Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020 - Drop Dead Copy

The Ultimate Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deal: Get 6 Copywriting Courses From 6 Different Experts For LESS Than The Price Of 1 (Save $6,867)

Here's What You Get For A Fraction Of What You'd Normally Pay:

John McIntyre

The Autoresponder Guy

The McIntyre Method Masterclass (LIFETIME Access)

In The McIntyre Method Masterclass, John McIntyre, also known as "The Autoresponder Guy", shows you how to become a well-paid email copywriter without burning out or working 12 hours a day.

Once upon a time, John ended up stranded in The Philippines with $119.37 left in his bank account. He needed to make money... FAST.

John launched an email copywriting service, initially offering 10 emails for $200 but scaling up prices quickly. That was almost 10 years ago and since then, he's been paid as much as $35,000 for an email copywriting project, making him one of the higest paid email copywriters in the world.

In The McIntyre Method Masterclass, John breaks down his approach to email copywriting as well as his unique approach to making big fish clients chase him.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll discover:

  • A rare inside look at his 4-step process for writing killer emails for "big fish clients" who pay tens of thousands for email campaigns (you don't have to work your way up the totem pole slowly like he did - use his map and take the fast-lane to the well-paid copywriting lifestyle)
  • How to tell irresistible stories that drive your subscribers into a buying frenzy (even if you suck at storytelling)
  • Why the single most important thing in copywriting is NOT the copy (and what you need to focus on BEFORE you write a word of copy)
  • 12 bonus "Dream Team Sessions" with some of the best copywriting and email marketing experts in the world (including Andre Chaperon, Ben Settle and the one and only Jay White)
  • John's personal "word for word" sales script that he uses on sales calls (find out exactly what to say and how to say it to land 5-figure email copywriting clients)
  • John's "fill in the blank" email templates for communicating with clients and setting up the sales call, closing the deal and asking for a testimonial when you're done
  • How Shiv landed a $5k/mo retainer with a 7-figure client just a few months into his copywriting career

“I landed a $5k/month retainer with a 7-figure client just a few months into my copy career.”

Shiv Shetti

“Dude it's crazy - within a few months I should be pacing for 6-figures. Wild that it all started with your blog.”

Austin Lee

"I was finally able to quit my job this past year and be a full-time freelancer.. Your course played a HUGE role in my development and I'm thankful I found it."

Chris Orzechowski

"Last month - 12 PAS posts in my Facebook group gained me $21,000 in contracts booked!!! Thanks John McIntyre!!!"

Melissa Hughes



Derek Johanson

CopyHour (LIFETIME Access)

CopyHour is the fastest way to supercharge your copywriting chops - whether you're just getting started or a seasoned pro.

Derek holds your hand as you study the greatest copywriting examples the world has ever seen. Ads, sales letters, VSLs, landing pages, webinars, etc. 

You'll copy them out by hand just like Gary Halbert and many other copywriting greats recommend... and then you'll discuss them in the private community.

Derek also throws in an extensive swipe file as well as regular video training and Q&A calls.

Here's what's included:

  • Learn to write your own sales letter, VSL, or email sequence
  • 90 Email Assignments (Plus access to all future rounds of CopyHour with new material)
  • Online training modules
  • Facebook Group with Video Trainings
  • Dropbox Swipe File
  • 6 Advanced Q&A Pre-Recorded CallsBonus Vault

“Hey Derek, I was able to triple my sales using what I learned from CopyHour. This is no joke, that email campaign killed it.”

Kevin Bates

“CopyHour rocks, it’s convenient, loaded with great content and has sharpened the hell out of my Copywriting Chops. My clients dig my improved skills also.”


“CopyHour has changed my life for the better. In just 8 weeks I got my first paid client and more lining up at the door. 8 weeks ago I had no idea how to write 'copy' and I really didn't have a clue what 'copy' was. Now I see this new skill massively changing my life.”

Blake Sterling

"CopyHour has been awesome for me. I am a freelance copywriter and the work I have done since joining CopyHour has been killing it - selling a lot of my clients' products. The clients are obviously thrilled with that and I have had some real heavy hitters tell me my stuff is 'brilliant'."

I am getting a lot of work these days. The rates I am able to charge have gone up and even so, the amount of pitch work I am having to do has dropped substantially. In other words, I am making more money on less time. It's been an incredibly worthwhile investment of my time and money.

Dan Ferrari



Ian Stanley

30 Email Templates (LIFETIME Access)

In the last 5 years or so Ian's been lucky enough to sell over a hundred million dollars worth of products online. (That's for his businesses and clients. Not $100 mill in his bank account.)

Email has played a big role in that number. Email is kinda his thing. He's literally written thousands of emails.

