweet with a big upward curve.

But what’s the point?

You can’t take that traffic to the bank and cash it in.

You need to optimize for KPIs: key performance indicators of your business’ success.

Whether that’s revenue, back-end profit, or something completely different…

Learn how to optimize the *right* way and you’re on the path to making more money.

And having a more profitable, scalable, lean business…

(If you’re into that kinda thing.)

Optimize For People, Not Vanity Metrics

Take a step back… and think about people.

Not just any people, YOUR people.

Your ideal prospect.

For instance, pretend you’re optimizing a basic email opt-in landing page.

The old way: You try a combination of headlines, copy, images, and email “magnets,” to get that opt-in rate as HIGH as possible.

Test enough variations and you’ll find one that “works.”

The end result: A formidable conversion rate, but a lackluster value per subscriber.

(Aka: You have lots of worthless email subscribers.)

Want a simple, straightforward process to optimize the *right* way?


  1. Who is the ideal prospect you want to attract with your landing page? Get in their head.
  2. What is the #1 problem you solve for them? Why do people come to YOUR site?
  3. What are the top sales objections for your product? (You’ll learn why this matters in a bit.)
  4. What are the most popular pieces of content on your site? (In the eyes of your ideal prospect.)

Now, instead of playing games, let’s create an offer that converts where it counts.

Take the answers you came up with and use those to craft a perfectly positioned landing page.

Include the #1 problem you solve in the headline, and the benefit it provides.

Take the sales objections and reverse them. Now you have benefits for joining your list. (If the objection is that the price of your lawn mower is too high… then your copy could be “The 7 surprising reasons buying a premium lawnmower will save you money, headaches, and time.”)

See the magic in this process? You take sales objections, and turn them into educational marketing content.

Look at the most popular pieces of content on your site… and cover THOSE topics on your landing page (maybe create some subscriber-only content).

Do you see what’s happening?

We have the foundation to a landing page that qualifies & pulls in the right prospect, AND drives away the wrong people.

Now that you have the foundation to a killer landing page that speaks to your ideal prospect… feel free to play around with the other language and pieces. Yes, that means you can go back to “optimizing.” Just make sure not to sacrifice the overall message you are communicating.

Optimize for people. Perfect the message. THEN push for higher conversions.

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