Imagine: What If You Didn’t Even Have To Write Copy?

If you want to build a landing page or sales page, there are countless choices when it comes to software.

You can get a WordPress theme that makes a nice-looking sales page, a plugin that adds a sign-up form to every post and a plugin that puts a “gate” on your site, forcing people to opt-in.

While these options are great for people who want a nice looking page, they don’t help with the hardest part…

Writing The Actual Copy

Sure, they make your landing page look nice, but they don’t put any words on the page.

You gotta do that step yourself.


What If There Was Software That Actually Wrote Your Copy For You? Not Only That, The Copy Out-Performed Anything You Could Write Yourself…

Wouldn’t that be freakin’ sweet?

That, in a nutshell, is what I’m creating.

Here are some ways you’ll be able to use it:

  • Create gorgeous landing pages and sales letters, just like all the other plugins and software out there (except this time, you don’t have to write the copy)
  • Convert your random thoughts and ideas about your product into copy that converts… automatically
  • Create top-converting sales letters and landing pages at the click of a button (literally!)
  • Use automated software to handle the design of your sales pages. The software will make your headlines, text, bullets, guarantees look perfect, without you having to do a thing

The software is “in the works”.

I’ll spare you the technical details on how it actually writes the copy…

…just know that you’ll be able to build great-looking landing pages and sales pages and you won’t have to write the sales copy.

“You’ll be able to build great-looking landing pages and sales pages and you won’t have to write the sales copy.”

Like I said, the software is in the early stages of development. It’s far from complete, however I’m looking at a late-2013 release date.

If you want updates about it, sign up below. You’ll be the first to know of any milestones.

Plus, I’m sure I can give you a special deal when it comes time for release.

Talk soon!

John – The Autoresponder Guy