Case Study: From Zero To Affiliate Marketing Hero With McMasters And A Bit Of Ingenuity

by John McIntyre

McMasters Case StudyHe just wanted some new books and extra spending money…

But what he received was a life-changing marketing education.

Julian was a small-time marketer…

He started producing and uploading videos to Youtube before they had even integrated adsense (a monetization program for content creators).

At this point, his ‘business’ was more of a hobby. He was creating the videos for fun… not profit.

Until one day, when a powerful marketing realization led to a massive increase in his business:

From Hobby To Full-Blown Business

Overtime, Julian started to gain some traction and along with it a small audience. Keep in mind, he wasn’t making serious money at this point. But before too long…

Julian realized the true business potential of this venture… and started to look into affiliate marketing.

The idea was simple, he would drive traffic from his Youtube videos to a website and promote related products or services. Julian’s original goal was to turn this hobby into a few hundred dollars of extra “spending money” each month.

So he started learning about marketing, and just like so many others…

This led him to the power of email marketing.

He picked up a copy of Autoresponder Madness, got an Aweber account, and set up his first email marketing sequence.

The course is quality material… but due to Julian’s specific situation it didn’t go so well…

There were a few complications:

  1. Julian was marketing in english to an audience of non-native speakers.
  2. A complicated email series didn’t work, because lots of the “subtleties” of english were lost in translation.
  3. He was frustrated and actually gave up, dropping the Aweber account until one day…

When he was introduced to the McMethod and yours truly!

Julian couldn’t figure out what was wrong… he thought maybe his audience just wasn’t a “buying” demographic.

But when Julian enrolled in the original version of McMasters…

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He made some key changes to his approach and took a second attempt at email marketing:

  • Simplify Everything – One of the huge turning-points for Julian… was breaking everything down into simple processes. Instead of a longer, complex sequence, he focused on sending emails that got right to the point.
  • Frequent Sending – He committed to sending daily emails and even personalized the approach to his style: Julian writes and sends a new broadcast email every day as opposed to using a static email series.
  • Learning From Failure – He decided to turn failures into learning experiences… and worked to improve and optimize his marketing campaigns over time.

Slow and steady… he started to notice some serious progress.

It took lots of hard work, overcoming failure, and treating business as an ongoing learning experience and…

Julian grew his business to the point of bringing in nearly $6,500 in a recent month!

Massive Improvement In Just A Few Months

Remember, Julian started out with nearly no marketing knowledge…

He made plenty of mistakes… but used each bit of incremental progress as motivation to grow the business (he has since moved away from pure affiliate marketing and created his own products)…

And now he’s doing pretty darn well.

I asked Julian for his favorite part of McMasters, and here’s what he said:

“Just having a place where I can ask questions and know that I will get a sensible answer… is definitely reassuring… having a place where I can just say ‘Hey can I get some feedback on my salespage? Does it make sense?’ Because you know, when you write something like that for yourself, it’s easy to think it’s all clear, but… it’s nice to be able to get that second opinion, and get it from people who, I know, know what they are talking about.”

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