Write Emails For The Autoresponder Guy (I’m hiring.)

by John McIntyre

So… you’re a copywriter, eh?

You’ve written out sales letters by hand.

You’ve read books like Scientific Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising.

You know who Gary Halbert and John Carlton are.

You’re familiar with email marketing (maybe you’ve purchased the McIntyre Method?).

And now, you believe your next step is to work for someone like me… to absorb my hard-won experience with copywriting and find out what it takes to live the “writer’s lifestyle”.

You might be wondering:

Why Would YOU Want To Work For ME?

Maybe you’ve heard my story.

In 18 months, I:

  • taught myself to write sales copy and email autoresponder sequences
  • proved myself by getting results and booked myself solid with clients from all over the world (all while living in Northern Thailand)
  • created a top-rated video training program that teaches people the McIntyre Method (my 4-step process for creating profitable autoresponder sequences)
  • interviewed over 40 copywriting and marketing experts for the Email Marketing Podcast (including big dogs like Andre Chaperon, Ben Settle, Clay Collins, Dane Maxwell and Dan Doberman)

Put another way:

In 18 months, I became a sought after marketing expert (especially re. email autoresponders) and filled my bank account with cash, while living in Northern Thailand.

I'm hiring

So What Does Working For ME Mean For YOU?

Since you’ll be writing emails for Drop Dead Copy clients, your email copy will have to be top notch.

You’ll receive training from myself on how to write profitable email autoresponder sequences that get ridiculous results.

You’ll receive critical feedback on every email you write, turning you into an email copywriting WEAPON.

Of course, you won’t turn into a “copy god” overnight, but if you stick with me, you’ll get there soon enough.

That’s why this opportunity is NOT for someone who ultimately wants to do their own thing.

It is best suited to someone who wants to stay for a year or two and learn as much as possible about marketing and copywriting (plus, how to hustle HARD).

Finally, if you knock this out of the park, I’ll be glad to give you a glowing letter of recommendation if and when you set out on your own.

What Will You Do For Me?

Here’s how it will work:

  1. First, the client orders an email sequence online, via the Drop Dead Copy website.
  2. Second, we send them a questionnaire to learn about their product and prospect.
  3. Finally, you write the email sequence based on my 4-step system (I’ll teach you this in-depth if you’re accepted).

I’ve been booked solid and otherwise unavailable for over 6 months… but I continue to get emails, almost daily, from smart entrepreneurs who understand the value of email marketing and want me to write their email autoresponder sequence.

That’s where my new done-for-you email writing service comes in.

Instead of trying to write all these emails myself, I’ve created a step-by-step system for creating powerful, profitable email sequences.

You’ll be paid to write email sequences based on this step-by-step system.

Get Paid On A Pay-Per-Email Basis

How much?

Apply below and if I think you’re a good fit, I’ll give you all the nitty-gritty details, including exactly how much I’ll pay per email.

Will it be enough to replace your job (assuming you have one)?

I can’t say for sure, because it depends whether you’re working as an office assistant or a heart surgeon… but for the average person with a job, this opportunity could easily set them free.

I don’t care where in the world you work… as long as you get your work done.

You could be a beach in Thailand, a coffee shop in Paris or a bustling office space in NYC.

NOTE: There is NO base salary for this position. You will be paid on a per-email basis, with a minimum of 10 emails per sequence. Rate per email depends on ability.

Is This Dazzling Opportunity To Work
For The Autoresponder Guy FOR YOU?

Ultimately, I’m looking for someone who writes good emails.

I’ll know this by reading just ONE of your emails (which you’ll need to write to apply for this position).

Here are some basic guidelines if you’re still wondering if you should apply:

  • Have you taught yourself copywriting by writing out sales letters by hand? (This is how I got started… so the process WORKS)
  • Have you read books like Scientific Advertising and Breakthrough Advertising? (Or any other old-school classic advertising books?)
  • Have you purchased the McIntyre Method, Autoresponder Madness, Email Players or some other email marketing training program? (Do you know what good email marketing looks like?)
  • Can you write emails that make people click links and buy products? (If you have the basics down, such as conversational writing, I can teach you the rest.)
  • Are you prepared to write emails for me for at least a year? (This is not a short term gig.)

If that sounds like you, please apply below.

How To Apply

  1. First, fill out the form below.
  2. Second, follow the instructions on the following page to complete your application.

Applications close Dec 19 2013

Enter your email address and click ‘Apply Now’ to get started.

Best of luck!

John, The Autoresponder Guy

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