And over that time he's found there are 30 emails that make more than all the other thousands he's written.

So he did something a little crazy. He turned those 30 email types into templates. Literally fill-in-the-blanks and send them out. It'll take about 3-5 minutes per email is his guess. Pretty easy and fast in his book.

Here's a list of the 30 templates:

  • Template 1 – Don’t – perfect to give your market a little fear to nudge them into a sale.
  • Template 2 – Fire - The easiest way to get someone from being "fine" to being "excellent"... by buying your stuff.
  • Template 3 – The Prison and the Playground - Mindbending correlation email that completely reframes your product as the ultimate freedom from their pain.
  • Template 4 – Read this if you’ve - Tie your prospect's problems directly to your product or service.
  • Template 5 – Schwarzenegger’s #1 reason people fail – Arnolds secret to successfully selling your market off the fence
  • Template 6 – Do You? - This is one of Ian’s best emails for getting your list to engage with you. Also improves your email deliverability (it isn’t just the reply). Perfect for sending to a list that hasn’t heard from you in a while.
  • Template 7 – Last Chance - If you’re running a limited quantity holiday sale this season, use this. It’s like opening an ice water stand in the middle of Death Valley on 4th of July. This dials up the volume to 11 on the scarcity of your product.
  • Template 8 – Open Only If - Sometimes the best way to get someone interested in your product is to say it's not for them.
  • Template 9 – Unexpected Shipment - This is one of Ian's Top 5 subject lines of all time. Works SUPER well, so use with caution. Only deploy if it matches your client/ company’s situation.
  • Template 11 – Choice - This email shows your prospects that by doing nothing (ex. not buying your product), they are still making a choice. And it may not be a choice they want their 2019 self to live with…
  • Template 12 – Time - Great for piggy backing off of 3 of the top 5 reasons people break their New Year’s Resolutions.
  • Template 13 – The “Coloring Book” Model - Make your product so easy to use, a 5 year-old at Denny’s could do it. If you’re selling products that need specific knowledge to use, this is your template.
  • Template 14 – Here’s $ - Discounts are rampant this time of year. Make yours stand out by reframing it in a way that makes it feel like they’re leaving a found $100 bill on the sidewalk.
  • Template 15 – What if you couldn’t fail - The fear of something is worse than the thing itself. Show prospects how your business will be there to give them all the tools to succeed in 2019.
  • Template 16 – Abandonment Straightforward – Good old fashioned straightforward cart abandonment email (just because it is straightforward doesn’t mean it isn’t lethal). 
  • Template 17 – Abandonment Clever – Like the straightforward Abandonment email, just a bit more clever.
  • Template 18 – What’s your excuse? - This is best used as a “kick in the pants” or “get off the fence” email. Send this when you want some sales of a product you’ve promoted before. 
  • Template 19 – The Challenge - This is a great email you can use to extract valuable data from your list. Find out their biggest challenges. Read the longest responses and see what the themes are.
  • Template 20 - Survey Email Templates – Put this bad boy out there, put together a short survey and watch the feedback and sales roll in.
  • Template 21 – Big Clicks - There are a few different options you can use to get some big clicks. Feel free to mix and match and make it fit your voice. I would just urge you to not overcomplicate it.
  • Template 22 – CC Decline Follow Up - Use this if someone has a Declined Credit Card During Checkout. 
  • Template 23 – CC expiration – Use this template if you have a customer’s card which has expired or expires soon. 
  • Template 34 – One question - This email gets a whole bunch of clicks. And it tends to get a lot of sales too. I’m calling it the “one question” email.
  • Template 25 – Thank you - This is a simple email you can use whenever you want to thank your subscribers and make some sales or test out a new offer. Or just drive clicks to a video or something you want people to see.
  • Template 26 – Bye - This is great for when you want to get the last people in a launch to commit to buying your offer. This email’s version of "last call" if you owned a bar/ restaurant. And it sets expectations that you are going to start talking about other stuff. It’s a good transition to your other offers.
  • Template 27 – Reactivation - Sometimes the best thing you can do for a prospect at the end of their journey is to wish them on their way. Gmail takes unopened emails seriously when they look at your emails. This is a nice way to clean your list without being a jerk.
  • Template 28 – Review Testimonial - Everyone forgets to get reviews from their past customers. Their lives were changed because of your company. Most of them are happy to help return the favor. Reviews are powerful to have on your sales page, in ads, and on FAQ pages. All you have to do is get the reviews. Just use this template to start.
  • Template 29 – Sorry - This is an alternative to the "Bye" email from above. Use this if you want a short & sweet way to let people know that your sale is about to close for good.
  • Template 30 – Why did you buy? - This is the crown jewel (or infinity stone) of your Endgame sales strategy. Every successful offer you have (or will create) comes from real life customer needs/wants/hopes/fears. How do you quickly get to know what your customers really want? By using the Why Did You Buy email.

