Why Some Email Campaigns Fizzle While Others Never Stop SELLING

by John McIntyre

marketing data graphic Without this key element…

…emails are worthless.

They’re merely a form of communication — words on a screen.

It’s the reason some email campaigns flounder, with low open rates and even lower conversions…

While others thrive, pulling in numbers that drive massive engagement.

Have you figured it out yet?

Emotions & Relationships: The Key To Conversions

What do emotions and relationships have in common?

They’re both intangible.

You can’t see them, you can’t buy them, but you can FEEL them.

They fuel decisions.

Not rational decisions, necessarily. But decisions none the less.

Think about the first time you got wrapped up in a product launch.

What did you feel?

Excitement. Enthusiasm. HYPE.

The fast-paced nature of product launches is a perfect example of emotional marketing.

The new Apple watch was just unveiled…

Notice how they’re marketing it?

Hint: Not as a tool.

“Our most personal device yet.”

“An intelligent health and fitness companion.”

“All watches tell time. This one helps you make the most of it.”

They aren’t selling a watch…

they are selling a dream.

The dream of a happier, healthier, more efficient… YOU.

Put Relationships Into Action For Your Business

You know your target market… and understand their pain points.

You offer a valuable product.

And you understand basic marketing principles.

So why didn’t your launch convert as well as expected?

You put tactics over strategy.

You focused on the HOW instead of the WHY.

How: A ten-part email autoresponder series with catchy subjects.

Why: To establish a strong relationship with prospects by eliciting intense emotion (through empathy).

Anyone can teach you how to write an email…

… but unless you learn how to connect with your readers, it’s worthless.

The relationship is what pulls it all together.

It is a combination of trust, respect, and loyalty.

Remember how I mentioned the Apple watch launch…

They aren’t the first to market with wearable tech.

But they are (possibly) the first company to bring it mainstream.


What makes them so different?

Remember: Emotion isn’t the only reason the watch will sell in droves.

Their relationship with the world, with you…

Is why people will click the “add to cart” button day and night.

Apple is known and respected by millions.

They have a reputation for stellar products.

Overpriced? Sure.

Doesn’t matter.

They have such a strong relationship with consumers that people are willing to open their wallets every year.

People are more than willing to pay this premium.

Why? It means no risk of getting scammed.

They know EXACTLY what they are purchasing.

Essentially, the relationship solidifies the copywriting.

It proves the veracity of their statements.

Get it?

This intangible element of marketing is where the real money is made.

The combination of emotional copywriting, with the relationship (and trust) to backup those claims…

Is DEADLY for conversions.

Here’s an – overly – simple way to think about it:

If you copy & pasted the #1 converting sales letter from your competition onto your website…

Design and all. You just replace the logo.

What would happen? Would your page convert higher or lower than the original?

They sure as heck wouldn’t stay the same.

This is the power of relationships. The invisible driving force behind conversions.

In fact, it’s also the power of email.

Email provides the perfect channel to establish this intangible connection.

You have complete control over the strength of your relationship with clients, leads, and prospects alike.

And that’s why you have ZERO excuses to improve your sales numbers.

What’s a relationship worth to your business?

2 thoughts on “Why Some Email Campaigns Fizzle While Others Never Stop SELLING”

  1. Great reminders. I’m a “fact” person and constantly struggle to sell the sizzle not the steak. I have this on a note on my desk – -“People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves”.

    • That’s right. I find it helps to really think about what they want.

      Use the “so you can” exercise.

      This computer has a 100GB hard drive (fact) SO YOU CAN store all your favorite music and videos (benefit).


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