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Austin Lee and Ning Li

6-Figure Copywriters

Breakthrough Copy Templates: The Beginner Copywriter’s Blueprint To Overcoming Writer’s Block and Writing Killer Copy In 3 Simple Steps

One of the biggest problems I see in beginner copywriters is they read books and go through courses… but they never actually write anything. They sit down, stare at a blank page, and have no clue how to start. As a result, they have nothing they can show clients.

If this is you… then
Breakthrough Copy Templates was made for you.

My name’s Ning Li, and I’m the copy chief for PaleoHacks. Together with Austin Lee, a professional financial copywriter, we’ve coached over 55 students in the past 3 years… with countless success stories.

Some students have gone from 0 to $5,000 jobs in 3 months. Others landed life-changing retainer offers with top-tier copywriting agencies. Plus, 5 out of the last 6 Copy Accelerator copywriting contest winners have been our students.

They’ve all done it with the blueprint we reveal inside Breakthrough Copy Templates. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The “Golden Triangle” of Copywriting Research - 3 areas you MUST do research in before you write a single word of copy. We make it simple… just go through the template and answer the questions!
  • The 10 Ingredients of Winning Copy - Believe it or not, ALL good copy can be boiled down to 10 simple ingredients. Master these, and you’ll be able to write emails, landing pages, long form, whatever you want
  • The Exact Line-By-Line Structure of a Killer Long Form Sales Letter - When it comes to copywriting, the most money you can make is from long form sales letters. That’s why we break down the entire structure in a way that’s easy to understand

Follow this simple blueprint, and you’ll have a killer portfolio piece you can use to land big clients, skyrocket your career, and transform your life. 

“I jumped into the advanced coaching program because I knew my copywriting was only beginner-level. After redoing my marketing material with the coach in month 1, my marketing agency did 12k in revenue for month 2.”

Josh E.

“Working as a freelance copywriting for two marketing agencies (ranges from $300-$1000). But good thing is I’m resigning from my corporate job next month and doing this full time!”

Eric J.

"Had a big win today. Off the back of an advertorial I wrote for JP I’ll now be handling a large part of their copywriting. Will be a lot of work but a great chance to get a lot of experience (and pays quite well)"

Tom C.

"These dudes are the real deal! Austin & Ning have been cranking out some of the most profit shattering sales letters I’ve ever seen. In fact, to keep an edge with my ad agency, I make it a priority to hire them on the spot provided they’re not already overbooked.

I wish I had people of their caliber mentoring me when I was getting started. Let’s just say I estimate I would be at least 5 years ahead of the curve."

Dan Ferrari, A-List Copywriter



Daniel Throssell

"Australia’s Best Copywriter"

Daniel Throssell’s Email Copywriting Compendium

There are two kinds of email copywriters in the world:

  1. 1
    Those who have the Email Copywriting Compendium; and
  2. 2
    Boring ones.

The Email Copywriting Compendium is a “crash course” that will help you write better sales emails, in less time, and have MORE fun while you’re doing it.

It’s not a giant course you’ll never finish … but nor is it a wimpy little lead magnet with no ‘meat’.

It’s a plump, 29-page report stuffed with Daniel Throssell’s 101 best & juiciest rules, hacks & secrets for writing better emails. It’s perfect for printing out and keeping beside your desk for inspiration as you write emails.

Here are just some of the rules you’ll find in the Compendium:

  • The question to ask before sending every email (Rule #1)
  • The ideal email length (Rule #7)
  • The 8-word rule Daniel learned from Australia’s bestselling author that guides his entire storytelling philosophy (Rule #12)
  • Why emails with a story, a pivot, and a tip suck (Rule #19)
  • Finding the balance between telling stories about yourself and talking about the reader (Rule #22)
  • Three ways to never run out of email ideas (Rules #23-25)
  • Why David Ogilvy was wrong about subject lines (Rule #39)
  • Long vs. short subject lines (Rule #41)
  • Two sneaky ways to get your emails whitelisted (Rules #60-61)
  • How to sell luxury goods (Rule #64)
  • How long should writing an email take? (Rule #68)
  • What’s a good open rate? (And yes, it’s an actual % — Rule #70)
  • How to start an email sale (Rule #79)
  • How to ‘recover’ your list after a heavy sale (Rule #92)
  • How much can you charge for a sales email? (Rule #94)
  • How do you write daily emails for a client? (Rule #99)

The Compendium usually sells for $101 (a real price that people actually pay, not some stupid inflated value). But it’s free in this bundle.

“I can see myself referring to it each time I sit down to write an email from now onwards. It’s that awesome!!!”

Pavan Tumuluri, Copywriter

I love the Compendium! I started to follow your advices and my emails have improved A LOT. All the points of the Compendium are super useful but points: 13, 23,24, 25, 33, 42, 73 (that one, in fact, has been a relief), 89 have been my golden keys to write better emails...

Cristina Villar, Copywriter

"Your Compendium has taken up permanent residence next to my laptop."

Chobie Davis, Copywriter

"The Compendium is great to read before planning what to write. But it's also excellent to read before talking to clients. You can just read the parts that seem relevant and you'll know exactly what to say."

Anthony Tibbles, Copywriter



John McIntyre

The Autoresponder Guy

The Rainmaker: How To Master The Sales Call

If you want to sell copywriting projects at $10k, $20k and beyond, you need to master the sales call.

You need to know how to prepare for the call, what to say in the beginning to make them feel comfortable, how to get them to open up about their problems, how to talk about money and prices, how to wrap things up professionally and much more.

