How To Infuse Mind Control Into Your Copy

by John McIntyre

copywriting mind control Who is the absolute best copywriter for YOUR product?

Think about it for a second.

In case you’re wondering…

It’s NOT you.

It’s your customers.

You heard me right.

Your customers have the most valuable ‘nuggets’ of copywriting gold…

That you could EVER wish to possess.

But it’s locked away.

Hidden behind an impenetrable wall, deep in their subconscious.

And unless you’ve got Leonardo DiCaprio’s team from Inception on payroll…

You can’t get access.

Well.. until right now.

Extract Killer Copy Ideas From Your Customer

Here’s the simple guide to copywriting mind control:

  • Level 1) Research And Generate A Persona

Who is your customer? No. Really, who is he? Be specific. For instance, “Bob Smith, age 34, works in corporate america, wants to lose weight without sacrificing his beloved IPAs.” For this process to work best, you should use actual customer data (not general demographic info you assume as true).

  • Level 2) Who Influences Your Customer

What people, places, or things influence your customer’s life — relative to the problem your product solves. Following the example above, Bob’s biggest influences relating to losing weight could be his spouse, coworkers, friends, or maybe even his children. You need to take the time to drill down and really get INTO the mind of your customer.

  • Level 3) Become Your Customer

Now you’ve done it, you’ve entered the forbidden realm of your customer’s mind. Here’s where the real ‘inception’ happens. What hot-button words, phrases, or imagery surrounds the problem? Remember: You need to think through the brain of your customer… not yourself. (Click To Tweet)

For Bob, this might be things like “his wife finding him unappealing and leaving him, or worse, cheating on him — or his children following suit and being unhealthy — or his friends not inviting him to sporting events.”

Keep in mind that these aren’t *real* problems or issues, necessarily.

But to your customer… they are as REAL as can be.

These are the irrational fears, motivators, and problems that your customer THINKS he needs to solve.

Even if you know the real underlying issue is something else… it doesn’t matter.

In order to effectively communicate with your customer through copy, you need to speak his language.

Translate Your Copy For Maximum Conversions

Now that you’re speaking the language of your customer… translate your existing copy.

Go back into the brainstorming you did above…

And grab the strongest hot-button phrases and keywords.

These are the most effective emotional ‘buttons’ you can press to make your customer think “This product is EXACTLY what I need.”

This is relevant for headlines, titles, product names, and especially content topics.

For instance, Bob could care less about an article titled “The Green Tea Diet That Keeps Skin Looking Young.”

Because it’s not relevant to HIM.

For Bob, seeing the headline “Will Your Wife Leave You For A More Attractive Man” would evoke MASSIVE emotion.


Because it speaks to his innermost fears, desires, and problems.

That’s why using a swipe file might not generate the results you were hoping for

Write for a broad demographic and be heard by no one.

Write for a specific person and your message will resonate with your entire audience. (Click To Tweet)

How are you going to use ‘mind control’ to improve your copy?

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