Gmail’s Promotions Tab: How To Kick It To The Curb

by John McIntyre


Gmail is now KILLING your email marketing campaigns by sending your emails to the “promotions” tab.


Not quite…

When Gmail’s new tab system was announced, everyone thought the sky was falling.

“Email marketing is dead”, they exclaimed.

Meanwhile, the real marketers –
the men and women who GET IT –
giggled and continued sending emails

The promotions tab?

Not a big deal IMO.

The sky is NOT falling.

Carry on.

When it comes to email marketing big wins, worrying about something like this is right up there next to worrying about open rates (no where near as important as most people think).

Anyway –

That don’t mean I ain’t doing anything about it.

I just don’t worry about it

You shouldn’t either.

Instead, you should figure out what to do and then…

…just do it.

Now – all the standard stuff applies… create compelling content, don’t be a spammer, be entertaining and so on.

But that’s higher level stuff.

What about some nitty gritty
stuff you can USE TODAY to get
into your subscriber’s inbox?

Here’s what I’m doing –

In the first email, I ask people to reply to my email and answer 3 questions.

In the second email, I give people a link to a valuable resource.

In the third email, I might ask them to reply again.

This pattern continues through my sequence.. I’m always asking someone to click a link or reply to my email.

Here’s why this gets your email
out of the promotions tab
and into the inbox –

Every time someone interacts with your email (ie. they open it, they click a link, they reply), it sends a message to the computer nerds at Google that PEOPLE WANT TO READ YOUR EMAILS.

And what does Google do when they discover that unlike 99.99% of email newsletters, your email newsletter is eagerly read by thousands of avid subscribers?

Instead of banishing your emails to the promotions tab, you get a free pass to the inbox.


Because Gmail knows your emails aren’t just promoting.

They are providing value (note: this is NOT as simply as sending lame “7 tips on how to do X” email).

Now, after finishing this email…
you can implement the tactics
above and get results

But writing the full email sequence is a different issue entirely…

How do you come up with emails that people actually want to read?

How do you find a never-ending stream of KILLER email ideas so you never wonder what to write?

How do you promote your product without setting off your subscriber’s “promotion radar”?

That’s why most people write email sequences that SUCK.

But here’s the thing –

writing an email sequence that
converts doesn’t have to be like
trying to see in the dark

ANYONE (yes, even a 6 year old) can do it when they have the correct set of instructions.

That’s where the McIntyre Method comes in.

Think of it as your step-by-step guidebook to creating an email sequence that lands in the inbox, gets your subscribers to open it, read it, click it and most importantly… buy your products and services.

Sound good?

John, The Autoresponder Guy






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