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Everything Flows From Your Offer – Landing Page Review

The main area of improvement – there is no clear offer. The offer is the single most important thing in marketing and sales. With a good offer, your copy can suck and you’ll still make sales. So for the Foolish Adventure, there needs to be a clear offer. Once a clear offer has been chosen, […]

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Optimize Press Does NOT Make You A Copywriter

You know some that’s really frustrating? All the people out there using Optimize Press, thinking that it’s going to be the magic thing that makes their product sell. Sorry dude. Not true. Let’s talk about something even stranger – the “magic bullet” phenomenon. This is seriously hilarious… especially in the health and weight loss niche. […]

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Why Your Opt-In Plugin Isn’t Working


Since the release of OptinSkin and Welcome Gate, the web is alive with chatter about opt-ins and software to get more subscribers. While both of these WordPress plugins work, I think a lot of people are missing the point. The most important thing is your offer.  It’s not OptinSkin or Welcome Gate. It’s not a lightbox […]

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