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Episode #189 – Jesse Elder On Find Your Frequency For Success

Jesse Elder was a martial arts practitioner and gym owner. When he was a part of underground no-rules “fight-clubs”… …he saw Mike Tyson’s quote come to life. “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Theory fell away and only the result-producing strategies survived. Anyone that started watching the Ultimate Fighting Championship […]

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MK Feeney On How To Use Email Copywriting As A Force For Good

Mary Kate Feeney is not your typical copywriter and marketing consultant. Instead of taking the well-trodden copywriting path, Mary Kate took “the road less traveled”. In lieu of the clichéd internet marketing product launch, or writing long-form direct response sales letters for publishing giants like Agora, she applied the skills she learned in the McIntyre […]

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Austin Lee on How To Become A 6-Figure Freelance Copywriter

Austin Lee is a surfer. He’s also a damn good copywriter. And today, you’re going to discover how he went from broke and depressed and stranded in Europe to on-track for 6-figures as a freelance copywriter. If you’re looking for inspiration, or if you enjoy a “zero to hero” story, you’re gonna love today’s episode. […]

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