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So rest assured, CopyHour is follows a proven process that gets results. Take action and there’s simply no way you can fail.

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As promised, below is your instant access to the exclusive interview between me and Derek (the creator of CopyHour):

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Don’t miss the recommended resources below.

What You’ll Learn From This Exclusive Interview

  • How I write blistering autoresponder sequences that generate thousands of dollars in revenue for clients (and, how you can do the same)
  • Why offering an ebook to subscribers is one of the WORST things you can do (why ebooks are on the way out)
  • The only product I recommend for learning about autoresponders
  • Why putting your opt-in form “above the fold” isn’t always the best location for it (and where you need to put instead if you want top conversions)
  • Why an autoresponder beats a sales page hands down every time
  • How to structure your autoresponder for INSANE open rates (why is no one doing this?)
  • Why HTML emails are HORRIBLE for conversions (with an example of how one of the biggest companies in the world screws this up)
  • Why copywriting isn’t about headlines, bullets and guarantees (and how you need to think about it instead to be successful)

Recommended Resources

I don’t recommend many products, but when I do, you can be damned sure that they rock. Note, each product here is an affiliate link so I get paid when you sign up. Pretty cool, eh?

Autoresponder Madness (the only autoresponder course I recommend – it’s that good)
Aweber (if you’re just getting started, basic but very easy to use)
Office Autopilot (same as Aweber, only 1000x better, and a LOT more expensive)

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