2013: The year in review

by John McIntyre


What. A. Year.

I’d say that 2013 was my best year yet.

I’ve seen a few people doing “year in review” emails. Sp, being the creative, innovator that I am, I decided to do the same (warning: this is a LONG email).

Before we start, throw on this song (it’ll get you in the spirit for the things to come):

I kicked off 2013 by doing client work. Writing autoresponders and sales letters.

It was fun.

Life was good.

But I wanted more.

So in March, I created the McIntyre Method, a 4-week video training course on how to write powerful, profitable autoresponders that turn even the most stubbord prospects into raving fans and customers.

Thus began my divorce from the world of client work.

By June, I’d stopped accepting clients and put Drop Dead Copy on hiatus..

I was working on a new project.

If you were with me 6 months ago, you might not have noticed… but I was barely putting any time into DDC.

The only thing I kept doing during my “DDC Hiatus” was the podcast.

Doing the podcast was one of the best decisions I made all year.

In October, I wrapped up the other project and went into free-fall… I had a few different ideas and I tried a few things.

Then sometime in November, it hit me:

Drop Dead Copy could be HUGE.


really, Really, REALLY big.

So I thought hard for a few days.

Talked to some friends I deeply respect.

Then decided: it was time to GO TO FUCKING TOWN on Drop Dead Copy.

100% focus.

No side projects.

No chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Just zen-like focus on ONE business idea – with a long-term view.

That was 6 weeks ago.

A lot has changed already.

And a lot will be changing.

The first change has already happened – Drop Dead Copy is DEAD.

It is literally NO MORE.

Try it: https://www.dropdeadcopy.com

You’ll see that the link redirects to https://www.dropdeadcopy.com/

The new brand is ‘The McMethod’.

The were a number of reasons for this change, but the easiest one to explain right now is that very few people know how to spell “McIntyre”.

The other reason is that Drop Dead Copy doesn’t have much to do with what I do… but the McMethod has EVERYTHING to do with what I do.

What is the McMethod?

It is a different way of doing email marketing.

It is: a powerful, profitable strategy that focuses on results FIRST, and all that other garbage like open rates and clicks SECOND (or not at all).

What else is coming in 2014?



[+] I’m closing the McIntyre Method standalone product and bundling it into a paid community (in a nutshell, you’ll be able to pay $50-approx a month for access to ALL my products, myself, and a community of email marketers).

Release date: sometime in Feb or March

(fyi – any MM customers who join the new community will get “grandfathered” in a lifetime discounted rate, while non-MM customers will have to pay the full rate to join. So now is a good time to get the McIntyre Method.)

[+] Daily content (instead of just weekly podcasts, I’ll publish at least one a day… sometimes, this will me interviewing another expert but if I don’t have an interview, it’ll be me on video, sharing something useful/inspiring/helpful).

Release date: sometime in January

[+] New email autoresponder sequence (I’m sticking with daily emails, but I’m refining the strategy.. I’ll still be aggressive and abrasive, but I’ll use a bit more strategy.)

Release date: sometime in Feb or March (after the new community launches)

[+] Done-for-you service packages (including a McMethod Autoresponder Audit, plus a Mcmethod Autoresponder Rescue Service)

Release date: January

I’m pumped.


. . . . .


Hands down, starting and continuing the Email Marketing Podcast.

It has put me on the radar of experts such as John Carlton, Bob Bly, Dane Maxwell, Andre Chaperon and Ben Settle, plus helped thousands of people improve their email marketing.


Focus (or lack of it).

I’m flittered around from project to project in 2013. I’ve done well, but I shudder to think of what I could have done if I stayed 10% focused on Drop Dead Copy all year.

That’s why 2014 will be one big year of FOCUS.


That daily email works.

I was scared before I began, but sending daily emails (sometimes more often) works better than anything I’ve ever done with email lists.


Two quotes (excuse me :D):

“Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.” – Mark Zuckerberg

“Money is attracted to speed.” – Dan Kennedy (?)

move fast and break shit stuff

(Source: https://startupquote.com/post/1624569753)

  1. Episode #1 – Dane Maxwell On Email Marketing Being The Center Of His Business
  2. Episode #12 – Clay Collins from Lead Pages on Creating Irresistible Landing Pages (and lessons from tens of thousands of split tests)
  3. Episode #18 – Vishen Lakhiani on MindValley’s Funnel Analysis Model (how to write the perfect email sequence)

Top 3 Blog Posts With The Most Hits

  1. 2 Simple Steps To Becoming a Well-Paid Freelance Copywriter
  2. Write Killer Headlines In 2 Minutes Without Thinking
  3. How To Write Sales Copy

The Subject Line From
My Top-Converting Email

[DDC]: Boom shaka laka taka tooka boo

No, I am not joking.

. . . . .

So with that, I wish you all the best and happy new year!

I still have a few more things to send you before the year is out… but this will probably be the last “long” email you’ll receive from me for a while.

Enjoy your holiday (or your hustle-day).

Talk soon.

John McIntyre, The Autoresponder Guy

P.S. Check out these lyrics:

Can’t be touched
Can’t be stopped
Can’t be moved
Can’t be rocked
Can’t be shook
We hot
When will you learn

From the song I linked above.

Describes my current feeling exactly.

Get your game face on.

2014 is 5 days away.

Are you READY for it?

P.P.S. Btw – did you notice how I said I’d be closing the McIntyre Method soon and bundling it into a paid forum?

The price will be $50/month or similar.

But what’s great, is that anyone who is a McIntyre Method customer when I close it will get grandfathered into the new community at a reduced rate of $30 a month or similar.

Of course, they’ll be able to access all the content that they paid for – I’ll just stop selling the McIntyre Method as a standalone course.

But if they – or you – want the community, they’ll need to pony up the monthly fee.

However, like I said – they’ll get a good deal on membership.

So if you want the discounted monthly rate when the new community launches, you might wanna join the McIntyre Method here: https://www.mcintyremethod.com/

2 thoughts on “2013: The year in review”

  1. You had a great year man 😀 Hope you will be killing it in 2014.

    We have lots of things in common here.

    I did pretty well in 2013 but also made the mistake of not focusing on the blog.

    I just rebranded it.
    Introduced a new theme.
    Got a product in making.
    And started doing daily content as well.

    We’ll see what happens for both blogs in 2014 😀


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