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Here are a few ways we can work together:

Hire me to write your autoresponder.

Want an email autoresponder sequence that drives sales automatically for your business? Hate writing? Want someone to write in your voice? That’s what I do. That’s why people call me ‘The Autoresponder Guy’. Hire me and I’ll make your dry, boring email marketing become entertaining, engaging and most importantly… profitable.

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Hire me to write your sales letter.

Before I became The Autoresponder Guy, I wrote sales letters. Lots of them. I like to think I’m pretty damn good at it. Now – I’m not going to tell you that your sales copy is the most important thing in your business, because it’s not. However, it’s up there. Your marketing, and your sales copy, is a massive leverage point in your business.

So you want to make sure you’re doing it right. You want to make sure you say the right things. And just as important, you want to avoid saying the wrong things. The sort of things that kill a sale dead in the water.

Perfect for:

Hire me to do a video review of your landing page.

Your landing page is done. You’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into it. It shines (so you think). But you want a second opinion. You think you’ve done a good job.. but you know you’re not an expert and you know you might have missed a few things. That’s where my landing page review service comes in. For $100, I’ll do a 15-minute video review of your landing page. You’ll find out what you’re doing wrong (and how to fix it). I’ll review your landing page with a fine-toothed comb and give you a solid action plan for improving it.

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Hire me as your marketing coach.

You’ve built a good business. You’re making money. But you’ve hit a barrier… a plateau… and you want some help getting through it.

Perfect for:

Hire me for hourly consulting.

Want something that I haven’t mentioned here? There’s a good chance we can cover it with some hourly consulting. First, you’ll tell me the problem you’re facing in your business. Second, we’ll hop on Skype and I’ll tell you what you need to do to solve your problem.