5 Reasons Obama’s Landing Page Sh*ts All Over Yours

by John McIntyre

See Obama’s landing page in action: https://www.barackobama.com/ (you may need to clear your cookies if you’ve been to his site before)

The 5 Lessons

  1. Your logo is probably not important. Unless you’ve got some brand recognition, leave it off the page. If you have to leave it there, make it small to maximize on-screen space for the stuff that counts… like your… OFFER.
  2. Make your headline simple and easy to read. DO NOT distract people from your headline with all sorts of other gimmicks on the page. You want them to look at your headline first because your headline contains the most important thing on the page – your offer.
  3. If your call-to-action (ie. the “submit” button) is red, don’t make it hard to see by adding other red things to the page. If your button is red, don’t have anything else on the page that’s red or looks like the button. When people are ready to take action, you don’t want to be in the way.
  4. Always be testing. You should always be running a split-test on your form or landing page. With Aweber’s in-built tools, it’s not hard. Or you can use Google Website Optimizer or one of those snazzy suites like Visual Website Optimizer (I’m a customer).
  5. Use your thank-you page to make an offer. Don’t use the default “activate your subscription” page. Use the thank-you page to remind them to confirm by explaining how they’ll get access to your video course AFTER they have confirmed.

Obama’s Email Subject Lines Are Awesome…

  • “If I don’t call you.”
  • “Something lovely.”
  • “Frustrated.”
  • “Big things.”

Are these the sort of emails you expect from President Obama?

Nope. That’s exactly why they probably have ridiculous open rates.

Here’s my favorite: “Dinner?”

Who doesn’t want to have dinner with the President?

Next Steps

Take a look at your website. Apply the above. Make necessary changes.

Here are the two blog posts I mentioned in the video, plus an interesting Marketing Show video about the “ethics” of Obama’s marketing practices:

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