Email Marketing Secrets: Use The “Why” Factor To Craft A More Profitable Business

by John McIntyre

email marketing secrets landscape We all love learning juicy marketing secrets.

Some “fresh out of the oven” split-tests or case-studies…

To improve our conversion rates, and make us more money with less clicks.

Well… unfortunately, this post is a bit of a “bait-and-switch.”

I’m NOT going to give you any secrets… in fact, I’m going to do the exact opposite.

(And you’re going to like it.)


If you take the new marketing perspective demonstrated here…

And analyze your business, I guarantee you’ll actually see results.

Tangible, lucrative, minty-mojito-generating results.

Think about this: When was the last time one of those “secret” blog posts actually increased your profit?

Never? That’s because you haven’t implemented the “why” factor correctly.

You can utilize this factor to interpret, test, and optimize marketing campaigns. (And ultimately to boost your income.)

Marketing Split-Test Conclusions (Or Lack Thereof)

Have you ever implemented another business’ split-test data, and seen conclusive results?


Here’s why: Most case-study or split-test results are irrelevant to your business.

The simplest reason is that you have a different relationship with your viewers, market, and target audience than ANY OTHER entity.

See for yourself…

Here’s some *real* data to back up our claims: 

  1. GetResponse analyzed 21 million emails in 2012 and concluded that the best time to send an email (for opens & clicks) is between 8am-9am and 3pm-4pm. (Source)
  2. Experian also studied email marketing in 2012 and determined that 8pm-11:59pm on the weekends resulted in the highest open and click through rate. (Source)
  3. Mailchimp researched their data and reported the optimal time was 10am, and that weekends produced the lowest open and click rates. (Source)

So what the hell is going on?

If you only read one of these reports… you’d probably be left with a very misleading opinion on the subject.

The solution?

You need to ask “why?”

Why did more people open emails at 10am?

Why did that split-test work for Company X?

Why does my audience respond differently to the same copy that worked for my competition?

Ask “Why” And Your Marketing Will Change Forever

See what I’m getting at?

You need to learn how to interpret, test, and come to your OWN conclusions.

These marketing split-tests and case-studies are GREAT for getting ideas.

But that’s just it…

You need to use the “secrets” these websites uncover as ideas.. not conclusions.

Here’s an example of how to use the “Why” Factor…

Reported split-test: Highrise boosted signups 102.5% by switching to a drastically shorter landing page. (Source)

The wrong conclusion: I should cut all of my landing pages in half and add large pictures of real people, that’ll surely boost my conversions!

Instead, Ask Why: Why did a shorter landing-page with way less copywriting boost their conversions?

The real conclusion: Highrise’s CRM solution could be explained effectively with just a few paragraphs — making long-form copy not only irrelevant but detrimental to conversions. Therefore, a smaller page led to increased viewer attention on the important elements & higher conversions.

Now, test this idea: A smart marketer would now look at their own product + service offerings, and see if there are any places where copy (and the landing page) could be shortened while retaining effectiveness.

This is just one example of how you can use the “why” factor to correctly implement marketing split-tests…

Other huge opportunities include email subject lines, copy, calls to action.. etc.

So why haven’t you started?

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