Who Knew Email Marketing Was Worth $125 Million Dollars?

by John McIntyre

Get this –

In 2008, Comcast bought DailyCandy
for $125 million dollars

Why is this cool?

Because DailyCandy is a daily email newsletter for women interested in fashion, food, travel and other cosmopolitan topics.

In other words –

Comcast paid $125 million dollars
for an email newsletter

So if you thought email marketing and autoresponders was small game…

…think again.

Here’s what that means –

The skillset you’re building by
reading MY emails could – one day –
land you tens of millions of dollars

Or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

No promises… but IT IS possible.

HARO (aka “Help A Reporter Out”) is another daily email newsletter that sold for big money – $20 million dollars in 2010.

Another guy makes over $30 million dollars a year selling wine via a daily email newsletter .

The PROOF is in the pudding…

Not only does email marketing work –
when used correctly, it can lead to
hundreds of millions of dollars
in wealth-creation

If that doesn’t get you pumped about writing emails…

…nothing will.

Even if building a multi-million dollar company ain’t your bag, this SHOULD matter to you.


Because if you’re reading this, you either have a list of leads and customers.. or you’re planning to get one.

Now – as you can see from the examples above, email marketing can deliver STUPENDOUS value to your target market.

So if you aren’t sending emails…
you’re letting your best prospects down
to the tune of LOST millions of dollars

You’re responsible for their problems.

You have the solution… but you aren’t giving it to them.

Or if you are giving it to them, you’re not doing it properly.

You’re just “throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks”.


The “throw stuff at the wall”
strategy is the cause of more burned
lists than anything else

Before you start “throwing stuff at the wall”, you should get yourself a battle-tested game plan that is proven to work and comes recommended by the best in the industry.

That’s where the McIntyre Method comes in…

Consider it your battle-tested game plan for building an email autoresponder that works.

All you gotta do is sign up, follow the simple steps and in 4 weeks… you’ll have a set of emails that work 24/7 to convert leads into customers.

Get started now –


Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll use what you discovered in the McIntyre Method to make $10 million dollars.

Only one way to find out…

John, The Autoresponder Guy

P.S. Here’s the article that put me onto these companies (worth a read): https://jasonlbaptiste.com/commentary/email-newsletters-business/






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