How To Pitch In An Email

by John McIntyre

In today’s Drop Dead Copy Video Session:

00:21 – You don’t have to be a sleazy spammy marketer.
00:35 – You can’t just send them content endlessly.
00:45 – Don’t let people mooch of you.
01:22 – Rather than pitch them secretly, I tell them I’m pitch them.
03:03 – Before you know it, you’ll be clicking the “add to cart” button.
03:12 – I pitched in context.
03:18 – Don’t be afraid of selling.
03:23 – Your target customer isn’t going to be bothered by you selling them something.
03:36 – People appreciate honesty.
03:54 – Forget about the people that don’t matter.
04:04 – Don’t send content after content after content.

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