Landing Page Review –

by John McIntyre

I recently did a landing page review for the team over at Primal Pal.

In today’s landing page review:

01:37 – I don’t know why I need this software.
02:01 – What painful problem do I have that I need your software for?
03:03 – How to survey your audience.
03:25 – How to sum up the customer’s problem in your copy.
05:33 – Unless you talk to your customers, you’ll never know why they’re buying.
05:49 – Further down, it gets messy.
05:59 – The more you tell, the more you sell.
06:57 – Make it easy to read.
07:53 – Without a photo and location, testimonials look fake.
09:32 – Why you need a responsive website.
10:11 – 30-50% of traffic is from mobile devices.
11:32 – Continually sell them on the product. Never stop selling them on the benefits of your product.
13:37 – Guarantees will no longer set you apart.

2 thoughts on “Landing Page Review –”

  1. Seeing your critique was VERY enlightening and I’ll be making some changes to my site accordingly! I visited PaleoPal’s site (several months after this video) and it was interesting to see how they implemented your ideas. I’m surprised that the only pages on their site with email optins are their blog posts. You actually have to dig to find it. Huh?!?


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