Are You Looking For A World-Class Email Copywriter?

Of course you want a world class email copywriter...

Who would ever turn down more money?

The question is...

How do you find the right one?

There are countless email copywriters out there, so where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

To make matters worse, these "experts" recommend all kinds of different approaches including... 

  • storytelling
  • open loops
  • soap opera sequences
  • fast-action discounts
  • selling before teaching
  • and teaching before selling

Which one should you focus on first?

The reality is that you’ll NEVER be able to test and try every single email marketing approach out there.

Even I don’t focus on everything. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible.

It’s also unnecessary.

In fact, I get amazing results like no one else because I’ve figured out the handful of email copywriting tactics that actually make a difference.

Just see what Matthew Pollard said about me as an email copywriter...

Matthew Pollard makes a few hundred thousand dollars a year from the email marketing strategy I built for him.

That’s more money than some of his friends make even though they have 10x more leads.

In other words -

Matthew’s email copywriter strategy is 10x more effective than the industry average.

There’s also Naomi Findlay from The Home Staging Institute, who made 4 times more than what she paid me...

Testimonial from Naomi Findlay: I have made in the past 21 days 4x more than what I paid him, as a direct result of his copy.

Plus Terry Dunlap from Reaver Systems, who who pulled in $76k in LESS than 6 months...

Email Copywriting Testimonial from Terry Dunlap: Thanks to you, and mostly you alone, I've pulled in -- as of today -- over $76K in LESS than 6 months! That's about $15k/month over the first 5 months of the site's existence. I have nothing but high praise for you, my friend! You freakin' rock in my book!!

And Alvin Huang from Success Vantage, who used my email copywriter strategies to generate $52,575 in just 2 weeks:

Testimonial from Alvin Huang: We reaped $52k from your emails. Plus, we'll continue to run media traffic so it'd definitely go higher. Thanks for delivering for us on such a tight schedule.

If you think that’s impressive, check this out:

I have one client at the moment who’s generating north of $3m via his email autoresponder. We’re currently testing my revised version and so far it looks like it’s improved sales by 31%.

That’s $930,000 in new revenue per year.

As they say...

Little hinges swing big doors.

I’ve also used these strategies in my own career as a freelance email copywriter.

I struggled for a long time when I started.

I was one copywriter among thousands… competing not just with other freelance copywriters, but also digital marketing agencies with far bigger budgets and marketing teams.

I was outgunned and outmatched - and yet not only did I manage to survive in this crowded field...

I thrived.

I had a 6-figure business in less than 12 months, one of the most popular email copywriter podcasts on iTunes (with more than half a million downloads) and became a “mini celebrity” within my niche (known as THE Autoresponder Guy).

This allowed me to land interviews with famous and notoriously hard-to-reach marketing experts like...

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

John Carlton

John Carlton

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Ben Settle

Ben Settle

Andre Chaperon - Autoresponder Madness

Andre Chaperon

Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque

Kevin Rogers

Kevin Rogers

Jesse Elder

Jesse Elder

Bond Halbert

Bond Halbert

Harlan Kilstein

Harlan Kilstein

Jon Benson

Jon Benson

Jack Born - Deadline Funnel

Jack Born

I was even invited to speak at some of the biggest marketing conferences in the world including Traffic and Conversion Summit (by Digital Marketer)...

...and Fusion Dojo:

How many email copywriters can say that?

As you can see, I know my stuff. This is what I do better than anybody - craft email copy that generates massive paydays.

It's why people call me “THE Autoresponder Guy”... instead of just another email copywriter.

It's why I’m the first guy they call when they want their email autoresponder to make more money.

It’s why I’ve worked with many big brands and companies like...

Email Copywriter Client Logo - Stronglifts
Email Copywriter Client Logo - Teespring
Email Copywriter Client Logo - Deadline Funnel
Email Copywriter Client Logo - MindValley
Client Logo - Women's Hockey Life Academy
Client Logo - Laissez Faire
Client Logo - Kelly Klee
Client Logo - Income Diary Michael Dunlop
Client Logo - Matthew Pollard The Rapid Growth Guy
Client Logo - Aureus Financial Jackson Milan
The Soul Doctors Logo
Client Logo - I Love Growing Marijuana Robert Bergman
Email Copywriting Client Logo - Athletic Greens
Email Copywriting Client Logo - Photzy
Email Copywriting Client Logo - National Debt Relief
Email Copywriting Client Logo - Tropical MBA Dan Andrews

Here's Jackson from Aureus Financial on why I'm the best email copywriter in the business:

And it’s why I’ve been interviewed and talked about all over the web on websites like...

Digital Marketer
Entrepreneur Magazine
2x eCommerce
SuperFastBusiness with James Schramko
WP Curve
Cashflow Podcasting
EOFire with John Lee Dumas

It’s what allowed me to launch a successful email copywriting masterclass to train other freelance copywriters and entrepreneurs in the “McIntyre Method” approach to email...

