Build Relationships And Make Money Automatically


Heard the latest Tropical Talk Radio episode? Wanna start building relationships and driving sales with your own Drop Dead Autoresponder?

You can do this yourself (instructions below). You’ll need at least 20 hours to get the job done.

Don’t have 20 to 40 hours?

No problem. I’ll create a kickass autoresponder for you that builds relationships and drives sales… automatically.

Here’s the deal –

  • Storyline / Concept Development: For the Tropical MBA, this was a “Crash Course”. I’ll create a concept that’s relevant to your niche and audience.
  • Re-purpose your current content: If you have a body of work, whether it’s a set of blog posts, podcasts or something else, I’ll leverage it to create content for your autoresponder. If you don’t have content, we’ll use the autoresponder to provide links to valuable resources.
  • Sidebar banner: I’m whip up a simple but effective banner that will entice people to click through to your squeeze page.
  • Squeeze page: We’ll use this page to motivate people to sign up to your email list. We will simply use compelling copy to build desire for the “core concept”. For the Tropical MBA, I explain the benefits of learning from Dan and Ian.
  • 10 core emails: We’ll send an email every three days for a total of thirty days (1 month). Included in this 10 emails will be 2 emails that promote something. You can promote your own product or an affiliate offer – it doesn’t matter. The key is to be relevant to your visitors.
  • 4 “Keep ’em warm” emails: You’ll also get another FOUR emails sent every two weeks after the course. This means you’ll have three months of worth of content (ie. one month for the first ten emails, two months for the next four emails).
  • FULL Implementation: Give me your WordPress and Aweber logins and I’ll set everything up for you. I’ll log in, configure everything and get the system set up. You don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • I’ll plagiarize you! Most people worry about getting something like this and it not sounding like them. With Dan, I ripped his jokes and the way he spoke from his blog posts and inserted them into the autoresponder. I challenge you to sign up to the Tropical MBA Crash Course and see if you can tell that Dan didn’t write it!
  • Advanced tactics: Ever wonder why people love TV shows like LOST and books like The Hunger Games? It’s a little-known NLP tactic called open loops. When I use this tactic with your emails, you’ll get higher engagement and higher open rates.

The price? $497.

Click here to order now.

Within 48 hours of payment, I’ll send you an email. After hearing about your business, I’ll come up with a few concepts. We’ll discuss, and when you’re happy with the concept, I’ll get started on your project. When complete, I’ll run the whole thing by you. I’ll do one round of edits and then we’ll send it live. The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 14 days, depending on my current schedule.

That’s right – simple and easy. Once we’ve settled on a concept, I’ll do the hard work while you sit back and relax. Awesome, right?

“When I implemented his advice, sales tripled.

– Mars Dorian,, Branding and Creative Design

How To Create A Drop Dead Autoresponder

When you combine a website and traffic with an autoresponder, you have an automated sales machine.

Here’s how it works –

  1. Someone lands on your website.
  2. They click on the sidebar banner about your “Crash Course”.
  3. They read your squeeze page and decide to sign up at the bottom of the page.
  4. They automatically receive an email every 3 days. The first few emails primarily offer value (ie. content emails). They don’t sell or pitch anything. On the fifth email, the person receives an offer of some sort. Then a few content emails. Then another offer.
  5. You wake up in the morning and see that your autoresponder created another sale while you were sleeping.
  6. The cycle repeats… ad infinitum.
All this – automatically.

Isn’t this preferable to the hands-on nature of SEO and Social Media like Facebook and Twitter?

With SEO and Social Media, you’re constantly tracking rankings, building links, staying up to date with Google’s updates, and posting on Facebook and Twitter every day. It doesn’t matter how much you do this. You gotta keep on doing it. Day after day after day. If you stop, the campaign stops.

But having an autoresponder is like having an automatic marketing machine. Using special software, it built relationships with your visitors and converted them into satisfied buyers… automatically.

Wouldn’t that be great?

That’s an autoresponder in a nutshell.

