Here’s A BIG Mistake Email Rookies Make…

by John McIntyre

They ask their subscribers for a favor.


What sort of successful entrepreneur and marketer asks his PROSPECT for a FAVOR?

A total amateur, that’s who.

You’ve never done this?


Let’s see…

Have you ever asked someone to fill out
a survey and said something lame like
“because it’ll help me to serve you better”?

Or how about “I hope you enjoy these emails”?

Granted… these aren’t “favors” in the truest sense.

But they are if you think about it carefully.

Here’s how –

When you ask someone to fill out a survey, or read your emails, or do anything at all, without making it in HIS BEST INTEREST to do it… FACE IT:

You’re asking for a favor.

If you ask someone to fill out a survey, but
you make no attempt to make it in your
subscribers best interest… FACE IT:

You’re asking for a favor.

If you expect people to read your emails and say things like “I hope you enjoy my emails” instead of just making sure your emails ROCK… FACE IT:

You’re asking for a favor.

If you expect people to reply to your emails because “it’ll help you serve them better”, you’re acting like an amateur.

You ain’t got the McMethod dance down.

Until now.

See, that shiz doesn’t fly ’round here.

In my world, you don’t ask no one for favors.


See… in McMethod town… everyone – man, woman and child – understands that if you can give someone what he wants, he’ll gladly give you what you want.

Did you catch that?

I just dropped a BOMB on yo’ ass…

Let me put it another way:

Marketing is NOT about making people do stuff they don’t want to do.

Marketing is about figuring out how you
can give someone EXACTLY what he wants
and communicating that with him.

If you do that, you’ll get what you want (revenues, profits, cash cash cash, a Ferarri, and so on).

The million dollar question is:

How do you write your emails in a way so that your subscriber always believes that whatever you ask him to do is in his best interest?

That would be where my VIP Coaching Program comes in.

I’ll work with you 1-on-1 to get your emails tuned-up, primed and ready-to-rock the world of your subscriber – without EVER falling back on “asking for a favor”.

Sound good?

Get in on it here:

John, The Autoresponder Guy






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