You’re doing it wrong.

by John McIntyre

Did you know that most of what you’re doing right now doesn’t matter.

I’m referring to EVERYTHING you do…

But to keep things relevant, today I’m going to talk about email marketing and autoresponders.

Let me explain –

I’ve told you before –

open rates, clicks, perfection,
copywriting, headlines, bullets –

it’s all mostly irrelevant to your success.

Yes, it helps.

But NONE of this stuff is the linchpin – the piece that holds everything together.

You probably think you know what’s holding you back from your goal.

Sorry to break it to ya, but if experience has taught me anything, it’s that you have no clue what’s holding you back from your goal of email marketing that makes money.

A few weeks ago, you thought you needed a higher open rate or a better click through rate.

Then I smashed that belief to pieces.

Then there was your belief that you need to be perfect.

Smashed that one too.

There are more limiting
beliefs to smash… including:

  • you need to be a good writer
  • you need to be creative to be a good storyteller
  • you need to read another marketing book / buy another marketing course
  • you need to spend more time researching and planning
  • you need to invest a TON of time

Guess what?

NONE of these statements are true.

Here’s the kicker:

If you FOCUS on any of these things – instead of WHAT REALLY MATTERS – your path to success will be slow, cumbersome and difficult.

Fortunately, there’s an easier way:

First, identify the core issue… the real reason you haven’t gotten the result you want.

Second, invest your time, effort and energy in THAT core issue and forget everything else.

THIS is how some people effortlessly
glide their way to success.

It’s also why others bathe in mediocrity forever.

That’s what my VIP Coaching Program is all about… giving you the PERSPECTIVE you need to overcome your inertia and kick ass.

Each week, we’ll clear away your brain clutter so you can see what’s really holding you back.

Next, we’ll make an action plan to get you past that roadblock and rush you towards your goal.

Sound good?

Find out how to apply for my coaching program here:

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