“Hell no” – 21 Email Subject Lines From Barack Obama

Obama has a rockin’ marketing team behind him. Who would’ve thought it, right? A president that understands internet marketing… better, it seems, than most internet marketers. Hell, his landing page is probably better than yours. Good for him. Whoever’s behind his marketing shiz should get a pay-rise. Or better than that, they should quit their job, … Continue reading

Write Killer Headlines In 2 Minutes Without Thinking


A few months back, I signed up for Mixergy’s copywriting course. If you’re interested, you can check it out here. While it wasn’t groundbreaking, it provided a super simple framework for improving your copy. There’s a bunch of tips inside the course (which is why you should sign up), but I wanna reveal just ONE … Continue reading

“Address The People You Seek and Them Only.”

Most people suck at writing headlines. First, let me tell you a few quick things about where the title for this post came from. I stole it from a famous book called Scientific Advertising by a friendly chap named Claude Hopkins. If you’re interested in marketing your product and you haven’t read it yet, go grab … Continue reading

DON’T Put Your Opt-In Form Above The Fold

Just last night, the first Tropical MBA Conference began, with a group of entrepreneurs converging on my remote tropical island home. With all the online business dudes hangin’ about, it got me thinking about traditional internet marketing advice… Advice like “put your opt-in above the fold”. Last week, I watched a Marketing Show episode where … Continue reading

5 Reasons Obama’s Landing Page Sh*ts All Over Yours

See Obama’s landing page in action: https://www.barackobama.com/ (you may need to clear your cookies if you’ve been to his site before) The 5 Lessons Your logo is probably not important. Unless you’ve got some brand recognition, leave it off the page. If you have to leave it there, make it small to maximize on-screen space for … Continue reading

Everything Flows From Your Offer – Landing Page Review

The main area of improvement – there is no clear offer. The offer is the single most important thing in marketing and sales. With a good offer, your copy can suck and you’ll still make sales. So for the Foolish Adventure, there needs to be a clear offer. Once a clear offer has been chosen, … Continue reading

Optimize Press Does NOT Make You A Copywriter

You know some that’s really frustrating? All the people out there using Optimize Press, thinking that it’s going to be the magic thing that makes their product sell. Sorry dude. Not true. Let’s talk about something even stranger – the “magic bullet” phenomenon. This is seriously hilarious… especially in the health and weight loss niche. … Continue reading

Pretty Pages Don’t Sell – TheWPCourse.com Landing Page Review

Yesterday, Matt Hooper from TheWPCourse contacted me about a landing page review. This is his landing page review. First, I noticed he was using Optimize Press. Ya know, a lot of people use Optimize Press, expecting it to do the heavy lifting for them. It doesn’t. It makes a “pretty page”, that’s it. And in … Continue reading