How to Mastermind Like a Boss without Dropping $25K (Guest Post)

by John McIntyre

Screw the chicken, screw the egg. 

Every new freelance copywriter hears the tirade: “you’re only as good as your mentors, as the people you surround yourself with.”

Well, if you’re starting out with zero connections like I did over 3 years ago… you’re probably asking:

“How do I build a network if I don’t know anyone? How can I get better if I don’t have a solid network?”

Chicken and egg be damned, because I promise you are not at the standstill you think.

I’m about to show you a wicked-simple , fun way to create your own powerful inner circle.

Not by shmoozing business cards. 

Not by cold messaging every Rando Randy you see on Facebook. 

(Though you should cold message in the way I discuss below). 

And NOT by dropping $10 or $25K into a high-level mastermind. 


Here’s a not-short video I filmed outlining my process. 

(You can ignore the webinar I mention, it already happened – but I still wanted to share this because John has been a huge help in my career.)

Get it? 


Here’s the REAL Beauty of This Inner Circle Hack

First, it’s free. 

Last week I was hanging out with a high-level marketing friend of mine.

He just dropped $100K to join Joel Marion’s mastermind. 

There’s more $25K masterminds than you can shake a stick at, because the “information economy” is at an all-time peak.

With the approach you just learned, no, you don’t get access to as high a level of thinking…

But when you’re just starting out, that’s not necessarily your biggest improvement “lever.”

Sometimes just having a second set of eyeballs to find glaring mistakes is all you need.

Pick your inner circle wisely, and find someone at a similar or slightly-higher level, and you’ll be AMAZED at the simple things you’re missing… and so will they when you review their copy. 

Internet land can be a lonely place, or a fun one filled with friends… you choose 

I started out grinding in coffee shops, my parents basement, and anywhere with a free wifi signal. 

For the first full year, I talked only to my clients. I advise against this approach.

People out there want to meet you, and banding together is frankly the only real “shortcut” I’m aware of after spending 3.5 years in direct response marketing. 

Find your group. Be consistent. Help each other. 

The results will stretch beyond your wildest beliefs…

BONUS Lesson from Top A-List Copywriter Dan Ferrari

Dan is a huge mentor of mine, and a good friend.

As of writing this, he’s turning 35 tomorrow, so he emailed out a list of 35 hard-won lessons from getting to the top of the game. Here’s one of them:

This is something I waited too long to take advantage of.

Offers and intros are the name of the game.

Lucky for you, you’re seeing the light. 

Now go forth and conquer. 

This is a guest post by Austin Lee. Make sure you watch Austin’s video here.

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