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Hey Titan! Now You Can Continue Studying With Brian Kurtz, Perry Marshall, John Carlton, Bob Bly and Many, MANY More…


Do you ever wish you could “pick the brain” of one of the direct response greats?

Imagine having access to one of them… you could call them up anytime, ask them questions, get feedback and find out if you’re doing things properly.

Just think about your business and income would change.

…how your LIFE would change.

Well, while I can’t force these guys to be your mentors, I did the next best thing…

I got them all on the phone to talk about how to make maximum money in minimum time.

Now, these action-packed interviews are focused around email marketing, and how to convert email addresses into CASH, but ultimately, ALL of these strategies can be used to explode your bottom line in any area of direct response.

Here are a few examples of what you’re about to discover:

  • Brian Kurtz on the deep, dark secret of profitable online marketing that will upgrade your whole game plan (plus, how to build CONCRETE relationships with your customers through easy to do back-end marketing)
  • John Carlton on the most trusted secrets of sales and copy writing, and how they can be harnessed for modern email marketing (discover the PERFECT way to trigger the responses you want from your subscribers, and close your deals)
  • Perry Marshall on how to approach direct marketing like an engineer (plus, why it’s EASIER to make $100,000 than $10,000)
  • Bob Bly on how to use one of the most valuable pieces of old school marketing advice to instantly get a leg up on your competition (plus, what one thing you actually need to do to be a killer copywriter)

And many more, including: Andre Chaperon, Ben Settle, Dane Maxwell, David Deutsch, Jay White, Vishen Lakhiani, Michel Fortin, AJ Roberts, Clay Collins, David Bass, Doberman Dan, James Schramko, Ryan Levesque, Neville Medhora and more.

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