You’ve Nailed The Basics – Now Fix This HUGE Flaw In Your Marketing

by John McIntyre

You’ve used surveyed your market and talked to your prospects.

You’ve used empathy to connect with them.

You’re collecting email addresses and more importantly, emailing them regularly.

Like me, you pitch on a regular basis… because you believe you have an ethical duty to your prospect.

You have the solution to their problem and you’re gonna make sure they know it.

Otherwise –

you know you’d be responsible
for their problem

Like I said, let’s assume that you’ve done ALL of it (if you haven’t… shame on you!).

Now what?

Well, if you’ve done things right… you should be getting a steady flow of people signing up to your list and subscribers buying your products.

But it’s not as simple as that.

Sometimes, people want to ask you a question about your product.

Or perhaps you sell a service that requires a hands-on sales approach… I can’t buy your product on a sales page… I have to email you directly or call you.

Maybe your call-to-action in your
email is “Interested? Please call
000-123-1234 to set up your strategy call.”


You’ve done more than most people.

Most give up WAY before this…

But not you.


You are a hard-working entrepreneur

That’s why you’ve pushed through the difficulties to write an autoresponder sequence and create an automatic sales machine.


…there is one more thing that you have to do.

If you don’t do this, you’ll pay for it.

Big time.

You’ll pay in the form of thousands
of dollars worth of lost sales

In many cases, even with big, Big, BIG companies… this is the black hole of their marketing.

Chances are, it’s the gaping black hole in your marketing too.

Ask yourself:

When a prospects calls or emails you,
how long does it take you to reply?

1 hour?

Not bad.

12 hours?

Try harder.

1 day or more?

Give up and get a job already.

Guess what?

EVERYONE has this problem:

Less than 5 percent of businesses call within 24 hours.

The average response time via email is 19 hours and 31 minutes (gross!).

The average response time via phone is 36 hours and 57 minutes (WOAH…).

Here’s the WORST part –

45.2% of companies sales teams
NEVER responded at all



These people are HOT LEADS and most companies let them go to waste…

They’re focusing on incremental improves like bumping their conversion rate by .02% when they could get a MASSIVE boost just by replying to emails and phone calls faster.

How does this impact response?

If you reply (or return a phone call) in 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes, you are 100 times more likely to make contact… and 21x more likely to qualify them as a lead

So –

If you want a tip or trick that

keep your inbox open and reply to any email from a prospect or lead within 5 minutes.

John, The Autoresponder Guy

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