Testimonial from student: Your course was one of the very first email courses I bought... and I was finally able to quit my day job this past year and be a full time freelancer.

On that note, a word of caution...

Many of the other email copywriters you may find online started their careers with my training.

Some of them are pretty good at what they do, but the fact remains -

If you want the best, hire the teacher (that’s me)... not the student.

I’ve made it my business (literally) to know everything there is to know about email copywriting.

I’m NOT a jack of all trades. I can’t do most things. 

That’s why I’ve been able to MASTER email copywriting and use it to make money for all kinds of businesses

In fact, I’ve gotten so good at writing blockbuster email copy that I’m booked out months (and sometimes years) in advance.

So the real question isn’t about whether hiring me as your email copywriter will make you more money...’s whether or not I actually want to work with you.

In any case, if you’d like to work with me to make more money like in the examples above, here’s what I want you to do next...

Step 1

Do This NOW

Click here to apply.

You’ll see a few easy questions about your business.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing crazy. 

It’s just a basic overview of what you do, who it’s for and what stage you’re at. It’ll help me understand your situation before we talk and get down to business.

Answer the questions as accurately as possible.

And make sure your contact info is correct so I can reach you.

Step 2

Here’s What Will Happen Next...

Once you’ve answered the questions, you will be able to book a free strategy session so we can discuss your business and current email marketing strategy.

In your free session, I'll help you get clear on 3 things:

  • What's not working currently?
  • What kind of results would you like to achieve?
  • What is the absolute best way to get there?

At that point, if you want to go ahead and hire me, great.

If not, that’s fine too.

Either way, you’ll get some valuable insights and ideas you can apply to your business and email copywriting strategy.

Ultimately, this is for companies who want the best email copywriter money can buy - not penny pinchers or people who are satisfied with "average".

If that’s you, click here now and get started...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email copywriter?

Email copywriters write emails for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

What does an email copywriter do?

The primary job of an email copywriter is to generate sales.

This involves designing an effective email marketing strategy, creating the email content and then using email marketing software to send it out.

Why should you hire an email copywriter?

Email marketing generates more ROI than every other marketing medium out there - including social media, search advertising and direct mail. 

Even after all these years, nothing beats email.

How much does email copywriting cost?

Expect to pay as little as $30 for a single email to $100,000+ for a customized email marketing strategy. 

As a general rule, the more you pay, the better your results will be.

How can I find a good email copywriter?

Find a copywriter who specializes in email copy instead of a "jack of all trades". 

The best email copywriters don't build entire sales funnels, create blog content and make videos. They focus on one thing and one thing only: email. 

Feedback From Past Clients

Matthew PollardMatthew Pollard

I’m always surprised how big my industry colleagues email lists are and how little they actually make from them. John McIntyre easily nets me a few hundred thousand dollars a year from my email list, which is more money than some of my friends even though they have 10x more leads.

Mark WilliamsMark Williams

John is a genius at what he does. Breaks down how to write effectively and efficiently into easy to follow steps that make a BIG difference in your own business, and for clients. Couldn't recommend him or the McMethod more highly.

Ty BrownTy Brown

I've been following his podcasts and email teaching for years. His consulting is spot on and his ideas work in real life.

Austin LeeAustin Lee

John is a copywriting boss. The ideas and education I've received through John and the McMethod, have directly contributed to a 300% monthly revenue increase in my consulting business in the last 12 months. But the expertise runs much deeper than setting up a basic autoresponder: I've learned sharp ways to research the customer psychology, how to think about the macro-level strategy of segmenting buyers, what kind of tone to use for different mediums/buyer profiles, and how to craft kickass cold emails to drum up new business out of thin air. The cool thing about John is: his curiosity is like a vacuum machine sucking in ideas from his own tested marketing, and those of the world's veteran marketers/copywriters on the podcast...and I just get to sit back, listen, and get the concentrated insights of the world's top business players. As a direct response marketer, I can't recommend highly enough.

Travis MastersTravis Masters

A+++ In my book!

John McIntyre, the autoresponder guy and the owner the The McMethod marketing agency is beyond the man for the job with any questions having to deal with email marketing!

I am the head email marketing manager at a social media traffic company and the company was looking to up our current email tactics. I have been through many courses, podcasts, and read multiple ebooks to expand my knowledge in email marketing. Although, the best way I learned was through someone who already does it and does an amazing job; through John of course.

The McMethod is so powerful that I got sucked into his powerful email funnel and literally couldn't resist. Imagine having that type of power for your own email autoresponder!

John, I just want to thank you for also taking your valued time and personally emailing and replying back to my questions. I have high respect to small businesses that take care of their customers and that is exactly what happens here at The McMethod! Highly recommended!

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