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John McIntyre
28 May at 09:50


“John is one of the best copywriters I’ve met.”
Edmund, FlagTheory.com, Incorporation and Passport Services


I’m John and I help people do two things in their business –

  • Create more value
  • Make more money

I write blistering sales copy that could sell ice to an eskimo and email autoresponders that turn lukewarm leads into raving fans.

(Don’t believe me, just read what people are saying!)

On the surface, it might look like I’m a master of tactics…

Tactics are the nitty-gritty of copywriting. Headlines, bullet points, benefit-driven copy, guarantees and PS’s are all variations of copywriting tactics.

Tactics work and they are central to good copywriting, but they are not everything.

A metaphor explains this best… Don’t forget the forest for the trees, where

tactics are trees and the forest is Empathy

Tactics Are Trees And The Forest Is Empathy

At it’s core, marketing (and therefore copywriting) is about understanding the prospect. It’s about understanding them better than they understand themselves. It’s about tapping into your prospect’s needs, wants, dreams and desires… and this, is simply empathy in action.

Empathy is the overall the strategy… the view from 40,000 feet…

Tactics without empathy are dead in the water.

If you fail to understand your prospect, you can have great copy and struggle to make sales.

On the other hand, if you have a deep understanding of your prospect and let this flow into all of your marketing materials… you can have bad copy and people will still beat a path to your door to buy your stuff.

That’s how I approach things.

I start with empathy – understanding the prospect – and then I let all the tactics flow from there.

The end result?

Great copy that converts.

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Nepal Trek

I spent most of my life in Sydney, Australia. In the first half of 2011, I spent four months traveling in Nepal, watching Buddhists meditate at 5am in the morning and trekking through the highest (read: most badass) mountain range in the world – The Himalayas. See the picture to the right? That’s me at 5500 meters at the highest point on the trek (18,000 feet).

I arrived back in Sydney after one of the best adventures I’d ever had… Within a month, I had an office job and HATED it. So I took to aggressively looking for a way out of the monotony. A few months later, I moved to the Philippines… a country of 7,107 islands and many a private, tropical beach…

12 months later, life is great.


“When I implemented his advice, sales tripled.”
Mars Dorian, MarsDorian.com, Branding and Creative Design

“John increased our email opt-in rate by 257%.”
Dan Andrews, LifestyleBusinessPodcast.com and TropicalMBA.com