Webinar: 4 Steps To An Automatic Sales Machine

by John McIntyre

In this webinar replay, you’ll discover:

  • the MOST important part of writing an autoresponder (this is the foundation of your autoresponder and if you get it right, EVERYTHING else will come easy
  • the “surprisingly simple” metaphor for understanding how to make people buy stuff with email (once you understand this, you’ll know more about how to make money with email than 9 out of 10 people)
  • the BIGGEST barrier that prevents people from writing profitable autoresponders (and how to overcome it, so you can unleash your potential, write better emails and laugh your way to the bank)
  • how to position your product as the NEXT LOGICAL STEP for your prospects to take (this builds “sales funnel momentum” and ensures your prospects don’t get lethargic or lazy about purchasing)
  • how to spin a real good story (hands down, this is the BEST way to convince someone of anything… whether you’re selling products or building a religion)
  • an old advertising formula use by David Ogilvy to build one of greatest advertising agencies of all time (and how to write your landing page with the same “sales flair”)
  • how you can have ME peer over your shoulder and give you feedback based on your personal situation (this, more than anything else, will transform your results with email marketing)
  • Steven Covey’s mind-bending persuasion secret (I don’t believe in magic bullets, but if you asked me to pick the closest thing to a magic bullet… I would tell you Steven Covey’s secret)

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