How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer

by John McIntyre

This is a guest post by Ty Brown.

So you’ve decided you want to learn how to make money as a freelance writer.

I’ve got bad news for you.

There are a gazillion freelance writers out there trying to make money with their laptop, an internet connection, and a beach chair.

They’ve got LinkedIn profiles telling people they’re freelance writers, their facebook page proudly lists freelance writer, and their Insta stream is full of pictures of cool writer stuff like ink wells, laptops facing the ocean, and vintage desks.

When they hire their coaches to teach them how to make money writing, order their books off Amazon about how to make money as a freelance writer, and scour YouTube for videos about the same, the advice they keep getting is KILLING them…

“Yes, there’s a lot of competition…you just have to learn how to be a better writer!”


Being a better writer is likely not what is holding you back.

Don’t get me wrong. Work on your craft. Be the best writer you can be.

But the problem is that EVERYONE is a bloody freelance writer.

You’re competing against a sea of people who are, ostensibly, doing the same thing.

Sure, competition can be a good thing.

But if you’re looking to come make a splash and a great income the last thing you want to do is compete against ‘freelance writers’ who are a dime a dozen. That just makes you the thirteenth guy who’s now going to be worth a dime.

So what is the freelance writer to do?


Keep doing freelance writing, but add VALUE and STRATEGY to your writing.

Use your writing to create a solution.

Let me put it this way…

When people are buying writing they are ONLY buying it to solve a problem, right?

Many businesses are hiring writers because the problem they’re looking to solve is they don’t have enough time.

They say to themselves, “We need these blog posts and articles done. I could do them myself if I had the time. But I don’t have the time. I’ll just get a writer to do it.”

If the task you’re taking over for someone, and the problem you’re solving, is one they feel like they could do themselves if they had the time you will not be very valuable.

It’s just reality.

You put yourself in housecleaner and landscaper category when you do this.

Someone knows how to clean their house, but they don’t have time. They might as well pay someone $20 an hour to clean for them. Or $20 an hour to mow their lawn. Or change the oil on their car.

These are easy decisions for them.

And it’s the same in writing. It’s easy to get little gigs writing articles and blog posts.

But the person buying it doesn’t value the work a ton, they think they can do it themselves, so you’re going to be in the range of $20-40 an hour for this type of work. (If not less)

There’s nothing wrong with gaining some nice $20/hour work.

But that’s not who I’m talking to here.

I’m talking to someone who wants to make a healthy six figures with their writing.

You aren’t going to make six figures with writing by solving tiny problems.

You need to solve some bigger problems if you’re chasing bigger dollars.

So what are bigger problems?

The BIGGEST problems you can solve for people surround MONEY; how to earn more of it, how to save more of it.

So what can your writing do to bring in clients, close a higher percentage of deals, close deals that pay more, get people to buy more frequently, cut back on waste? In other words, how can your writing bring businesses more MONEY?

That may be a hard question to answer.

So let me give you an idea on how you can do this….

Combine your writing with simple technology to niche down deep and show business owners the money with your writing.

For example, if you’re familiar with the founder of this website, John McIntyre, you know that when he got started he didn’t start out as a ‘freelance writer’.

He started out as the Autoresponder Guy. Essentially ‘I’m not just any writer…I combine writing with an email autoresponder to increase sales by better stating and re-stating a message to interested leads.’

By being much more specific, and showing the business owner where the money will come from, he’s not worth $20-40 an hour. He’s now worth THOUSANDS because the type of return he can bring.

Let me give you another idea of something that I do for clients.

I help companies set up very simple automated funnels to nurture their leads.

For example…

  • A lead comes in through a website
  • They get a welcome text automatically that encourages them to take action
  • They get an email series automatically for a week
  • They get sent a voicemail automatically as well
  • We may include other cool stuff like a personalized video from

Setting this up is pretty simple. But it combines freelance writing with simple automation so the value of what I do is amplified.

Because I’m not just writing the emails and texts…

I’m putting them together with a STRATEGY that leads to more leads, better conversions, and MORE SALES.

Now my work isn’t worth $20-40 an hour. It’s worth THOUSANDS because of the return the business will see.

The opportunities to do this are countless.

There are simple technologies like email, text, ringless voicemail, video streaming, webinars, etc. where you can combine your freelance writing with simple tech in order to AMPLIFY your efforts and create more value for your clients.

Do you want to make a living as a freelance writer simply writing sales letters and articles all day long?

You can. There are those who do it.

But in an ever-increasingly specialized society your ability to stand out from the crowd is enhanced as you’re able to bundle your writing with additional strategy that brings your clients money.

This is a guest post by Ty Brown. Ty tripled his business in two and a half years using stories and persuasive copywriting. Now he speaks, writes,  coaches, and consults with other businesses on how to do the same. Ty is also the owner of Ty the Dog Guy, a Salt Lake City dog training company Find him at Ty the Speaker.

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