You Have To Actually care - Drop Dead Copy

You Have To Actually care

In today’s Drop Dead Copy video session:

00:16 – You have to actually care.
00:44 – Don’t start marketing until you find something to care about. Something that you passionately wanna help your audience solve.
01:03 – When you actually care, you are actually helping people.
01:12 – If you have a valuable product, we have a duty to get that product into the hands of as many people as possible.
01:33 – If we don’t use empathy and caring in our marketing, we’re effectively stealing the potential value from prospects and customers.

  • halfstepdown88 says:

    Once you actually “care” a lot of things begin to naturally fall into place as well. I notice when I REALLY, I naturally use “you” language, close more sales, etc. Great reminder, thanks John

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