Email Frequency: How To Maximize Profit And Keep Your Subscribers Happy

by John McIntyre

Email Frequency Are you a timid or aggressive email marketer?

Think about that carefully…

Because it has a huge connection to your marketing success…

Email too often and you risk overloading subscribers, and getting too many unsubscribes.


Email too little, and you make no money.

Or at the very least, you miss out on tons of potential sales.

Clearly, neither of these two extremes are desirable…

So how do you find that happy medium?

Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at email sending frequency…

You’ll learn an invaluable strategy to figure the right frequency for your specific market.

Too Much Versus Too Little

First, it’s important to understand the psychology behind this situation.

Most marketers are afraid to send emails often (typically only sending once a week at most).

They think:

  • “If I send too often, my loyal fans will get annoyed and unsubscribe.”
  • “I just need to give more free value and that’ll make people buy.”

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these mindsets…

Technically, you could send too often.. but for the most part, you want unsubscribes.

Think about it this way: If you were selling your product face-to-face…

Would you want to attract and give a sales pitch to everyone who walks by your store?


Would you rather only focus your attention on ideal prospects… the ones who are likely to purchase?

In a way, getting unsubscribes is like disqualifying poor prospects.

Similarly, it might help to give lots of free value to your subscribers upfront.

To demonstrate your authority and help build a relationship with subscribers.

But if all you do is send free content… over and over again…

You end up with a list that never purchases… because why should they, if you give it all away for free (and never ask for the sale)? (Click To Tweet)

When taken to the extreme, these mindsets kill profits…

And ruin your relationship with the subscribers that matter.

Getting To The Happy Medium

Here’s how you figure out the right amount to send:

  • Push The Limits — If you’ve been sending once per month (or otherwise infrequently) you’ll have to start testing different approaches. Try sending twice as often for a month… track what happens. You just might find that sales increase while unsubscribes don’t change dramatically.
  • Think About ‘Who’ Your Audience Is — Are you selling a valuable product to a passionate fan base? (Think: Hobbies like golf, or other markets with raving fan bases.) If so, you might be able to get away with more frequent sending.
  • Add Value Or Leave The Game — You’re either selling through email, or you’re just playing games. There’s no in-between… if you’re a business owner then it’s your duty to sell your product. And as long as you’re ethical and adding value to your customers’ lives, then you need to do whatever it takes to get the word out and drive sales.

Similar to the above, you need to think about the buying behavior of your audience. Does it make sense (for your specific product) to send every single day? Then do so. But keep in mind that the optimal frequency will need to be custom tailored to fit your market.

So when it comes down to the wire…

Are you willing to do what it takes to get the maximum ROI from email marketing? 

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