There's a specific set of things you need to do on every sales call to get the sale. It's like a checklist. Skip any of the steps and you'll lose the sale. The prospect will be too scared, too uncomfortable or too bored to buy. But glide through each step seamlessly and the prospect will be chomping at the bit to hire you.

It's like a well-written sales page... except you need to know how to customize it to each prospect you speak to based on what they tell you.

Here's some of what you'll discover in this training:

  • What to say, when to say it and how to say it for maximum persuasion (this works even if you're a introvert who hates talking to people)
  • How to demonstrate your authority and build trust without talking about yourself (most clients don't care about your background, history, experience, etc - they just want to feel _________)
  • A weird but surprisingly simple way to set up your sales calls for success before you even pick up the phone or Skype (this one simple trick can double or triple your sales call conversion rate)
  • How to talk about your rates without getting awkward or uncomfortable (and how to frame the conversation so no matter how much you charge, it still seems like a bargain to the client)
  • How to get paid on the phone (so you reduce the drop-off rate after the call)

“I landed a $5k/month retainer with a 7-figure client just a few months into my copy career.”

Shiv Shetti

“Dude it's crazy - within a few months I should be pacing for 6-figures. Wild that it all started with your blog.”

Austin Lee

"I was finally able to quit my job this past year and be a full-time freelancer.. Your course played a HUGE role in my development and I'm thankful I found it."

Chris Orzechowski

"Last month - 12 PAS posts in my Facebook group gained me $21,000 in contracts booked!!! Thanks John McIntyre!!!"

Melissa Hughes



Jon Buchan

Charm Offensive

Win With Words (Usually $273)

This ebook analyses one of my most successful cold email templates.

This template led to meetings with brands like Symantec, Pepsico, Hewlett Packard, RedBull, and many more, not to mention getting responses like these:

This short ebook analyses each line, explaining the various humour formulas, psychology, and techniques at work.

Magic Cold Email Training (Usually $273)

In this 50 minute training video I run through one of my most successful ever cold email templates line by line, and give lots of extra info about how to push your own campaigns to the max.

To wet your appetite, here’s the response I got from the Head of Digital Marketing from Symantec:

Why listen to me?

I got hellishly drunk one night and wrote a completely absurd cold email. I was still tipsy the next morning and decided it was still a good idea to send it to pretty senior Marketing Directors at big brands.

To my astonishment, it worked. I got the most amazing complimentary responses and requests for calls/meetings:



Kim Krause Schwalm

A-List Copywriter & Copy Mentor

What’s in Kim’s Mailbox? (3 Volumes)

One of the best ways to get better at writing copy…rack up successful controls…and rocket yourself to the top of the A-list heap is to know and study what’s working (and what’s not!)

Analyzing, reverse-engineering, and breaking down copy…and pulling out ideas you can apply to your own promos…is something Kim loves doing. It’s part of how she learned to write successful promotions when she was first starting out as a freelance copywriter.

One of Kim’s most popular features in her Copy Insiders e-letters is something she calls “What’s in Kim’s Mailbox?” It’s where Kim looks at promotions that she’s received in her email inbox or physical mailbox…and looks at what’s working (and what’s not!)

Kim shares excerpts or screenshots of the promos…and analyzes, reverse-engineers, and breaks down the copy and strategy. She does all the work for you! You just get to sit back, read, and soak it all in.

Your “Growth Accelerator Copywriting Bundle” includes these 3 incredibly valuable, dripping with gold, volumes. Together they give you 77 editions of “What’s in Kim’s Mailbox?” from the past 3 years…for a total of 415 pages of A-level analysis, takeaways, and actual promo examples you can take to the bank.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll discover:

  • What’s in Kim’s Mailbox? Volume One—2018 ($99 Value): A collection of 27 no-holds-barred copy breakdowns…including successful promos written by Carline Anglade-Cole, Dan Ferrari, Marcella Allison, Arthur Johnson, and other top A-listers (including Kim)
  • What’s in Kim’s Mailbox? Volume One—2019 ($99 Value): You get 23 copy breakdowns for a wide variety of products including energy, male potency, curcumin, probiotic, anti-aging, and other supplements…financial and health newsletters…a successful Boardroom promo by Richard Armstrong…skin care and weight loss sales pages and VSLs…and more!
  • What’s in Kim’s Mailbox? Volume Three—2020 (At LEAST a $99 Value): In this jam-packed, 186-page edition of 27 in-depth copy breakdowns, Kim does a “deep dive” into compliance with several offending examples, plus analyzes copy written for sales pages, VSLs, emails, direct mail promos, Facebook ads, and more…including a 2-part breakdown of one of her hottest current controls! 

Reading through Kim’s A-level breakdowns and copy/strategy analysis will change the way you look at copy for the better—and set you up to profit in the months and years ahead! 

You’re sure to refer to these breakdowns again and again…just one killer idea or tactic could pay for your “Growth Accelerator Copywriting Bundle” a hundred times over. These exclusive, brand-new volumes aren’t available anywhere else…so snap them up NOW while you can!

“I love the insights you share. Always spot on. It makes me feel glad that I'm not competing in the same arena anymore. You're too good!”

Gary Bencivenga

“Great copywriting gems…Newbies and experienced writers will benefit. I sure do!”

Carline Anglade-Cole

"Kim, these are always great! One of my favorite emails to read…it's incredible."

Justin Goff

"PSA: If y’all aren’t on Kim Krause Schwalm’s email list, you’re missing out BIG time. Her ‘What’s in Kim’s mailbox’ is GOLD."

Prerna Malik



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