“I closed my first copywriting client for £1,000.”

by John McIntyre

If you’re skeptical of freelance copywriting, you might be interested in Shiv’s story… especially since he recently closed his first copywriting client for £1,000, and then his 2nd client the very next day.

Couple times a week, I get people emailing me to complain that I’m full of sh*t, that you can’t make money as a freelance copywriter, and so on.

Try telling that to Shiv 😉

Obligatory disclaimer: Freelance copywriting is NOT for the faint of heart. It involves REAL work, and make no mistake – Shiv had to work to get his copywriting chops up to speed and then close his two new clients. Even if you did EXACTLY what he did, there is still no guarantee you’ll be successful. If this kind of uncertainty bothers you, feel free to unsubscribe. Those of you who understand that anything good takes blood, sweat and tears, read on…

Here’s Shiv:


Before finding John’s ‘McIntyre Method’, I was lost. I knew I wanted to become a highly paid freelance copywriter, but I had absolutely no idea how. The path seemed so long and confusing.

Reading millions of blog posts and listening to hours of podcasts just wasn’t cutting it.

But then I stumbled across John’s online course.

The McIntyre Method was the roadmap I’d been looking for.

The course simplified the difficult and explained the confusing.

In less than two months, I had closed my first copywriting client for £1,000 – and just one day later, I had a second client!

(The ‘How To Get Email Copywriting Clients’ was a game-changer, and I’m going to be using the McIntyre Method sales script for years to come.)

Not only that, I had become a much better email copywriter (and copywriter in general) in a tiny amount of time.

And thanks to the ‘How To Tell Stories That Sell’ section, I’m now writing fun and engaging emails that convert like a dream – which my clients absolutely love.

Every part of this course has been useful and practical…I can honestly say that investing in the McIntyre Method was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

I hope this testimonial will encourage more people to join your course, John!




If you’ve had your eye on the McIntyre Method Masterclass for a while, perhaps this might give you the motivation you need to step up, invest in yourself and take your life to the next level.

If that’s you, join Shiv and I inside the McIntyre Method Masterclass.

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