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Do You Have An Audience Of Aspiring Freelancers or Freelance Copywriters? If So, This Is For You...

The McMethod Helps Freelance Copywriters Find High-Paying Copywriting Clients And Create Their Dream Lifestyle

Products Currently Available To Promote:

McIntyre Method Masterclass

Get my personal blueprint for writing 10-email autoresponders for clients and sell them for $200 to $1,000 or more.

Price: $1,997 or $997 if purchased on webinar

Your commission: 50%

Best way to promote: Via My Perfect Webinar Funnel.

Full price sales page: View public sales page.

Let's Run Some Numbers...

Suppose you send 1,000 visitors or “clicks”, here’s what you could earn:

1,000 visitors

300 (30%) sign up for the webinar

75 (25%) show up for the webinar

4 (5.33%) purchase the $997 product

$3,988 = total revenue generated

$1,994 or $1.94 EPC = your cut

Plus, your affiliate tracking cookie lasts for 365 days. So if people don’t buy on the first time through the funnel, they’ll be marketed to and if they come back to buy, you’ll get the credit – and the money.

How To Get The Best Results

    • Create a blog post on your website and write about the pain someone’s feeling with writing emails. Then offer to solve their pain by sending them to the webinar. Then give them the link.
    • Promote the webinar. Don’t promote the Masterclass directly. While it's more expensive (and you get more commission), many people won't buy an expensive product until they've built a relationship with me on a webinar.
    • Host your own webinar on email copywriting, freelance copywriting, or some other similar topic. Webinars are rocketfuel.
    • Create an interview or podcast and discuss similar topics. Then promote one of the products off the back of the podcast.

Email me for more promotional ideas.

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Please note: Payment processing fees, usually amounting to 1-3% will also be deducted from affiliate commissions. There is a 30 day delay for payments to allow for refunds (for example, you’ll get paid November’s commission in January). Monthly payouts are on the first Thursday of every month. You may not buy products through your own affiliate link. If you buy through your own affiliate link, your commissions will be forfeit and you may be banned from promoting our products in the future.