How To Grow Your Business By 1500% In 2014

by John McIntyre

Today, I want to show you how to grow your business exponentially in 2014.

Grab a pen, paper and a calculator – we’re gonna run some numbers.

First, list out the various steps of your sales funnel like this:

  1. Ad
  2. Squeeze page
  3. Sales
  4. Lifetime customer value

Second, add your current metric for each step like this:

  1. Ad (CTR is 1%)
  2. Squeeze page (Optin rate 10%)
  3. Sales (Conv rate from lead to sale is 1%)
  4. Lifetime customer value (every customer spends on average $100)

This is where it gets interesting –

When 10,000 people click on your ad, you get 1,000 optins (10% of 10,000), 10 sales (1% of 1,000) and $1,000 in total revenue (LCV).

Let’s suppose you improved your entire sales funnel conversion by 20%.

Instead of making just $1,000, you’d make $1,200 ($200 to your bottom line).

Now let’s look at what happens if you improve each step of your funnel by 20%:

  1. Ad (CTR is 1.2%)
  2. Squeeze page (Optin rate 12%)
  3. Sales (Conv rate from lead to sale is 1.2%)
  4. Lifetime customer value (every customer spends on average $120)

With these improvements, you’d now get 12,000 clicks, 1440 optins (12% of 12000), 14.4 sales and $1,440 in total revenue.

In other words, by improving each step by 20%, you grow your revenue exponentially – a total of 44% growth – without spending any more money on advertising (simply by tweaking your sales funnel).

What would happen if you DOUBLED your conversion rate on each step?

Let’s see…

20,000 clicks (CTR is 2%), 4,000 optins (optin rate is 20%), 80 sales (conv. rate is 2%) and $16,000 in total revenue (LCV is now $200).

Congratulations! You just grew your business by 1500% – simply by making small tweaks to your sales funnel.

Let me say that again –

Fifteen HUNDRED percent.

You know what’s great?

None of this is unlikely or impossible – especially when you have a solid marketing mindset.

Now – before you close this email – MAKE AN ACTION PLAN on how you will apply it.

What could you begin split testing TODAY to create a 1500% increase in your business?

In a few days, I’ll share with you how I’m applying these insights in my own business.


John, The Autoresponder Guy

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