I’ll explain how to create one in a moment. But first, take a look at what happened when we created a “Drop Dead Autoresponder” system for the Tropical MBA –

257% increase in email opt-in rate

  • Before: 2.4 subs a day
  • After: 5.4 subs a day

Plus a 10 email autoresponder course that automatically promotes the Dynamite Circle, Dan and Ian’s private membership community.

How I did it (and how you can do it too) –

  1. Don’t Ask for the Opt-In. When a visitor lands on your page, they’re not thinking about opting in. Build momentum by getting a click first. After they have clicked, entice them with compelling copy, then offer the opt-in form below-the-fold, after you have made your case. In the online marketing world, every man and his dog is asking for email addresses. When you stop asking like everyone else does, it’s a pattern interrupt.
  2. Generate Ideas From Existing Content. Don’t have the time to create the content for 10 emails? No problem. Just re-package existing content in a unique content. For Dan and Ian, I created the Tropical MBA Crash Course. If you don’t have any content, offer valuable resources that help your audience solve their pain points.
  3. Use Your Voice. Write the emails in a way that is congruent with your usual writing. Make jokes, be funny, be boring… whatever you usually do. You want your personality in these emails. Forget English Classes at school and write like you talk. Conversational. Relaxed. And don’t pitch. When I did the Tropical MBA Crash Course, I literally ripped Dan’s jokes from his blog posts and podcast and inserted them into the emails. I plagarized Dan’s jokes and mannerisms.
  4. Create an experience, not just a “download an ebook”. Ebooks are OLD SCHOOL. I’m sick of ebooks. Who wants to read another ebook about “3 Explosive Strategies to Blow Your Blog Up”. Bleh. BORING. Create an experience. Could you create a course? How about a special “insider’s resource”? Or maybe the best links from the web in your niche? When everyone’s making ebooks, it’s real easy to stand out – don’t create ebooks. The “Tropical MBA Crash Course” creates the experience of learning alongside Dan and Ian. They take you along on their journey of building a lifestyle business.
  5. Add Value First, Don’t Sell. Imagine this – you meet a guy named Dave at the bar. Dave’s has great hair, but before you can start talking, he starts pitching. You instantly think “LOSER” and walk away. So why do people do this with their email autoresponders? Don’t sell in the first few emails. Take at least 4 or 5 emails to provide value, and THEN send ’em an offer. Somewhat paradoxically, when you stop promoting stuff so relentlessly, you make more money.
  6. Keep the List Warm. What happens at the end of the autoresponder? Add an email scheduled every two weeks to keep the list warm. This will keep you on their radar. If you wanna run a product launch in the future, you make more sales if your list is warm.

“John is one of the best copywriters I’ve met.”

– Edmund,, Incorporation and Passport Services


Instead of spinning your wheels doing SEO and managing social media profiles, you could have an autoresponder that builds relationships and promotes your products… automatically….

…hands off baby!

Do it yourself… and waste time and money figuring things out… or get me to do it and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

$497 to start generating leads and sales automatically…

Click here to order now >

Talk soon.

Johnny McIntyre

P.S. Once my current schedule is full, I’ll probably put the price up to $997 or similar. I’m getting a lotta interest in these sales machines so if you want one for $497, don’t wait. Get yours now.

P.P.S. If you order now, I’ll go into more detail about open loops and how you can use them to make your emails irresistible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

If you have an online business and want to leverage what you already have, this is for you. If you already have traffic, you are one autoresponder series away from making sales while you sleep.

Who is this not for?

If you don’t have traffic, then there’s probably no point getting an autoresponder. Then again, once you have an automated sales funnel, you’ll be more motivated to find traffic. It’s your call – but note that autoresponders are ideally suited to businesses with a steady, consistent stream of traffic.

Why should you hire me?

I make my living with autoresponders. These puppies are my bread and butter. Sure, you can do it yourself (see the tips above). But if you want the best, you need a Drop Dead Autoresponder.

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