Hey man, just wanted to let you know the final tally. I sold over 6300. About 800 of that came in the final half hour and it came from one of your emails in the 5 email template.

Ron McKie

"So I bought Ian's templates, which I assumed were going to be complete shit, but Ian was funny as fuck, so I felt some guilt and bought them. You know, support the struggling comic or some shit like that. So I buy them and I don't open them obviously. Cuz, you know. Then I am under the gun and I have to get some copy out for a product we have on Amazon. They needed it in 40 minutes. Fuck. I remembered the templates. Grabbed one and just started filling in the holes. Ported it into MailChimp and hit SEND.

48 hours later had over $80k in sales. Holy fuck. The struggling comic is a fucking genius. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, sent another email on another campaign with another of Ian's templates, and the conversion was 3x our already healthy conversion was.

I'm a believer. Ian knows his shit. Buy his shit. Rock your shit.




Roy Furr

Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Insiders (9 Months Access)

Breakthrough Marketing Secrets Insiders is Roy Furr's private membership community where he shares his best business-building ideas.

He's spent well over a decade (and a small fortune, plus well over 10,000 hours) understanding exactly what it takes to build and rapidly scale a business.

All the secrets and proven methods that will reliably get you more leads, more sales, more customers and more profits.

He's worked with and mentored under the best-of-the-best direct marketers — Titans of our industry — the masters of spending $1 on advertising and having it come back, with a customer in tow, often with friends.

He's absorbed their principles, strategies, techniques, and tactics — and turned around and taught them, gaining a reputation as a leading direct response marketing expert. (In fact, many of his heroes now turn to his daily essays and training for profitable inspiration!)

He's shared mere fractions of what he knows in training others have happily paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars to participate in.

This is to give you context for how much value he provides.

With that in mind, here's a taste of what you'll discover in BTMS Insiders:

  • How to write highly-effective direct response copy. Includes shortcuts, templates, formulas, writing irresistible offers, and reflections on the best-of-the-best lessons from the world’s top copywriters past and present…
  • Marketing strategies to multiply profits. Funnels and other sophisticated customer-getting systems, maximizing profits per customer, creating offers that boost profits, and proven principles plus strategies for getting more response…
  • Positioning and category creation. How to make yourself the ONLY solution to the prospect’s problem, challenge, or desire. And set up buying criteria that automatically leads to them choosing you…
  • Pricing and revenue models. How to price your products and services to maximize both up-front sales and lifetime profits…
  • Marketing optimization. How to run a test. Plus how to think about marketing testing in a way that creates big breakthroughs instead of just incremental upticks…
  • Building a successful copywriting or consulting business. Land awesome clients and make a great living. Everything from getting your first client to cashing big royalty checks…
  • Making yourself an expert and hero in the eyes of your market. From tactical content creation to how to establish your “character” in a way that attracts true fans, clients, and customers to you…
  • Getting traffic for your online business. How to leverage the top paid and free traffic sources to maximize the number of qualified visitors to your website…
  • Converting traffic into leads, buyers, and long-term customers. Because once they’re on your website, your job has only started…

Roy usually sells BTMSInsiders for $97/month... however he's agreed to offer 9 months membership in this bundle for a total value of $873.

The testimonial for Roy Furr is: I don’t like to put anything out there that’s really important, that’s gotta move the needle, without running it past Roy.

Perry Marshall

$9 EPC! … Usually when we roll out a new funnel, we have to go to work on parts of it to improve conversion… But this thing just came out of the gates screaming.

Patrick Riddle

"Roy is not just a great copywriter but now an industry leader as well."

Brian Kurtz

"In terms of numbers, that’s an 8,300% annual ROI from the review, just from that one little nugget that I got right there."

Brian Kurtz



Shiv Shetti

How To Get Paid Without Bank Costs Or Nasty Fees (LIFETIME Access)

Did you know that bank costs, nasty transaction fees (usually from PayPal) cost copywriters hundreds if not thousands or tens of thousands every year?

If you add that up over the lifetime of a copywriter's career, it works out to huge money.

In this course, (which was previously ONLY available for students of his high-level “flaming camel" coaching program) Shiv pulls back the curtain and reveals his system for getting paid without all those BS fees from the banks and payment providers.

You'll get the exact payment solution that Shiv uses with his clients to eliminate these fees. He pairs it up with a little-known invoicing solution that works far better than the bloated, feature-heavy invoicing systems that most copywriters waste their hard-earned money on. Shiv also gives you the exact word-for-word email templates you can use to make sure clients follow this process instead of the old "money dump" process that's costing you big time.

