From Ogilvy: How To Write Copy That Sells

by John McIntyre

Classified AdIt’s so simple.

And yet so powerful.

This technique is the key to successful marketing.

Seemingly pioneered by the mind of David Ogilvy…

During the inception of modern advertising.

It’s a strategy that is massively powerful for connecting with, convincing, and converting an audience

Yet almost no marketers are taking advantage of this right now.

This is how you create a winning promotion, time after time…

In a field where nothing is guaranteed.

Today, we’re going to look at one of the most famous ads in history, and decipher it.

Piece by piece.

To demonstrate this principle of marketing in action…

Learn how to create copy that sells from David Ogilvy himself:

One Ad To Rule Them All

Have you heard of this ad before?

How To Create Advertising That Sells Headline: “How to create advertising that sells.”

Essentially, this is an ad… advertising Ogilvy’s agency.

At first, it seems like your run-of-the-mill promotion.

Great powerful headline that invokes curiosity…

And exciting body copy that grabs the attention of readers.


That’s not the cool part.

Here’s what REALLY makes this ad work:

Ogilvy is actually giving out valuable advice.

Not just any advice.

Not your typical “blog post” advice.

But lucrative, real, proven advertising knowledge.

The kind of information you’d normally have to purchase.

Here are a few of the tips:

  • Positioning – “Should you position Dove as a product for dry skin or as a product which gets hands really clean?” In many cases, positioning will have the largest impact on a promotion’s success.
  • Psychological Segmentation – You’ve learned how to target demographics… but have you ever thought about targeting a mindset? Ogilvy created an ad for Mercedes Benz that targeted “nonconformists who scoff at ‘status symbols’ and reject flimflam appeals to snobbery.”
  • Long Copy – Ogilvy actually tested this, and found that “readership falls off rapidly up to fifty words but drops very little between fifty and five-hundred words.” (This Ogilvy ad runs over 1900 words long!)

Do you see what I mean?

Ogilvy has created an advertisement… that is as valuable as paid advice.

On top of that, he has demonstrated serious authority in the marketplace.

That’s the trick.

If you can make your advertising a valuable asset… people will give it their full attention.

People hate ads…

But they love consuming content.

What if your ad could be as enjoyable and valuable to read as a typical magazine article?

Wouldn’t that boost your conversion rate massively? Think about it.

Make Your Advertising Valuable (To Readers)

Instead of using tricks to increase conversions, like throwing in some emotional buzzwords…

Try this method.

Make your advertising — by itself — a worth-while read.

Of course, you still need to cover the normal elements of persuasion within your copy…

But that’s a given. You can build benefits, scarcity, positioning, and all of that good stuff into this kind of copy.

Just cover all of the typical persuasion elements while still making valuable advertising.

No need for ‘gimmicks.’

Just write copy that actually benefits the reader. (Click To Tweet)

Your target audience will be more receptive, more likely to purchase, and will not have any animosity towards your business.

It’s the key to endless sales… massive conversions… and killer copywriting.

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