Drip Review: ‘Lightweight’ Email Automation That Goes Head-To-Head With The Heavyweights

by John McIntyre

Read my Drip review to find out if this “lightweight” email automation is as good as people say it is.

When it comes to email marketing…

You want nothing but the best.

The best open rate.

The best click rate.

The best ROI… right?

And if you follow TheMcMethod…

You have access to this new-age approach to email marketing.

Out with the old, in with the new.

So if you invest time, effort, and possibly money into honing your email copywriting skills into a finely-tuned profit-machine…

Why should you let it all go to waste on an outdated email marketing service?

Here’s the deal: If your email automation service is lagging behind… so are your profits.

Wouldn’t you like a faster, more powerful, less-clunky service, without the massive fee?

Discover the new marketing automation service that is causing quite a ruckus:

Drip Review: The New Kid On The Block

You’re probably familiar with the old guys…

Aweber, Mailchimp…

They do email marketing fine.

But that’s the problem. It’s just fine. Adequate. Lackluster.

They provide a basic back-end, so you can collect emails and send some broadcasts (or simple autoresponders).

But let’s be honest: They’re just not that good.

Aweber is clunky, the forms are excruciatingly ugly, and it’s slow.

Mailchimp has a better user-interface… but when you get down to performance, the important marketing automation features just aren’t there.

Introducing Drip…

Get a FREE Drip account here

Think of Drip as Aweber or Mailchimp on steroids.

It’s got the killer marketing automation features you *wish* those other services had:

  • Event Tracking – Track when a specific person clicks on a link, buys a product, or any other event. Then tag them for future reference.
  • “If, Then” Rules – Customize your email marketing for each different segment of your audience. “If he clicks here, then add to this list.”
  • Email Capture, Web Analytics, And Lead Nurturing (if you weren’t impressed yet!)

On top of that, Drip has a super slick user interface… and comes with beautifully designed popups/forms. No more fiddling around with tons of 3rd-party apps and plugins to fix your half-baked marketing service… Drip is extremely easy to integrate with your site (just a few lines of code).

In this Drip review, I want to highlight my FAVORITE part about it: the amazing customization. With a combination of event “tags” and “If, Then” rules… your email marketing turns into a machine (that feels like it’s run by artificial intelligence).

Drip Review: Is GetDrip as good as everyone says it is?

In the past, to get your hands on this level of marketing automation…

You’d have to shell out thousands for a service like Infusionsoft or Ontraport.

And then spend weeks or months implementing the service and learning how to use it effectively. (They’re really complex.) To be fair, the ‘heavyweights’ do have some additional features, like a full fledged CRM and payment integration.

But if you’re anything like me — you’d rather go for the happy medium:

Heavyweight email automation features… at a lightweight pricepoint.

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://www.dropdeadcopy.com/go/drip’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Enough! Show me where to sign up.[/thrive_link]

Make The Move

Now, you might be wondering: “Why can’t I just wait for Mailchimp/Aweber to catch up?”

That’s a key-reason why Drip is so valuable… they aren’t playing catch-up…

In fact, Rob Walling built drip from the ground-up to synchronize with these marketing automation features.

That means Drip will always be fast, agile, and ready to evolve with the times… when the other guys need to “bolt-on” these features.

Here’s one of the coolest parts… Drip is in active development and Rob is really responsive to suggestions.

Whenever I think of a slight improvement idea for Drip, I shoot an email to Rob… and if he gives the thumbs-up… it gets implemented near instantly. Try doing that with the founder of Aweber.

In my opinion, Drip is already a step-up from Aweber/Mailchimp… and it’s only going to get better and better from here.

Get with the times… follow my advice in this Drip review: sign up to Drip and experience killer marketing automation without the hefty price tag.

[thrive_link color=’green’ link=’https://www.dropdeadcopy.com/go/drip’ target=’_blank’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Create My Free Account[/thrive_link]

19 thoughts on “Drip Review: ‘Lightweight’ Email Automation That Goes Head-To-Head With The Heavyweights”

  1. Thanks for this review. I’m ready to move from MailChimp to a more robust product. Getting ready to launch books, webinars, and online courses. So, I’m checking out all the options. Thanks, again.

    • Yes, the lack of a HTML visual editor is an issue for businesses who want that. Though in my experience, you don’t need fancy emails to generate leads and sales. A good text-based email (created in Drip’s WYSIWYG text email editor) works great if the copy is on point.

  2. We use BombBomb right now for integrating video into our email campaigns. Does Drip have a way to integrate video?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      There’s no way to have videos play direct inside the email. To my knowledge, BombBomb doesn’t allow this easier. All they do is create a landing page for people to watch the video on. You can easily do the same with Drip. Add a screenshot of the video to your email, then link to a page on your website where the video is edited.


  3. Great article. Good to see new email marketing tools on the market! Right now I’m really taken with GetResponse’s marketing automation. 🙂

  4. Drip looks pretty sweet!

    Any reason you took (or would recommend) it over ActiveCampaign? 🙂

    I’m mainly asking, because although I really like AC – I’m finding it gets pretty hard to manage when you have multiple automations/funnels running.

    • Interesting.

      I’ve never used AC myself, but a friend recommends it highly. What exactly is the issue when you’ve got several funnels running? I find that the more complex I get with funnels, the harder any type of software gets to manage.

      • The main thing is that (right now at least) there is no easy way to reconnect an if/then branch back to the main branch.

        Say I want people who opened email #1 to receive email #2 the next day. And people who didn’t open email #1 to receive a reminder for email #1 first, before I sent them email #2.

        The easiest way would be to just point back to the main branch after they get the reminder e-mail, but right now – you can’t.

        Too achieve this functionality you either have to create something insane (where every branch essentially gets the whole funnel attached to it) or you have to set up multiple automation series that pull people out of the one they’re in now whenever they open an e-mail (/click a link or whatever) into the next one. And do this for all of them.

        This means I now have 5 different automation series running for 1 “simple” dynamic funnel/campaign.

        Like I said, I really like AC – but this makes it kinda hard to manage or change something without breaking another thing!

        (I believe this functionality is planned for a future release of AC, but no eta – so I was wondering how drip handles this).

        It would be great to manage 1 campaign on 1 page ;p


        • As far as I know, Drip doesn’t handle this well either. There’s your main campaign page, with your main campaign emails, then a page for automation if/then rules. Things get messy when you have a lot of rules.

  5. Great article and cool tool, Rob is building something great there. [full disclosure he’s a customer, but we use Drip & actually dumped Infusionsoft for Drip on my site and I recommend it over most tools to our customers also]


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