Over the life of your copywriting career, this course from Shiv will likely save you tens of thousands of dollars at a minimum. 

The best part?

It's relatively simple, easy and fast to make these changes (the course itself is only 30 minutes long).

“Mate, your training about getting paid is f*cking gold. This is probably one of the least talked about topics of our copywriting business, yet one of the most critically important for our bottom line. So thank you for doing this."

Aliz AJ

“Thanks to Shiv, I've gone from struggling to break $1k/month consistently... to hitting $8k/month in my copywriting business. Not only did his core ‘flaming camel’ process help me land massive retainer gigs, but this training on setting up payments helped me KEEP almost all of what I made - so important, yet so neglected by every other coach I’ve learnt from. This has saved me thousands."

Michael Diggins

"Making a ridiculous amount of money, and working for yourself, is why we got into copy in the first place. Shiv will help you get there faster than anyone. With his help, I am on course to hit 6-figures in my first year of copywriting… and his set up for getting paid the ‘right’ way (avoiding bank costs and currency conversion fees - super important since I just moved to Mexico) is a crucial piece of the puzzle."

Jack Campbell



Daniel Throssell

The ‘Inbox Detonator’ Bunker (LIFETIME Access)

Spy on tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of private, high-end copywriting coaching … from the palm of your hand!

Inbox Detonator is Daniel Throssell’s flagship 8-week copywriting coaching program. 

Every couple of months, a small handful of students pays up to $3,000 each for 8 weeks of email questions … and just 4 video-based copy reviews.

In these reviews, copy is torn to shreds … and often, rewritten with a fresh new lead or angle, based on millions of dollars’ worth of sales and testing experience.

And then, every single one of these reviews is archived in the ‘Inbox Detonator Bunker’.

Until now, ONLY students who paid the full coaching price had access to this vault. Yet today, it’s open to you too.

IMPORTANT: Access is via a mobile app, meaning you will need a smartphone to download the content.

But if you can manage that, here is a small sampling of the private copy reviews you’ll find behind the three-foot-thick steel doors of the bunker … 

  • A ‘cart abandonment’ sequence for a weight-loss supplement that followed all the ‘best practices’ being taught by copywriting’s biggest names … but didn’t work. I used a radical ‘anti-copywriter’ approach to rewrite them from the ground up
  • A long, rambling Facebook ad offering free songs to get sign-ups for a musician … I rehauled the entire thing in a few lines and showed how to harness a ‘sales force’ infinitely more powerful than words
  • A landing page for a tool for insurance agents that started out rambling … yet over the course of 4 reviews, I honed it into a page so tight, it broke my student into a market he wouldn’t have ever dreamed of reaching
  • An affiliate email for a keto offer … that had no punch. I used a controversial trick I called “Donald Trump’s Secret Diet” to breathe new life into it
  • A landing page for an ecommerce agency that offered the same old, “5 Steps To Grow Your Business 500%” style of lead magnet. I scrapped that — and supplied a totally new ‘big idea’ for the promo
  • A copywriter’s Upwork profile that didn’t cut through the noise at all … until I suggested a simple way to use a ‘mechanism’ to instantly stand out
  • A home page for a home improvement product, that didn’t have a clearly defined audience. I showed how to use ‘market awareness’ to restructure the entire page and make the sales pitch sizzle
  • The ‘Storytelling Critiques’ — An 8-video series of critiques showing how to sharpen your email storytelling chops

And much, much more. In fact, the ‘Inbox Detonator’ Fallout Bunker currently includes nearly 10 hours of private coaching video.

Even better, you get LIFETIME access … so no matter how many critiques are added in future, you’ll get access to all of them. (Just remember, you will need a smartphone to access them.)

“This is by far the best email I have read in a long time - maybe ever! It's been 10 minutes since I read it and I'm still grinning.”

Avinash S.

"Very impressive."

Ramit Sethi

"I’ve worked with a bunch of copywriters from across the globe for 15+ years. Daniel is one of the very few I would strongly endorse and use on my own projects."

Pete Williams

"Daniel walked through my door a few years ago and totally transformed my business. He’s not just a copywriter. He’s the best damn marketer in Australia."

Scott Pape, The Barefoot Investor

"Last year I’d have said that you couldn’t get me to read a daily email list even if you paid me $1,000/hr. Yet somehow I can’t stop opening your emails… and I paid YOU to preorder the very first product you pitched me! Must be the dad jokes …"

Steven A Young, Challenger Digital



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Yes, there is a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Sign up, try the training out and if you don't like it, simply email us within 30 days for a full refund.

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