How to demolish a building

by John McIntyre

Say you had to demolish a building.

Here’s how most people would do it –

Hire 20 people, give ’em each a sledgehammer and tell ’em to smash that damn building to smithereens.

Now – while this is a good way for 20 people to practice anger management, it is NOT the most effective way to get the job done.


Because there is a much faster,
much more effective solution:

Hire an engineer to identify a leverage points you could tap with a small hammer to make the building come crumbling down.

Does this make sense?

Think of an arched-stone gateway.

The top stone is one of these leverage points – it supports the rest of the arch.

If you wanted to demolish the gateway, instead of spending 2 hours knocking it down with a sledgehammer, just take out the top stone and…

…the rest will come crumbling down!

Everyone “gets this”, but most
people don’t apply this sort of
thinking to their business.

That’s sad, because there are similar leverage points in every business.

You can be the hard-working hustler if you REALLY want to.

But what if you could identify a couple leverage points you could tap softly to get massive results?

You’d get the same results as the hard-working hustler… only without the blood, sweat and tears.

I’m not saying “don’t work hard.

I’m saying –

“work smart and THEN work hard”.

That’s where I come in –

With my VIP Coaching Program, I’ll help you *engineer* your success.

I’ll work with you to identify exactly what leverage points you need to hit to move from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be).

With my help, you’ll get what you
want with far less effort.


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